Monster’s Bride (Part: 47 Punishment) Sidnaaz


Sana came out of the bathroom after taking the shower. She is looking heavenly beautiful in black dress reaching till her mid-thigh. She sat in front of the huge mirror and started combing her hair.

“I hope what I’m going to do today, won’t hurt Sidharth. What I should do, Ganu Ji, I have no other option. I have to do this.” She is talking to herself, pinning her hair in a messy bun. Then she wore the diamond bracelet gifted by Sidharth in New York and smiled, touching it. It’s very precious for her, not because it’s expensive, it is precious for her because Sidnaaz is written on it. She kissed their name, closing her eyes.

She stood up and wore heels matching her dress.

“Ganu Ji, please always stay with me and make everything fine.” She prayed after joining her hands before the Murti of Lord Ganesh.

She stepped out of the room. It’s 7 am and she found fab4 still sleeping. She smiled at them.

Then she called the servants and ordered them to throw ice cold water on them except Sidharth, she instructed them to throw normal water on him because she doesn’t want anybody to doubt them.

“Sorry, Sidharth, I have to throw water on you too.” She apologised to him, staring at him with a sad pout.

They all woke up with a jolt, yelling when the servants splashed the water over them.

“What the fuck! Have you lost your fucking mind? Bastards.” Mukti roared at the servant. Sana silently laughed, seeing their condition.

“Sorry.” She apologised to Sidharth, holding her one ear sneakily when he glared at her because she disturbed his sleep. But soon a smile flashed on his face seeing his cute and beautiful wife.

“Mukti, shut up and mind your tongue.” Sana chided, waggling her finger at her after coming to her. Alia is boiling in anger and Cabir is blaming God for all this.

“Now you all stop giving me angry looks and get ready in fifteen minutes. I want to see you all at the dining area at sharp seven-thirty. You all will get ready in the servant quarters and they will give their clothes to you. And be ready for the punishment.” Sana instructed them coldly before going back to her room. Alia, Cabir and Mukti are killing her with their looks and Sidharth is looking at her proudly because her wife is doing perfect acting.


Sana is sitting on the sofa, eyes musing on the wall. “Today for the first time I’m going to do something on my own. I hope I don’t hurt Sidharth by doing this. But I mustered the courage to do this because of him only. I hope so everything goes well.”

She came on the earth back as her phone beeped. A bright smile flashed on her face as she saw Sidharth’s name.

Sidharth: Good Morning, Bacha. It’s great that today you woke me up like this as one day I had woken you up like this only. Forgive me for that.

After reading his message, her lips drew down in sadness recalling her first day of marriage when Sidharth had humiliated her and splashed the water on her face to arouse her from her sleep.

Sana: Sidharth, it’s fine. How many times you will apologise? You have accepted your mistake, it’s enough for me.

Sana replied to him, but deep inside it still hurts her as he behaved like a monster with her which she can never forget.

Sidharth: No matter how much I apologize, that won’t be enough, Sana. I know it still hurts you. But really one day you will surely forget all those memories because I’ll fill your life with immense happiness and you will remember only them. Now don’t be sad and smile for me.

She smiled instantly after reading his message.

Sana: I love you, Sidharth. Please, never hurt me again.

Sidharth: Never ever, Bacha. I promise to always keep you happy. *kissing on your forehead bacha*

Her smile grew bigger after reading his message.

Sana: ❤️

Sidharth: By the way today you’re looking super adorable, sweetheart. You just almost killed me with your cuteness today.

She blushed when he complimented her.

Sana: I love you, I love you.

Sidharth: I’m sorry that last night I gave the dinner to Mukti.

Sana: So what? Now you will be punished.

She replied to him instantly with a wink emoji, smiling mischievously.

Sidharth: Hwww! Will you punish your husband?

She laughed after reading his message.

Sana: No, babu, not you. I’ll punish Mukti and this time you won’t say anything. Sidharth, try to understand if you fall weak, then we will never get successful in our plan. I know you can’t see Mukti suffering but it is just a matter of a few weeks. I promise I’ll do something which will change Mukti.

She typed the message with a serious look and sent it. She waited for his reply.

Sidharth: I trust you, sweetheart and I’m always with you. I love you. Meet you at the dining table. You know I can’t be late.

Sana smiled after reading his message.

Sana: I love you more. Uhmmaaa… 😘😗

Sidharth: Uhmmaaa too.

She laughed after reading his message.


Fab4 reached the dining area on time in servant clothes, Sidnaaz sneakily passed each other a smile. They were about to settle down but stopped as Sana shouted, “stop, stop, who told you all to sit?”

A servant pulled the master chair out for her and she settled down like a queen, placing her hands on the table.

“Sidharth and Mukti, you both sit down.” She ordered them and asked one servant to bring the special breakfast for them.

Sidharth sat beside her intentionally. As he placed his hand on her thigh, her eyes widened in shock. He stroke it, smirking a bit. She glared at him through the corner of her eyes and tried to remove his hand but Sidharth is Sidharth, he loves to tease his wifey.

Everyone is silent and killing Sana with their looks, not knowing what is going on under the table. Now Sidharth is slowly rubbing her crotch over the fabric of her dress and arousing her. She is trying hard to be normal and shifting on the chair uncomfortably. He is enjoying this a lot. She is feeling like dragging him to the room and make love with him.

She looked at him pleadingly, he slightly shook his head. He started making a circle over her clit, driving her insane and she bit her lip, controlling herself from moaning.

As the servant came back, Sidharth hastily removed his hand from her thigh. Sana sighed with relief but felt irritated also because she is turned on, she wants more. Her core is now throbbing for him and her body is on fire.

She cleared her throat and she came to the point, ignoring her physical desires.

“So this is your special breakfast made with lots of green chillies. Have it.” As Sana told them, they stared at her in shock.

“Why you both are giving me looks? This is your punishment. Did you forget how you all had forced me to eat green chillies without any fault? You always punished me without any mistake.” Now she said, fuming and her real anger came out in this. Sidharth felt a sharp pang of guilt and his eyes moved down.

But next moment he thought about her and clasped her hand under the table to calm her down.

“But, guys I’m not evil like you all. I’m giving one more option, that Sidharth has to slap Mukti.” As Sana said, Sidharth left her hand and stared at her in shock.

“So the choice is yours.” She sassed, crossing her arms around her chest, ignoring Sidharth looks.

“Sidharth, I prefer you choose the second option because Mukti deserves this from you. If you had slapped Mukti on her first mistake, things would have been different today.” This time Sana said the truth as she really wants Sidharth to slap Mukti to teach her a lesson because she is going on the wrong track and destroying so many people’s life. She and her brother suffered so much because of her. It’s high time to be punished by her brother.

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