(Part: 50 Our Happily Ever After) {Sidnaaz} Mafia’s Badass Girl


After mourning over her Aunt death, Sana fainted down in Sidharth’s arms.

“Hey, Sunshine.” He patted her cheek, anxious for her.

He made her wear his blazer and hurriedly took her to the bed before calling the Doctor.

He sat beside her, entwining his hand with her. “I wish I could fix everything on time. I’m so sorry for your loss, Sunshine.” He cried, looking at her pale face and kissed her hand.

In no time Doctor came. She’s checking Sana and Sidharth is just shedding silent tears, staring at her. He is sitting, holding her hand close to his heart.

“Sir, she’s pregnant.” The doctor gave him the unexpected good news and he stared at her in surprise and disbelief. He wasn’t expecting this news.

“Really?” He asked in a disbelief tone, fresh tears trickled down his cheeks and a smile flashed on his face mechanically.

The doctor nodded and told him, “she is weak, therefore she fainted and she needs extra care.”

Now he nodded at Doctor and then smiled broadly at Sana. The Doctor left.

“I just hope this good news ease your pain a bit.” He murmured, stroking her cheek with his thumb.

He leaned down and kissed her forehead. “Thank you for this.” He thanked her, placing his hand on her belly.

“My child, bring lots of happiness into your Mumma’s life and take away her all pain.” Now he kissed her belly. “You know Daddy is so happy after knowing that you’re going to come in our life to complete us. Thank you. Now only I’m so excited to hold you in my arms.”

He lay down with Sana on his one side, placing his hand over her belly. He is just gazing at her fondly.

After a few minutes, Sana regained her consciousness. He is still gazing at her.

“How are you feeling now, Sunshine?” He asked her, gently caressing her cheek.

She gave him a blank look. “I don’t know. I’m not feeling anything right now.” She said, deadpanned.

“I can understand. Everything will be fine with time.” He reassured her.

She shook her head. “I can never forgive myself. She dies because of me.”

“No, it’s not your fault. We both did everything to protect her but sometimes we can’t do anything in front of destiny. It was written in our fate. Life is like this only. Every pain makes us even stronger. The deaths of people are not in our hands, we can only try our best and we did that. I can understand that right now it’s difficult for you to accept all this but I’m with you to help you to come out of this pain.” He explained to her, holding her hand and squeezed it. She is just looking at him blankly and it’s hurting him.

“I wish it was all a bad dream and in reality my Aunt was alive.” She closed her eyes dejectedly and tears trickled down her cheeks. His heart cried seeing tears in the eyes of his Sunshine.

She opened her eyes and said emotionlessly, “you know I wasn’t so strong in childhood, I was a scared kid. She had made me strong and taught me how to fight back. After my parents died in the car accident, Dad’s brother took my custody. He was like Dan, he and his wife used to torture me, lock me into the storeroom and make me starve, tie me up and beat me. Even today all the tortures of my past don’t let me sleep in peace. Aunt Zia protected me from those satan and made me what I’m today, so strong and independent woman. At last, she died because of me. She protected me from the devil in my childhood and when my time came, I couldn’t protect her.”

Sidharth wasn’t shocked to know about her past. He was expecting this but still, he is hurt after knowing that his Sunshine has endured so much pain. He isn’t understanding how to console her and assure her that everything will be fine. They just silently stared at each other. He stood up and made her drink water.

Sidharth decided to tell about her pregnancy after sometimes when she will be stable.

They came back from the funeral of Zia. Sana didn’t shed even a single tear there because she isn’t feeling anything. Her condition is breaking his heart.

After some time, Sidharth is lying, hugging Sana from behind. She is staring at the walls with a blank expression like a lifeless soul.

“Sunshine, talk to me, don’t stay silent like this. I’m here to hear you.” He whispered, caressing her hair from behind.

“I’m feeling so lost, Sidharth, I’m not understanding anything. I’m feeling like I have lost myself. There is no more strength is left in me. I’m feeling so lost and devastated that I feel nothing right now. I’m feeling so empty from inside.” She uttered, deadpanned and tears coursed down his cheeks. It is getting so difficult to see his strong Sunshine in this condition.

“It’s completely normal to think all this at this time but trust me, everything will be fine, you will find yourself soon and this time you will become even stronger and braver and you gonna shine brighter. Just give time to yourself and don’t forget that you aren’t alone in all this, I’m with you.” He kissed her temple from behind.

She finally moved her eyes to Sidharth and said, “I’m lucky that I have you in my hard time.”

“I’m always there for you, Sunshine.” He whispered and placed a soft kiss on the forehead as a promise that he is always with her.

“I want to tell you something, Maybe it will help in mending your broken soul.” He said, turning her to himself. She’s just staring at him blankly, despaired.

He placed his hand on her belly and told her, “there is a life growing inside you, Sunshine, you’re pregnant.”

Her eyes shone a bit and a small smile flashed on her face automatically after knowing this unexpected good news. “Really?” She asked and a lone tear trickled down her cheek. Her reaction is also the same as Sidharth.

He nodded and clasped her face. “Yes, Sunshine, the symbol of our true love is growing inside you.” He smiled, touching his face with her.

“I just can’t believe it. In one day only God gave me the worst news and good news. Now I’m not understanding I should be happy or cry. Life is really unexpected.” Now she cried with happiness and pain both. This good news gave her a ray of hope to live again and it also mended her broken soul like magic.

“That’s why we should never lose hope. Happy days always come after bad days.” He hugged her. “Happiness is going to come back into our love with our little baby.” Now both of their lips are drawn up to a beatific smile.

“You know after seeing my parents dying in front of me, I never wanted to have a family because of the fear of losing it again but with you, I want to have our small family and experience everything with you.” He said as they pulled apart and she just smiled at him.

“Sunshine, I don’t want to be a Mafia anymore as I don’t want to live in a fear of losing you or our baby every day. I want to go somewhere with you where nobody knows us and there I want to start my new life with you. I don’t want this useless power anymore where I can’t even protect my loved ones and keep them safe. I want a normal and happy life with you, Sunshine and want to spend the rest of my life with you and our baby.” He placed his hand on her belly. “And I want to make more babies with you.”

She chuckled and he is so relieved to see her again smiling and laughing. He is so grateful to God for bringing this happiness into their life at the right time.

“Yes, Sidharth, let’s go somewhere else as now I can’t afford to lose you after my Aunt. I don’t want to start my every day with the fear of losing you.” She said touching her forehead with his forehead.

“You don’t have to suffer more, Sunshine. Happiness is waiting for us.” He sucked her tears and kissed her eyelids before kissing her lips softly and smoothly, pouring all the love by clasping her face. She kissed him back with equal softness and love, moving her fingers through his hair.

“I love you so much, Sunshine. You’re the only reason I’m becoming a better version of myself every day.” He whispered against her lips, gazing into her eyes intensely.

“And I’m falling in love with you more with each passing day.” Now she planted a lingering kiss over his lips.

Eight Months Later

Sidharth and Sana started their new life in another country where nobody knows them. They set up their fashion company which became famous in a few months only. Sidharth gave his all business to Mike and made him the Mafia Boss.

Sana gave birth to a little baby girl. Sidharth is sitting beside her bed, cradling his little Princess near to his heart. Sana is still unconscious. He’s admiring her beautiful features and tears of happiness trickling down his cheeks. His lips are drawn up to a beatific smile. He was eagerly waiting for this day and when she’s finally in his arms, he is just speechless. Their baby girl is wrapped in a white sheet. She has an Angelic face, big eyelashes, a tiny nose, tiny thin lips, soft cheeks.

“You’re so beautiful, my little Princess.” He kissed her forehead and she smiled in sleep.

After a few minutes, Sana regained her consciousness and saw Sidharth walking across the room, holding their little Angel. A smile flashed on her face seeing the beautiful scenario. Today their baby completed their family.

Sidharth saw her and they both beamed at each other with profound happiness. He walked to her. The baby is still sleeping in her daddy’s arms.

“Our Princess, our symbol of love is finally with us.” Sana sat up and he gave the baby to her. A contented smile flashed on her face as soon as she saw her and a lone tear rolled down her cheek. This moment is even more beautiful than her imagination. She is feeling so lucky to hold her and become the mother. She is feeling like she is holding the whole world in her arms.

“Hello, my little Princess, welcome to the family.” She caressed her nose with her and the baby smiled and their smile grew bigger seeing their Princess’s precious smile.

Sana glanced at Sidharth and said, “Sidharth, she is so beautiful.”

“She is so beautiful as you, Sunshine.” He said, caressing the hair of the baby. “Thank you so much for bringing her into this world.” Now he kissed Sana’s forehead.

“Sidharth, could we keep her name Zia? Because I want her to be like her Aunt, brave and strong.” Sana asked him.

“Yeah, sure, Sunshine. By the way, I want her to be like her Mumma as you’re also so strong and brave. I want our daughter to become a fighter like you.” He said and softly kissed her lips.

Then they both gazed at their little baby fondly, smiling with utter contentment. She is the happiness of their life and completed them. Now they want nothing, they just want to enjoy every little moment with their daughter. They want to enjoy every single day with her. They wanna laugh with her, they wanna cry with her, they wanna scream with her, they wanna sing with her, they wanna dance with her, they want to do everything with her and cherish her for the rest of their life.

Happy Ending

Yes, this is the last part of the story. I just can’t believe I completed this story so soon. Really this is the first story that I completed so fast. I’m happy and a bit sad as I’m going to miss this story.

Do shower your love for the last time on this story.

Love Mehak

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