Monster’s Bride (Part: 38 Falling Apart) Sidnaaz


“Sana, I have to go.” Sidharth finally told her. She became scared after listening to his words and pulled apart from him.

“Matlab? Apko kha jana hai achnak se? (Means? Where do you have to go all of sudden.)” She asked worriedly, just a mere thought of living without him is killing her from inside.

“Actually Mukti isn’t fine. Therefore I have to go there to check her.” She sighed with relief as she thought he is going away from her forever. Now she can’t even imagine her life without him.

He continued, “you were right. I always do wrong, I always think about one person. Mukti is admitted to hospital because of me, Sana.” He blamed himself, crying. She cried too seeing his vulnerable condition.

She clasped his face and try to explain to him. “Sidharth ji, aap please, chup ho jaeye, aisa kuch bhi nhi hai jese aap soch rhai hai. (Sidharth, please, don’t cry. What you’re thinking, it’s not true.)”

“No, Sana, it’s true that I always do wrong.” He again blamed himself and she shook her head.

“Aap humhri taraf dekhiyie. (Look at me.)” She asked him to look into her eyes and he did what she said.

“Aap humshe pyaar karte hai, na? (You love me, right?)” She asked and he nodded at her.

“So chaliyie ab aap humhri bat maniye aur chup ho jaeye. Mukti bilkul thik hogi. (So now listen to me and stop crying. Mukti will be fine.)” She assured him and hugged him. He instantly hugged her back.

“I don’t want to go away from you, Sweetheart. Please, can’t you come with me?” He requested like a small baby asking her Mumma to come with him.

“Sidharth ji, thodhe dino ki baat hai. Please, bash kariye, dekho aap humhai bhi rula rhai hai. (Sidharth, it is just a matter of a few days. Please, stop crying, or else you will make me cry too.)” She rubbed his back to console him as he is still crying.

“Apke bina rehne ka dhar toh humhre man mein bhi hai. Par apka jana jaruri hai. Isliye hum apko nhi rokenge. (I also have fear of living without you but it’s important for him to go, therefore I won’t stop him.)” She thought and automatically a tear rolled down her cheek.

“I’m sorry.” Sidharth immediately apologised and kissed her both eyelids.

“I am always with you.” He said after pecking her forehead and she smiled.


They are standing out of the car. She is bidding him goodbye as he going to meet Mukti.

“Sana, you have to watch all these movies in these two days and you have to write all the dialogues in Hindi and English both.” He is going after giving homework to his student.

She just nodded slightly, she is upset as Sidharth is going away from her.

“And Practice removing ‘ji’ also.” He kissed her knuckles and she just smiled faintly.

“A few minutes ago, my bacha was trying to be strong, now what happened?” He asked, noticing her sadness.

“Sidharth ji, ush time strong bana padha kyuki aap ro rhai thai aur agar hum bhi ush time rone lagte toh hum dono rote hi rehte. (I had to become strong at that time as you were crying and if I had also started crying at that time, then we would have cried nonstop.)” She cutely told him the logic for being strong that time. Sidharth chuckled.

“You’re so cute, my bacha.” He pulled her cheeks before engulfing her into his arms.

“I will miss you so much.” He pecked her forehead.

“Miss you too, Sidharth Ji.” She uttered and a lone tear dropped down her cheek, she immediately wiped it.

Sidharth sat inside the car and they waved at each other.

“Pata nhi kyu humhai aisa kyu lag rhai hai ki kuch galat hone wala hai. Humne Sidharth ke sath yeh bat share nhi ki kyuki voh phle se itni tension mein thai. (I don’t know why I’m feeling like something bad is going to happen. I didn’t share with Sidharth because he was already so much tensed.)” She thought, staring at his car going far away from her eyes sight.


He reached back his mansion in one hour.

“I hope Mukti is fine or else I will never be able to forgive myself.” He thought, stepping into the Mansion. He can never stop loving and caring about her because he loves her unconditionally. He loves Mukti selflessly like a parent loves his daughter.

Sidharth saw fab3 sitting in the hall. He sighed with profound relief after seeing Mukti fine. He rushed to her and hugged her tightly. Alia and Cabir smiled at them.

“Sweetie, are you fine?” He asked after clasping her face.

“Bhai, I’m fine.” She answered him.

“Accident?” He asked, confused.

“Sidharth, we planned to call you back. We were missing you.” Cabir said, encircling his arm around his neck. He frowned and his eyes burned with anger after knowing this.

“What?” He yelled making all of them shiver in their places.

“You know I got so scared for you, Mukti. How could you do this?” Sidharth said in a calm voice but having so much pain in his voice and eyes.

“I m sorry, Bhai. I was really missing you.” She apologised, placing her hand over his shoulder.

“No, Mukti, this time you have really hurt me.” He jerked her hand and stormed out of the mansion. He’s so angry. He came here to meet Mukti after leaving his wife alone and she did this to him.

They all rushed behind him.

“Bhai, I’m sorry. Please listen to me.” Mukti shouted.

On the other hand, Sana can’t able to sleep properly as she is desperately waiting for his call.

Sidharth is driving the car rashly. He is very hurt by their prank. He loves Mukti a lot and she always takes undue advantage of his love.

“Oh shit.” His eyes widened in horror as he saw a truck approaching his car at full speed. He turned the car hurriedly and his car crashed with the tree.

“Sidharth…” Sana suddenly woke up from sleep, shouting his name as she can feel that something has happened to him. Her heart is thumping with fright.

“Gannu ji, please humhre Sidharth ji ko thik rakhna.”She prayed, joining her hands.

She hastily picked up her phone and called him, but he is answering her calls. She became more anxious now.

On the other hand Mukti, Cabir and Alia are standing outside of the ICU worriedly. Mukti is crying and blaming herself for all these.

(Teri khata hai mere jiya

Teri khata hai mere jiya

Unnpe bharosa kyun tune kiya)

Sana is restlessly pacing across her room and trying to call him continuously. Every second she is becoming even more worried for him and praying for him.

(Sab jhoothe jhoothe waade thhe unke

Chal peechhe peechhe aaya tu jinke

Woh piya aaye na

Woh Piya aaye na

Piya aaye na woh piya aaye na)

“Doctor, how is bhai?” Mukti asked as soon as Doctor stepped out of the ICU.

“We have put him on observation for three days. After three days only we can tell anything.” The doctor informed them.

Mukti started crying after hugging Cabir, blaming herself. “This happened because of me.”

(Ab sabhi unn khwaabon ki tu dagar chhod de

Ab sabhi unn khwaabon ko tu khud hi tod de

Woh piya aaye na

Woh Piya aaye na

Piya aaye na woh.. piya aaye na

Teri khata hai mere jiya

Teri khata hai mere jiya)

After three days

After waiting for him for three days, she finally reached his mansion.

“Sidharth Ji, andhar hai kya? (Is Sidharth at home?)” She asked from the security guard.

“He has gone on vacation with his friends.” He told her and she became numb after knowing this. She thought he again left her.

(Har khata ki hoti hai koi na koi sazaa

Gham likhe ho kismat mein to ban hi jaati wajah

Ab sabhi gham ashqon mein simat se gaye

Ab sabhi aansu palkon se lipat se gaye

Woh piya aaye na

Woh.. Piya aaye na

Piya aaye na woh… piya aaye na)

“I’m sorry, he has been slipped into the coma.” The doctor informed them. Mukti slumped down on the floor and cried hysterically. Cabir and Alia tried to console her.

(Ab chalo hum dheere dheere bihal se gaye

Ab chalo hum jaise bhi ho sambhal se gaye

Woh piya aaye na

Woh.. piya aaye na (woh piya aaye na)

Piya aaye na…..

Teri khata hai mere jiya

Teri khata hai mere jiya

Unnpe bharosa kyun tune kiya)

Sana is crying profusely, sitting at the corner of the bed, hugging her knees closer to her chest as she is badly hurt and shattered again.

“Sidharth Ji, aapne aisa kyu kiya humhre sath. (Why did you do this with me?)” She hiccupped after every word.

“Apne kyu humhai juthe sapne dikhae? Kyu jute vade kiye? Kyu humhai hurt kiya? Kyu? (Why did you make me see false dreams? Why did you do false promises? Why did you hurt me?)” She howled in agony.

“Sidharth Ji, hum apse pyaar karte hai apni jaan se bhi jada, fir bhi aapne humhre sath. (Sidharth ji, I love you more than my life, then also you did this to me.)” She uttered, dejected, staring straight at the wall.

She lay down on the bed and cried sorrowfully, hiding her face in the pillow. Pillow also became wet with her tears. Her condition is clearly showing that how badly she is hurt.

“Mam, you haven’t eaten anything since three days. Sir had strictly warned me to make you eat the food on time. Please have it.” Meera stepped into her room with the dinner for her and requested.

“Kya? Sidharth ji tumhai yeh bol kar gye? Iska Matlab voh humhri fikar karte hai. (What? Did he say this to you? It means he really cares for me.)” She asked after setting up and smiled, having tears in her eyes.

“Sidharth Ji humshe pyaar krte hai hum galat soch rhai hai. (Sidharth Ji loves me, I’m thinking wrong.)” She started eating the food insanely and Meera stared at her dejectedly.

“Mam, Sidharth sir can never leave you. I saw the change in him. He really loves you and cares for you, I have seen in his eyes.” Meera told her and fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.

She knows he loves her but she isn’t why he left her.

“Mujhe bhi yhi lagta hai ki Sidharth ji ka pyaar jutha nhi ho skta. ( I also know he loves me truly.)” She placed her hand over heart. “Mera dil bol rha hai ki Sidharth ji kisi musibat mein hai lekin pata nhi kyu voh humse dur kyu hai. (My heart is saying to me that he is some kind of problem but I don’t know why he is staying away from me.)”

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