Monster’s Bride (Part: 51 Almost Losing her) Sidnaaz


Sana is just blushing, recalling their kitchen romance and make out in the bathtub. She is sitting in the backseat of the car, resting her head on the glass window. She can’t believe that she acted so wild today.

“Sidharth took out my wild side and I loved my this side.” She murmured to herself and giggled.

Then her phone beeped.

She smiled seeing his name flashing on the Lock Screen.

Sidharth: Already missing you, my Bacha.

Her smile grew bigger after reading his message. She really loves the way he calls her Bacha and sweetheart.

“I’m also missing you, Sidharth. Now I can’t stay away from you for even a few seconds. But I have to do this. It’s just the matter of one day more and then we’ll stay together forever.” She thought as she is planning to go on a fake vacation to live with him in his penthouse.

Sana: Oh baby. It’s okay. It’s just a matter of a few days.

She didn’t tell him about her plan because she wants to surprise him and she is so excited to see his reaction.

Sidharth: It’s so difficult 😔😔😔

Seeing the sad emojis sent by him, she made a sad pout.

She called him and he instantly answered her call.

“Aww, my baby, don’t be sad. Please, smile for me.” She requested him as she can’t see him upset.

“Sana, how will I sleep without your arms? I want my heaven.” Sidharth said like a stubborn kid and she smiled.

“Baby, you have to sleep without me as like I’ll sleep without you.” She said sadly.

“Now you don’t be sad too. Okay, I want to know one thing from you.” Sidharth said to change the topic. They both can’t see each other sad for even a few seconds.


“How and when did my bacha become so bold.” He asked and she blushed hard.

“Maybe by watching Hollywood movies and staying with you.” She answered him cutely and he just smiled broadly in Awe. He wants to kiss her right now but can’t.

“Well, Sweetheart, you got double benefits of watching Hollywood movies. Firstly I got my wild cat wifey and secondly, you learned English too.” Sidharth said and they both laughed.

They are true soulmates. They know how to make each other happy in any situation. They are true examples of true love.

Sana was about to say something but before that only someone hurled a stone on the window and the glass broke down. “Aaaa…” she screamed in horror and pain.

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong? Are you alright? What happened?” He freaked out, her scream pierced his heart. He became distraught for her.

The driver instantly applied the brake as one jeep stopped in front of the car. There are five men are in the jeep. She became terrified as she saw them.

“Ma…Ma…Sidharth.” She stammered, her lips are trembling with fright.

Tears are continuously rolling down his cheeks and he is constantly asking her, “Bacha, what happened. Please, tell me.” He is becoming restless, not understanding what happened to her. He can sense that there is something wrong.

“What are you doing? Leave Driver Uncle.” She shouted when one of the men dragged the Driver out of the car by grasping his arm.

“What’s happening there, Sana. Tell me.” Sidharth asked, anxious.

“Ma,” before she could tell him something, one man pulled her out of the car too and in this her phone dropped down. But luckily the phone didn’t disconnect.

“Hello, Sweetheart.” He hurriedly came out of the penthouse, constantly calling her name.

“What do you all want? Leave me.” She shouted and they all snickered.

Listening to their evil laugher, his heart stopped beating. Now he became sure that Goons has attacked her.

“Sana, I’m coming. I won’t let anything happen to you.” He said and started the car’s engine. He’s also tracing her location through her number. He is hell worried for her.

“Please, I beg you. Let me go.” Sana cried hysterically and pleaded to them to leave her. Two men are standing, holding her roughly.

Sidharth’s heart cried, listening to her screams. He is crying with her. He is in more pain than her.

“You bastard, leave my wife. I’ll kill you all.” He roared with outrage.

One man broke Sana’s phone by pressing it with his shoes. Sidharth became more worried when the phone disconnected.

“God! dammit, Sana.” He yelled and cried more, grasping the steering. He is crying as he is thinking he couldn’t able to protect her. He is hell worried for her. If something happens to her, he will surely die.

He’s recklessly driving the car at maximum speed. Negative thoughts are revolving in his mind and spinning his head. He’s going insane, thinking about her. Within ten minutes he reached that place. He saw a crowd of people gathered around somebody and his heartbeat accelerated. He applied the brake and hastily jumped out of the car.

He is strolling to the crowd with a heavy heart, tears are trickling down his cheeks constantly. He is sweating and his body is trembling with fear.

“Please, keep my Sana safe. Please, God. I can’t afford to lose her.” He is just praying this to God while walking.

Then his eyes fell over the dead body, lying on the road, covered with a white sheet. He froze and he felt like the floor slipped under his feet. His heart almost stopped beating. Everything stopped for him for a few seconds as he lost her. He lost the love of his life who was her world. This feeling is killing him. He felt like he lost everything. He can’t even imagine his life without her. She was the only happiness of his life and brought sunshine to his life. She was his shining star who brought light to his dark world. He felt like he lost himself with her.

Sidharth turned his face to another side and his eyes glinted and widened in surprise as he saw Sana, she is absolutely fine and talking to the police inspector. A smile of relief flashed on his face, he felt like he got his breath back, now tears of happiness are rolling down his cheeks. He is so relieved and thankful to God for protecting his wife. Today he again started believing in God as he listened to his prayers and kept her safe. He is so happy.

“Sana…” he shouted to call her and she instantly looked at him. As they looked into each other eyes, the whole world froze for them. Their lips are drawn up to a beatific smile and they are shedding silent tears.

Next movement they ran toward each other. She jumped over him and hugged him tightly, wrapping her hands around his neck firmly. He held her back so tightly as like he wanna store her forever and ever in his arms. They both are pulling each other closer and closer and hugging each other tighter and tighter. They never want to break the hug because of the fear of losing each other. They are just feeling each other, smiling with utter contentment as finally, they are in their heaven. He slightly lifted her from the floor and hugged her tighter.

After a long ten minutes hug, they pulled apart. “Sweetheart, are you fine.” He cupped her face and asked concernedly. Then he started kissing every inch of her face insanely like he wants to take away her all pain through these kisses.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t with you, Sweetheart.” He apologised after kissing her forehead, she closed her eyes in response and then he placed soft kisses on her eyelids.

“Sidharth, I’m fine.” She uttered, placing her hand on his face. She is trying to be strong for him only but from inside she is afraid.

He again engulfed her in his protective arms and hugged her tightly as like he is making himself believe that she is with him. She is getting better and better in his arms and feeling so peaceful. She is feeling like he’s crushing her all pain and fear with this so tight hug. This hug is a soul-soothing hug for her.

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