Monster’s Bride (Part: 54 Inseparable Souls) Sidnaaz


Sana’s P.O.V.

I’m running in the dense jungle, sweating, scared, wounded and crying. Someone is following me, he can do anything with me. I’m alone, no one is there with me.

I tripped over the wood and fell on the ground heavily with a thud.

“No, no, he is coming to kill me.” I started trembling with fright. “Somebody save me, Sidharth…” I yelled, crying profoundly.

Somebody stabbed a knife into my heart and I screamed, “aaa… Sidharth…”

I suddenly woke up in my room, breathing heavily and sweating. I placed my hand over my heart, my heart is thumping. Thank God! It was just a nightmare. I had become so scared. I thought I would die.

Then my eyes fell over Sidharth. He is standing facing his back to me at the window. I flung my comforter and hastily climbed down the bed before rushing to him. I hugged him tightly from behind, burying my face in his back and clutching his shirt. I felt like I got back my breath after hugging him. I felt safe and my all fear vanished away. His arms are my heaven.

Sidharth’s P.O.V.

When Mukti told me that Sana has locked them. I immediately understood why she would have done this, as they had only sent the goons behind her. I already had this doubt but I was praying to God to prove me wrong. I just can’t believe they stooped so low.

Then only, I felt the arms of my loving wife wrapped around me tightly and I closed my eyes, feeling better as I got my heaven. My lips drew up to a small smile of relief. Her arms took away my all pain and stress like magic. She is an Angel for me, she always does some magic and takes away my all pain. I’m blessed to have her.

“Why did my baby wake up in the middle of the night?” She asked me in her sweet voice like sugar, removing her hands.

I know it’s cheesy but when she calls me baby, I just love it. Seriously I become like a small baby in front of her. She is giving me all the love which I had craved in childhood. She pampers me and supports me like my father, and she takes care of me and calms me down like my mother, and most importantly she trusts me and understands me like a true lover. She makes me understand what is love. Her love has transformed me into a complete new person. Now I have become her baby Sidharth.

I turned around and kissed her forehead.

“Sweetheart, how are you such a good human being, so pure and so kind? Why does everyone not like you?” I asked her in a serious tone, holding her hand. She narrowed her brows bemusedly listening to my sudden question.

“Sidharth, are you alright?” She asked concernedly, placing her hand on my face and gazed at me with so much love in her eyes. She always understands when I’m not fine.

I want to punish the people who try to harm my love. I know it will be difficult for me to send my sister to jail but this time she has crossed all the limits. Now she will realise her mistake and become a good human being behind the bars only. For how long I’ll put Sana after Mukti. I have to think about her safety. Mukti can do anything with her in future and I won’t let this happen.

“Sana, who had attacked you? I want to hear the truth this time, sweetheart. Don’t worry about me and just tell me.” I asked her in a calm tone after cupping her face.

“Sidharth…” she said in a disbelief tone, not understanding why I’m asking this.

“Fab3 were behind your attack, right? Say, Sana.” I insisted as I want her to speak up the truth, she is looking down silently.

Why God Dammit she is so good? For me, she is putting her life at risk and bearing all this.

She slowly moved her sorrowful eyes to me and finally uttered in low voice. “Yes, this is the truth.”

I left her and marched to the door in fury. I’ll send them to jail because they deserve it.

“Sidharth, where are you going?” She stopped me by holding my hand.

I looked at her. “Sweetheart, please don’t stop me this time. I can’t do this acting anymore for the people who will never realise their mistakes. I know it will hurt me to send them behind the bars but your safety is my priority now. I can’t let anything happen to you. I can’t let them hurt you more.” I told her my decision in a stern tone.

“Sidharth, in this world, there are different kinds of people. Some are good, some are bad and the bad person can become good if we want it. It’s possible. Please, Sidharth, don’t step back after coming so far. Please, don’t spoil all this. For me, don’t do this.” She pleaded, placing her hand on my face. I just shook my head in disbelief. She still wants to bring Mukti on the right track when she almost tried to kill her.

Seriously! she is unbelievably good.

But I know she is doing this for me. She is doing this for my happiness. She loves me so much.

“Sweetheart, why aren’t you understanding that I can’t let them harm you. If anything happens to you, I will,” she shushed me by placing her hand over my mouth and nodded her head.

But, it’s true, if something happens to her, I’ll surely die.

She cupped my face and moved closer to my face, standing on her toes. She is gazing into my eyes deeply and lovingly. I’m getting lost in her intoxicating eyes, forgetting everything. I shivered as her warm breath caressed my lips.

“Never ever say this again. Nothing will happen to any of us. We’re inseparable souls and no power can separate us. We’re two pieces of one heart and our soul is one.” She whispered against my lips. She is doing some kind of magic over me through her words. Today she stole my heart all over again. Her words are so pure which are filled with immense love.

Then her lips touched mine and I felt incredible. She sucked my upper lip so softly and I automatically sucked her lower lip with equal softness, curling my fingers around her neck. Our lips started moving in rhythm. Whenever I kiss her, I felt like I’m kissing her for the first time. I feel incredible like our first kiss. I love everything about her, her way of loving me, her way of calming me down, her way of getting angry, her way of blushing, her way of acting strong. I love her so much.

I bit her lower lip to enter my tongue into her mouth and she instantly gave me the excess. Then our kiss deepened and it became more intense. I slid my hands into her top, caressing her bare body, making her shiver. She moaned in my mouth as I pressed her soft twins inside the top, kissing her insanely. I just love to massage and suck them. I lightly pinched her nipples and she bit my lower lip hard in response. Then I kissed her passionately till infinity, pouring my all love.

We pulled apart unwillingly after becoming breathless. We’re gazing into each other eyes intensely, breathing heavily after the intense kiss.

I suddenly yanked her to myself by grasping her waist and captured her lips again. I never satisfied with loving her. She was taken aback but soon she also responded to me with equal love and passion by encircling her arms around my neck. I rubbed my crotch against the middle of her thighs, kissing her wildly. Her lips are so delicious. This lips kiss calmed me down and took me to another world where there is only love and love.

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