(Beyond Love} Chapter: 29 (Manan)


Nandini’s POV:

The next day I went to college with Adam, Manik’s driver as he was busy with some project on which he was working from few days in his office. I wish he complete his work soon and come to the college because seriously I’m missing him so much. Though his morning text did make me smile a bit but still, I so want to see his face.

It’s the last lecture and I’m missing him a lot. I came out of the class and pull my phone out of the bag. I opened my phone and smiled seeing his photo on my wallpaper, which I secretly clicked in the restaurant that day.

I so wanted to put this pic on my wallpaper but I thought what he would think when he saw it but after last night, I couldn’t control it.

Okay… I copied him, maybe. Lol!

I was busy admiring his smile when suddenly my phone rang. I smiled brightly seeing the caller I’d.


“Hello,” I answered cheerily. God, I can’t control my excitement when it comes to him.

“Missed me?” He asked. God my god. Is that even a question? I so wanted to say that.

“Yes, a lot.” I blurted and bit my lip. Sometimes it’s good to speak the truth no? Hehe.

“So why didn’t you message me?” I could clearly feel his raised brows asking me this question. Hehe. Cutie.

“Because I was in class. And maybe, I  was waiting for your call or message?” Last words more came out as a question.

“I see. I missed you a lot too and now I want to see you. Meet me in the canteen now.” He said, making me smiled broadly.

“What? You’re in college?” I literally shouted, jumping in excitement while he giggled. God, what people will think of me? Well, I don’t care.

“Yes, baby girl. Now come here and show me your Angelic face. Gawd! I missed you… so much.” He chuckled, stretching the word ‘you’.

“I’m coming.” I said excitedly, cutting the call, without giving him a chance to speak further.

I stepped into the canteen with a wide smile on my face and my eyes are desperately searching for my Manik.

My Manik? Aghh..  it feels so good to call him mine. I’m sure if he hears this, surely he gonna tease the hell out of me.

I blushed on my thought and my eyes stopped at him. He is already smiling at me like he was waiting for me, looking at the door only. Haye… I’m loving every bit of our relationship. Although, I don’t know what is our relation? I don’t want to give the name to our such a pure relation.

Whatever we have between us is magical.

Without thinking twice, I ran and engulfed him in a bone-crushing hug, making him startled a bit. Maybe he didn’t expect this. But soon he too wrapped his hands around my waist making me smile.

“God, I missed you, baby girl. ” He mumbled on my neck, tightening his hold, feeling my heart with happiness.

“Mutual feelings, Mr brown eyes.” I peeked at his face from his chest and he chuckled kissing my forehead.

“Woah, that’s quite filmyyyyy.” Cabir sang breaking our trance and we pulled apart. I realised we aren’t alone. We are in the canteen. Shit!

“Aww… Nandini. There’s no need to feel shy now.” Rosy chuckled and pulled me in a hug. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Manik frowning, making a chuckle left my mouth.

One by one, I hugged each one of them and greeted them smilingly.

“Why do you guys keep pulling her here and there. Huh!” Manik mocked when he saw cabir pulled me and dragged me beside him and started showing me last night photos on his phone.

“Oh god, let her sit and eat something guys. You all are so chape.” Manik groaned and pulled me beside him, and made me sit. I blushed seeing him serving me, ignoring his friends glaring faces.

“You’re so jealous. Accept it. You don’t like when her attention diverts from you.” Cabir mocked, sipping his oreo shake.

“I second that.” Rosy said, eating her fries, turning my cheeks in crimson red. While Jack and Ashely laughed.

“Baby girl. Ignore them. You eat. Try this, it’s really yummy.” Manik said filling my plate with fries and burgers, making me smile at his adorable faces which he was making, avoiding the conversation.

“Umm… It’s delicious.” I said having a bite from his burger which he offered me. His face lit up like an excited four-year kid, making me chuckle.

This foodie Malhotra!

“Have some more,” He forwarded again, and I took another bit. Aww.. he’s so cute.

“God, Manik dude, you really need to stop doing these things in front of me. Fuck, I feel so single.” Cabir whined throwing the napkin on Manik.

“So get mingle, Cabir. Who is stopping you?” Manik asked him, eating the burger from the side I had eaten, making me blush harder.

“Wait, so are you saying you guys are in a relationship?” Cabir smirked, looking at Manik, making his startled a bit.

Maybe he didn’t expect it.

Though, as Cabir asked my eyes glinted with happiness and I excitedly waited to hear Manik’s answer.

“I don’t know. It’s just that.. Manik Malhotra is definitely not available for anyone, except his baby girl.” He said looking intensely into my eyes, accelerating my heartbeat.

“And I don’t want to give any name to our pure relation. For now I just want to cherish every moment which I’m spending with my baby girl.” He murmured, entwining our fingers, placing a soft kiss on my knuckles, filling my heart with happiness and bursting it with joy.

Our thoughts are so similar. He said the same words which are in my heart. We kept looking at each other with eyes locked, eventually locking our hearts. Though we didn’t speak anything, the silence around spoke out everything on our behalf.

“Ouch!” Our trance broke when we heard the screaming sound of Jack.

“God, babe. Why you kicked me?” Jack asked looking at Rosy who was glaring at him.

What happened to them suddenly?

I looked at Manik in confusion while he just shrugged, looking at them.

“Don’t come inside the bedroom for at least one week.” She said gritting her teeth.

“Fuck, that’s going to be a hard week for you, Buddy.” Manik murmured, making me giggle.

“Wtf! Why? What I did?” Jack asked.

“That’s the thing that You didn’t do anything. See them, they aren’t in a relationship, then also they are giving couple goals and what you are doing? Eating this stupid fries.” She whined throwing her fries on his face and we all laughed seeing Jack’s face.

God! It’s so funny!

“Babe, are you down? But how can you be… We just did in mornin-” And before he could say further Rosy kicked him again. My eyes widened in shock, god it must be painful. We all laughed hysterically throwing our heads back.

“Very good Rosy, you have my back, bro.” Manik hooted for her while she just flicked her hair, having a proud smile, making us laugh more.

“Manik, you jerk. Everything is happening because of you.” Jack whined looking at Manik.

“Jack, don’t call him a jerk.” I blurted. Shit!

“Aww…” all said in union and Manik smiled widely at me. I groaned banging my head on his chest making him chuckle, and his friends laughed.

“Ask them to stop teasing me,” I pouted in his chest, making them laugh more.

He pulled me out from his chest, placing a soft kiss on my cheek. He clasped my hand lovingly, melting my heart.

“You guys are goals, seriously.” Said Cabir, clicking our photo, making us smile wider.

“Aww, see this photo is looking super cute.” Cabir said showing us our photo. Indeed it is looking so beautiful.

“I’ll send this in the group with last night photos.” Cabir said putting his phone in his pocket.

“Which group?” I asked, raising my brows.

“You’ll get to know soon, will add you, Manik’s baby girl.” Cabir winked, teasing me making me blush, and others laughed.

“Manik’s baby girl. God, it’s feels so soothing, hearing this. Isn’t it, babe?” Manik murmured, kissing my knuckles again, making me blush harder.

“Hey, Nandini.” Suddenly I heard Aryman’s voice from behind and turned to look at him.

“Hi, Aryaman, come join us.” I said smiling at him, offering him a seat beside me.

“No, I have to go. I’m getting late. I just saw you and thought to say hi to you.” He said, glancing at Manik and my hands.

“We just met in the class, Aryaman.” I chuckled, standing up.

It’s not right if someone is standing and you’re are sitting. Such a bad manner.

“Yeah, but we didn’t get a chance to talk much. You seemed upset.” He said, adjusting his specks.

“Ahh… It’s just that I was missing him.” I blushed, glancing at Manik who is keenly noticing our conversation with a blank expression.

What happened to him? He didn’t pass a smile to me. Huh!

“Ohh… Nice.” Aryaman said but he didn’t seem happy. What happened to him now? Why he’s acting weird?

“What happened, Aryaman? Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah… Obviously.” He smiled nervously, making me sighed.

“See you, tomorrow, Nandini.” He suddenly hugged me. I saw Manik’s expression from the corner of my eyes, he’s glaring at Aryaman.

Is he getting jealous?

“Aryaman?” I said moving away from the hug. He hugged me a little longer than expected. It’s a little awkward. First his sudden hug and that too in front of Manik. Why? Before I could say something he left in hurry.

“Well, that’s weird.” I scrunched my eyebrows. I turned around towards Manik but before I could sit, he too stood up and left, pushing the chair on the floor, making me flinched.

“Go behind your man, Nandini, or else he will set the whole college on fire.” Cabir said looking at me, though his word ‘your man’ did create havoc inside my heart.

My man!

“Yes, you should go, Nandini, because Manik gets angry rarely but when he gets, he becomes uncontrollable.” Ashley spoke giving me a nervous chuckle.

Okay, these guys are scaring me now. But wait,  Did he get jealous because Aryaman hugged me?


“But hey! What the fuck, Aryaman, What was the need of hugging me? Because of you, my man is angry. Huh!” I cursed Aryaman under my breath.

Now I should go behind him.

“Bye guys,” I said to them and went behind him. I saw him going to the terrace and I rushed upstarts, following him.

I saw him standing facing his back to me. I’ll pacify him within a minute. I strolled to him.

Listening to the sound of my footsteps, he said, “I’m not in a mood, leave me alone for some time, Nandini.”

(Manik knows that he can say anything to her in anger, therefore he is asking her to go.)

“No, I won’t go.” I said stubbornly and wrapped my arms around him from behind. Though this is the first time he’s calling me by my name, but definitely I’m not liking this situation. Huh!

He removed my hands and shouted after turning around, “I said, leave me alone, Nandini.” I flinched.

I never saw him angry at me before. He never shouted at me. He always talks so sweetly to me. What happened now? It hurts the way he is shouting at me and I want to go but I can’t leave him in anger alone.

I have to calm him down. But what I should I do, he isn’t ready to listen to me.

“No, I won’t go.” I shook my head, and he frowned at me.

“Fine, I’m going.” He marched towards the door of the terrace but I stopped him by holding his hand.

“Manik, we can talk. Why are you overreacting? What’s my fault if he hugged me?” I asked, pouting.

“Why did you let him hug you? I don’t like it when he touched you. I know you’re not at fault but still… I just don’t like it.” He shouted and I tried so hard to control my laughter.

He’s indeed jealous.

God, now why I’m finding him cute? Lol.

“Relax, Manik. He’s just a friend.” I said, suppressing my laughter.

“I don’t know…aghh…I didn’t get a positive vibe from him. I didn’t like the way he hugged you. I find it a little wired.” He said frustratingly, making an irritated face, and I couldn’t help and giggled.

“Wtf… I’m angry and you’re showing me your teeth?” He asked, glaring at me, pointing his index fingers at my teeth.

“Nope!” I immediately lied, shaking my head, suppressing my laughter.

“Really? Were you doing an advertisement for toothpaste?” He asked sarcastically, making me chuckled.

“You’re jealous, Manik. That too with Aryaman? Lol.” I giggled.

“No, I’m just saying what I felt. I didn’t like the way he hugged you or looked at you. I’m stating the facts. I’m not jealous.” He glared and I laughed more.

“Same thing Manik.” I said crossing my arms across my chest, giving him a teasing smile.

“Really? You know what? You stay with your so-called friend Aryaman. I’m going.” He shouted, stamping his foot and stormed out in furry, making me laughed.

Oh god, it’s so funny to see him jealous. Though he was angry but still I found him so adorable. Why he’s so cute? He himself doesn’t know that he is getting jealous and being possessive for me.

“Don’t worry my Mr brown eyes, I’ll make it up for you but not before teasing you.” I laughed.

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