(Beyond Love} Chapter: 30 (Manan)


Nandini’s POV:

“God, where he went. I’m getting late for the work.” I murmured looking around the corridor.

“Manik, Where are you?” I texted Manik and waited for his reply. God, he isn’t replying to me. I think he’s literally very angry.  I’ll pacify him after work.

“Manik, I’m taking a bus for the cafe.” I texted him, still, I  didn’t get a reply and left, disappointed.

The rest of the day was pretty hectic with work at the cafe that I didn’t get time to even check my phone.

Well, extra work as a punishment for being late and taking so much leave.


It’s 11:00 p.m now, and only I’m present here, I decided to call my manager through the landline and informed him that I was closing. I switched off the lights and just when I was about to close, someone entered.

“Uhh… We are about to close.” I replied to the dark figure. The person didn’t seem to move.

“Wait! Is this Manik? God, he can’t stay away from me. Hehe. Where his anger went now?” I murmured, looking at the dark shadow who isn’t even moving a bit.

“Manik, is that you?” I asked, smiling a bit.

“Oh come on, Manik. I know it’s you. You can’t even stay angry at me.” I giggled, waiting for the response.

“Fine, I’ll make it up to you. Now at least talk to me. You’re scaring me now.” I pouted, still waiting for his response. After getting no response for good five minutes, I sighed and moved to switch on the lights but before I could, someone held me from behind and shut my mouth with his hand.

As soon as that person’s hand came in contact with my mouth, I realised it’s not my Manik. Panic ran my spine, and tears started flowing down my cheeks mechanically. I remember this Cologne, it’s familiar yet terrifying. I tried to take his hands off my mouth and turn around but the person didn’t move.

No no no, it’s can’t be him. Not here, not again.

He removed his hand from my mouth and swiftly turned me to himself before slamming me against the wall and choking me. “You thought you could get away with everything, is it? A new place, a boyfriend. Remember this, you bitch, you are mine and only mine.” Fresh tears trickled down my cheeks and I can’t breathe. I want to die at this moment. I’m disgusted with his hands on me.

“What happened, now why are you crying, you bitch?” He yanked my hair harshly, making me yelp in pain and continued, coming dangerously close to my face, “remember this, I’m not giving you time to make boyfriends and have fun with them. Mark my words, if you don’t leave him, I’ll forcibly take you back to India and marry you and I’ll also kill him. He will die because of you.”

“No, please.” I choke in tears before my sobs break. I can’t let anything happen to my Manik, because of me. He can’t do this to him.

“Shut up.” He shouted, gripping my chin with his hand, so hard that it hurts. Looking into my eyes, he hissed, “you know my power right? I can kill your boyfriend if you stay with him. I’m only letting you live here and not telling your parents because I want to give you a time, you know that how much I love you.”

More tears fell down my cheeks as I listened to his every word. The more he speaks, the more he kills me.

I wish this were all just a dream and I would wake up soon.

But the pain I’m feeling inside my chest is telling me that it’s not less than the reality, a harsh reality.

“I can’t wait to mark every part of your body with my name.” He hissed against my ear and let go of my chin. He ran his eyes filled with lust all over me, licking his lips, making me feel more disgust.

“I’m watching you. Keep that in mind.” He stated and left the shop. I sank to the floor, tears flowing down my cheeks and I cried hysterically.

I’m numb. I can’t feel anything anymore. I wish I was dead. I can’t believe he found me somehow to ruin my life again. I thought of calling Anny and telling her everything, but I can’t ruin her mood. She must be busy with her University stuff. The sound of my phone brought me back to my senses.

It’s Manik. I can’t answer his call. I can’t pull his life in danger when I know what can happen with him if I continue to see him. I felt an ache in my heart. I just want him to hug me tightly and tell me things will be better. But that’s not gonna happen. He doesn’t deserve this shit. I can’t be so selfish that I’ll drag him into my problems. I can’t risk his life.  From the moment he entered my life, I got only happiness and peace. He always makes me feel so special and happy. He deserves happiness too, and for that, I need to let him go.

I should have known earlier that my happiness can’t last long. It’s not meant for me. How can I dream to live a happy life? It’s a sin for me but I’ll not let Manik face any problem, any difficulties, any pain because of me. I’ll always cherish those beautiful moments which I have spent with him, but now it’s time to move back. It’s time for me to let him go. I will end whatever is between us. It’s not like, we’re together for a long time. It’s been just a few days, he will forget me with time.

“I’ll not let anything happen to you, Manik.” I whispered looking at my phone, looking at his call. I switched off my phone as he is continuously calling me. Wiping my face with my palm, I got up from the floor and head back home.

I took the bus again and as I reached my home, I saw the familiar car parked in my driveway and I know I can’t escape him now. I need to stop all these things. I need to push him away from me. He is sitting on the front porch with his head in his hands. On seeing me, he immediately rushed to me and hugged me in relief.

“Manik, please let me go.” My voice felt robot-like.

“Like hell, I’m gonna let you go.” He is furious. Since it is dark he can’t see my face clearly which is a good thing.

“Where the hell have you been? I’ve been calling you for the past hour. I know I behaved rudely to you and didn’t reply to your text and I’m sorry you had to take the bus. Sometimes I can’t control my anger. I’m sorry that you have to face my anger.” he said, cupping my face.

Oh God, he’s making me weaker. Manik, I’m sorry, I can’t put your life at risk. I have to let you go.

“You know I came by the coffee shop, but the lights were turned off. I didn’t know what to do… Where to go, I was so scared for you.” He sounded scared and engulfed me in the hug again.

God! Manik, Please don’t do this. Please don’t show this concern. It’s already very difficult for me to leave you and you’re making it harder for me.

I pulled myself from that hug, pushing him. He is startled because of my reaction.

“It’s not that, I just want to be alone right now. And if I’m not taking your call, It simply means I don’t want to talk to you. I want privacy. Can you respect that and leave?” I said a bit rudely, controlling my inner emotions.

But for him, I have to do this. I lied through my teeth. All I want is him. Right now whatever happened, the only thing I want is him. I don’t want to be alone. I want his warmth. He looked at me as if I grew two heads, any sane person will react like this only.

“Don’t do this, baby girl. You’re hiding something from him. I can strongly feel that.” He said in a concerned voice, cupping my face.

I wish I could tell you Manik.

I wish.


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