Monster’s Bride (Part: 53 My Protective Husband) Sidnaaz


Now Sidharth is dropping her at the Shukla Mansion. He is instructing her to take care of herself properly.

He halted the car away from the mansion as he doesn’t want anybody to catch them together.

“I’ll miss you a lot.” They both said together, hugging each other tightly. They can’t even stay without each other for a single night. They feel utterly incomplete without each other.

“Bye, sweetheart and take care of yourself. If you can’t sleep, just call me.” He again instructed her after pecking her lips. She just smiled at him.

“You take care of yourself too.” She said before stepping out of the car. Then they waved at each other.

One guard came to take her and she went with him after last time smiling at him. He kept looking at her until she walked into the Mansion.

“I will not go from here. I’m going to spend my whole night here only as if I go, then I’ll remain worried for you.” He thought, staring at the Mansion. Today’s incident affected him profoundly, he became hell scared to lose her. He just can’t imagine his life without her. He doesn’t want that life where she isn’t with him.

Sana stepped into the Mansion and clapped her hands as she saw Mukti cleaning the table. Mukti stared at her in horror like she has seen a ghost. Sana is giving her deadly glare, her eyes are scorching in anger.

“What happened, Mukti? Are you shocked to see me here as you made a full perfect plan to send me to God?” She growled at Mukti, striding to her. Alia and Cabir also came there, listening to her voice.

Sana said as she saw them. “Come, come, you both also come. What a mind-blowing plan you all had made. You sent the goons behind me to snatch the property from me. But your bad luck, I’m perfectly fine.” Sana is now standing behind them, glaring at them.

Yes, they had sent the goons behind her to take back property from her.

Now they all standing, looking down in fear as they know, Sana is not going to leave them easily.

“Tut-tut-tut you made a big mistake and now you all have to pay for this. You all deserve the worst punishment.” She strolled in front of them and stood, crossing her arms across her chest, fuming in anger.

“Don’t worry. I’m not sending you to jail. But for three days, you will be imprisoned in this mansion without food, without anything.” She said, throwing the bomb over them.

“Sana, you can’t do this to us.” Mukti rebuked her and Sana smirked at her.

“Shut up, Mukti. It’s enough of your drama, you have almost killed me. You deserve worst punishment than this.” Sana yelled back at her, shutting her mouth.

“Guards, take them and lock them. Don’t forget to lock them into the separate room.” Sana instructed the Guards.

“Sana, please, forgive us. It was all planned by Mukti. Please, there is no fault of us in this.” Cabir begged for forgiveness when two guards harshly grasped his arms from behind. The same happened with Mukti and Alia.

Sana marched to her room in fury, paying no heeds to them.

“Sana, we won’t leave you. Sooner or later, you have to pay for all this.” Mukti roared in outrage.

Sana reached her room and shut the door. She sat by the window, resting her head on the glass. She closed her eyes and few tears trickled down her cheeks automatically. She had a very long day today.

“Today you all have hurt Sidharth more than me. If today something had happened to me, he would have shattered and then who would have handled him? You all deserve to be treated like this. You all have forced me to become evil like you all. Ganu Ji, please forgive me, I know I’m doing wrong by doing all this and the biggest mistake I’m doing is that I’m hiding this from Sidharth. But what I should do, I can’t hurt him more by telling him that his sister was involved in planning to harm his wife, his sweetheart, his whole world. He will break down after knowing this and I can’t see him again breaking down in front of me. He is already so disturbed after today’s incident. That’s why I have to handle this matter alone.” She thought, gazing at the sky full of stars. She cares for Sidharth a lot. She can’t see him in pain. She tries her best to keep him away from the pain because he is sensitive.

Then she moved her eyes down and her brows raised in shock as she saw Sidharth’s car.

“He’s still here. Why hasn’t he gone yet?” She wondered, staring at the car, confused and worried.

She hurriedly called him.

“Sidharth, what are still doing here? You should go home and take a rest, you must be tired. Why you never listen to me, baby?” She started scolding him as soon as he answered the call.

“Sh… Relax.” He said after climbing down the car and smiled after looking up at her. Seeing his smile, she too smiled automatically.

“Now wherever I go, I’ll go with you only.” He said in a serious tone on the phone, staring at her.

“Okay, my baby. I’m coming. You’re very stubborn.” She agreed as she understood by his tone that he won’t listen to her. He will spend the whole night in the car only if she doesn’t come.

And she also wants to sleep in his arms only.

“Wow! Thank you so much, sweetheart.” Sidharth whooped joyfully like a small kid got his favourite candy. She smiled at him contentedly after seeing him happy.

“Yes, my baby, I’m coming.” She said and rushed out of the room.

“Come along with the guard.” He said being protected for her. After that incident, he became even more protective for her. He swore to God that he won’t let anything to her and always think about her safety first.

“Okay, my protective Husband.” She chuckled.

“Now come fast, I just can’t wait to take you in my protective arms.” He said excitedly.

“Me too. Thank you for not going.” She said, coming out of Mansion and a guard accompanied her. A few minutes back they were together but it doesn’t seem like this as now they are excited like they are going to meet each other after a very long time.

They both beamed at each other. She jumped over him and hugged him tightly by wrapping her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. He hugged her back tighter, closing his eyes and smiling blissfully.

“I love you so much, baby.” She smiled merrily.

“I love you more, sweetheart.” He kissed her forehead after making her sit on the car’s bonnet.

Then he stood there for some time, resting head over her. They both are quiet while their souls are talking in utter silence.

Then Sidharth brought her to his penthouse.

Now at night, they are lying in each other warm arms. Sana fell fast asleep because of tiredness, but Sidharth is still wide awake, today’s incident is not going out of his mind. His mind swirling, thinking that what if it was really Sana’s baby dead body. He doesn’t want to think about this but only this thought is revolving in his mind and making him insane.

Then his phone rang up. He immediately put the phone on silent as he doesn’t want to disturb the peaceful sleep of his sweetheart.

He carefully came out of her arms and went to the window after placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

Then he answered the call in low voice. “Hello.”

“Bhai, where are you? Sana locked all of us in the darkroom. Please, save us.” Mukti cried over the phone and he became anxious for her. Then he looked at sleeping Sana in shock.

The screen is divided into three parts, on one side there is sleeping Sana, on the other side crying Mukti and in the middle, Sidharth staring at Sana in shock.

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