Monster’s Bride (Part: 50 My Wild Cat) Sidnaaz


Sana is preparing breakfast for her husband merrily. She is so blessed and happy after marrying him. All the moments which she is spending with him are precious for her.

Sidharth stepped into the kitchen with a huge smile on his face. He tiptoed to her and grabbed her bare waist from behind. She recognised his touch and smiled, stirring the vegetables in the pan.

“Baby, let me make tasty tasty food for you. Romance after this.” She said sternly, looking at him over her shoulder but he ignored her and started placing kisses on her back after removing her hair from there. He always remains in the mood to do romance.

“Aaa…” She moaned, clenching the service spoon as he gave a love bite on her back.

His one hand glided to her front and started massaging her twins over the fabric of her top and he slipped his other hand into her skirt and rubbed her crotch over the panty. He utterly aroused her by doing this. Now her body is burning with desires. He has awakened her inside wild cat by doing this.

Suddenly she turned toward him and pushed him against the refrigerator, making him shocked. She broke all the buttons of his shirt and attacked his muscular chest like a wild cat. She nibbled one of his nipples and he moaned, grasping her hair. He is shocked and amazed.

After a few minutes, she looked up at him and turned around after winking at him. She came back with the bottle of red sauce, grinning mischievously. Sidharth is just staring at her in amazement. He is stunned to see her bold side.

“Today we will eat the breakfast in a different style.” She said, moving closer to him with a naughty smile on her face.

She squeezed the bottle and sauce dripped down his chest and tummy. She grinned widely and licked her lips, staring at his chest in anticipation. Then she hurled the sauce bottle and started licking the sauce from his body. They both are enjoying this. He is getting immense pleasure, the way her tongue is moving all over his body and she is enjoying eating the sauce in this way as it became more tasty and sweet.

He suddenly grabbed her arms and pinned her against the refrigerator. “Now my turn, sweetheart.” He said, gazing into her eyes deeply.

“I’m sorry as now I’m going to rip your sexy dress.” He apologised and tore her dress in a swift moment. Now her dress is lying on the floor with her torn undies and bra, and she’s standing utterly naked before him, panting and staring at him in anticipation.

“Now I will have my breakfast while pleasuring you. Are you ready, sweetheart?” He asked after taking out whipped cream spray from the refrigerator.

“I’m dying, baby. Do it fast.” She squealed and the next moment he sprayed the cold whipped cream all over her twins. She shivered in response and her excitement went to another level.

“Slay your legs for me, sweetheart.” He ordered and she complied instantly because she is getting desperate.

He grinned before spraying the cream over her crotch. “Aaa…” she moaned as she felt coldness in between her thighs. He grinned seeing her reaction.

“Are you liking it, sweetheart?” He asked her.

She answered him, “I’ll like it more when you suck it from my body. I just can’t wait to feel your lips sucking the whipped cream from my body and your tongue licking it.”

He grinned widely before sucking and licking the cream from all over her twins. She’s moaning in immense pleasure, moving her fingers through his hair, he is sucking her nipples hard. They both never thought that eating breakfast could also be so pleasurable and romantic.

Then he knelt before her and started sucking the whipped cream from her warm honeypot. The cream mixed with her honey has become more delicious for him, he is loving it. After licking all the cream, he started playing with her clit with his tongue. He sucked it hard and flicked it continuously with his tongue, making her moan. She grasped the handle of the refrigerator firmly with one hand and fisted his hair with her other hand. She is moaning loudly and insanely in profound pleasure. Knots started foaming in her stomach and her legs started trembling.

But he stopped as soon as she was about to cum. She felt irritated as he felt her on the edges.

“I want you to cum when I’ll be deep inside you and we’ll continue our this session in the bathroom. So would you like to have a bath with me, my love?” He asked, holding his hand out to her.

“Neki aur puch puch. Do not ask before doing something good. Just do it.” She pecked his lips and held his hand.

Then only Sidharth scooped her into his arms and said, “from next time, I won’t ask, I’ll just do this.”

“That’s better, baby.” She giggled, hiding her face in his chest and he took her to the room.


Now they both are playing in the bathtub, they’re cheerly splashing water on each other and laughing like small babies do when their mother baths them.

“Now it’s time to complete our unfinished business, wifey.” He uttered after coming closer to her face, his hand went into the water and then in between her thighs. She closed her eyes as his hand touched there.

“Aaa… Baby…” she screamed and almost jumped, scratching his back as he shoved his finger deep into her without any warning. He moved his finger in and out slowly first and then accelerated the speed, making her moan in extreme pleasure. He started kissing and nibbling her neck, holding her shoulder with his other hand. Within few minutes she exploded on his finger, screaming loudly.

Then he slightly laid her down in the bathtub and pecked her forehead, murmuring, “I love you.”

He reached to her honeypot by kissing her stomach and waist. He started sucking her throbbing core.

“Ahaaa… baby like that.. ahaaaa…” she moaned madly, clutching the bathtub but when she was about to cum again, he stopped.

He came over to her face and whispered, “Now we gonna cum together when I’ll be deep inside you.” He captured her lips and kissed her hungrily. He hastily pulled down her short and eased into her without any warning, the kiss suppressed her screams. He’s ramming into her hard and fast, the sound of water is coming with his every thrust. They both are gone to another world with immense pleasure. She wrapped her legs around his waist to take him deep into her.


Now Sana is going back to the Shukla Mansion and Sidharth is complaining to her.

“That’s not fair, sweetheart. Which wife leaves her husband alone like this? Try to understand. I can’t live without you.” He stopped her, holding her hand when she was about to sit inside the car.

“Baby, have some patience. You know the fruit of patience is sweet.” She explained to him, placing her hand on his face and he sadly pouted at her like an adorable baby.

“Baby, I’m doing this for you only. Don’t be sad, please.” She requested, holding his hand and looked at him pleadingly.

“Okay, I won’t be sad but miss me.” He said, hugging her tightly.

“By the way, I won’t let you miss me.” He thought in his mind, smirking.

“Miss me too.” She said, hugging him tighter.

“By the way, I won’t give you a chance to miss me.” She also thought the same thing.

They broke the hug and smiled at each other. He kissed her forehead before opening the door of the car for her like a gentleman.

She pecked his cheek before sitting inside.

“Don’t forget to take some rest. You must be tired after our wild, you know.” As he said, she blushed, recalling their wild make out session.

“By the way today you amazed me with your boldness.” He added and she blushed hard.

“Now, bye.” She rolled up the glass and he laughed, looking at her.

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