Monster’s Bride (Part: 43 Awakening His Monster Side) Sidnaaz


He stepped into the room and his eyes widened in amazement as he saw his wife’s new look. She is looking heavenly beautiful in that black dress. He is just staring at her in disbelief.

“I used to think that fairies only live in the sky but today I came to know that they live on earth too as one of them is standing in front of my eyes.” He complimented her. Sana just smiled cheerily and her eyelashes moved down.

“So gorgeous, my sweetheart. I never thought in my dream also that anybody can look so beautiful.” He clasped her hand and placed a soft kiss on her knuckles.

She banged her head on his chest and said, “Sidharth, I also never thought that I can look so beautiful. Thank you for this makeover.” He smiled and engulfed her in his arms.

“No, I should say thank you for coming and bringing sunshine into my life.” He thanked her and kissed her hair.

“Now it’s time to show you the New York, my beautiful wifey.” He said after pulling her away from himself.

“But in this dress?” She asked, feeling shy to go out in the dress which is exposed for her.

“Don’t worry, just come with me.” He blinked his eyes and led her out by holding her hand.

They stepped out of the hotel and she looked around. She saw everyone wearing short dresses like her and she felt comfortable now. That’s why he came to New York with her as he wants to make her feel comfortable in every possible way. He completely understands her that all this is new for her and she won’t fell comfortable.

Valet brought the car and the driver opened the door for them. They settle down into the backseat of the car. She sat, holding his arm and placing her head on his shoulder. He smiled and kissed her hair.

Few days passed like this and Sidnaaz had a lot of fun and romance in New York. Their love is growing and becoming stronger with each passing day. They have never been so happy before meeting each other. Life has become like a beautiful dream for both of them.

“Sidharth, what’s this?” She asked him when he handed her a gift.

He smirked and answered, “this is a gift for you. Wear this and come to the poolside. I’ll be waiting for you.” He placed a kiss on her cheek and left.

She opened the gift, her eyes shimmering with excitement but her eyes widened in shock as she saw the gift. It’s a cute bikini.

She picked it up. “ Ganu Ji, what did he give to me? Now how I’ll wear this?” She thought, making adorable faces.

“He gave me this with so much love, I have to wear it.” She pouted.

She wore the Bikini. She is looking cute and sexy both at the same time in it.

“Ganu Ji, Now how will I go out in this bikini? Sidharth bhi na.” She shook her head.

Suddenly her eyes shone as an idea popped into her mind. She rushed to the bathroom and walked out after wearing the bathrobe over the bikini.

“Now it’s perfect.” She said after taking a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

She reached the poolside and saw him standing facing his back to her beside the pool. She smiled and ran to him.

She placed her hand over his shoulder. “Sidharth, I’m here. Why,” he instantly turned around and shushed her by palming her mouth, shocking her.

“Sidharth, now I understood what is happening on the holidays.” She looked at his phone as she heard Cabir’s voice from it. Now she understood why he shushed her.

“Shut up and now bye.” He disconnected the call and removed his hand from her mouth.

He sighed and asked her, “so what were you saying?”

“Sidharth,” this time he cut her word when he noticed her that she’s wearing the bathrobe.

“One minute. Why are you wearing the bathrobe? I didn’t gift you this.” He asked teasingly, raising his brows.

“Sidharth, I wasn’t feeling comfortable to come out wearing that.” She told him innocently, moving her face down. Few tears rolled down her cheeks automatically in guilt as she couldn’t fulfil his wish. She is taking his teasing in the wrong way.

“Oh, my innocent Bacha.” He pulled up her chin by holding it and his brows creased as his eyes fell over her tears.

“Baby, why these tears? I was just teasing you. I know it’s difficult for you to wear that.” He explained to her, wiping her tears.

“I thought you became angry.” She answered him, her eyes filled with innocence and he chuckled.

“Oh, my Sana, don’t take my jokes so seriously.” He pulled her cheeks and finally a smile flashed on her face.

“And you’re my Sidharth.” She hugged him.

“Yes, I’m only yours.” He kissed her hair.

“Now could I see my beautiful wife in that gift?” He asked her like a gentleman after breaking the hug.

She nodded her head in no shyly and Sidharth pouted sadly. He asked, “no? Couldn’t I see?”

This time she nodded her head positively and he smiled at her overloaded cuteness.

“Then remove the bathrobe.” He said like an excited kid.

She shyly started opening the knot of her bathrobe. He’s just staring at her in anticipation. He just can’t wait to see her in that cute bikini.

She pulled the bathrobe out of her arms, becoming red like tomato because of shyness, her eyes are looking down on the floor.

His eyes shimmered with amazement as he saw her. “How can anybody look so cute and sexy, both at the same time?” He wondered, gazing at her with his eyes filled with profound desires.

He grasped her bare waist and yanked her to himself. Now she looked at him, an electric current passed down her spine when their body came in contact. He’s staring at her passionately.

“I never thought that a girl can look cute in a bikini also. Today I have understood one thing that clothes can’t change the personality of a person. You’re so cute, my sweetheart.” He said, tucking her hair stands behind her hair and she gave him a winsome smile.

“Wear anything, you will look ugly only.” Suddenly she recalled his words from past and she became upset. He noticed this.

“What happened, Bacha?” He asked concernedly, placing his hand on her face.

“I just recalled what you said to me in past.”

“What?” He asked instantly.

“You said that whatever I wear, I’ll look ugly. I felt so bad when you said that.” She told him and now he felt a pang of guilt.

“I’m sorry, bacha. I didn’t mean it. I was just trying to hide my feelings at that time and hurting you unknowingly. You look beautiful and cute to me from day one. Please, forget what I said to you in past and just remember that you’re really beautiful from inside and outside both. You look breathtakingly beautiful whatever you wear and I’m so so lucky to have you. I love you and forgive me for hurting you.” He apologised and kissed her forehead.

Now his words brought a huge smile to her face. There was a time when he didn’t leave a single chance to insult her and now he doesn’t leave a single chance to praise her.

“I forgave you long back ago and I love you more, Sidharth.”

He couldn’t control himself more, he leaned in and captured her lips by clutching her waist. She responded to him, placing her hands on his bare chest. He squeezed her twins and she moaned in his mouth. He took the advantage and entered his tongue into her mouth. They both explored each other mouths, kissing each other deeply and pulling each other closer and closer. They’re biting and sucking each other lips like they are their favourite candy. They’re kissing each other like there is no tomorrow.

They unwillingly pulled apart indeed of oxygen, breathing heavily.

“Now swimming time. I’ll teach you.”

“Sidharth, I know swimming.” She said cheerily.

“It’s great. Now we can do a lot more thing in the pool like romance.” He moved closed to her and she stepped back. They both are gazing at each other intensely.

She took one more step backward and fell into the pool. Sidharth didn’t get worried as now he knows that she knows swimming. He laughed, throwing his head back.

“Sidharth, help, I don’t know how to swim. I was just joking.” She screamed for help, drowning in the water, moving her hands.

He became blank and his heart almost stopped beating for a few seconds seeing his whole world drowning in the water in front of his eyes.

After coming on the earth back, he just jumped into the pool to save his world. He took her in his protective arms, tears trickling down his cheeks mechanically. Fear of losing has made him so weak because he is nothing without her.

“My Bacha, are you fine.” He asked and kissed every inch of her face before hugging her tightly.

“I can’t lose you.” He’s hugging her tighter and tighter.

“Sidharth, I’m fine. I was just joking. I know swimming.” As she told him, the grip of his hands loosed and his brows frowned. She has awakened the inside monster of him. He broke the hug and scowled at her, clutching his hands. It seems like today she has to face the monster side of his husband again.

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