Monster’s Bride (Part: 35 A Married Women) Sidnaaz


Next morning

Sidnaaz are sleeping on their one side, she is stored in his arms and her face is buried in his chest. Sidharth woke up in the morning and he freaked out as he realised that he is still inside her. “Oh God, I’m still inside her. She would have surely become sore till now.” As he moved up to come out of her, she held him tightly.

“Sidharth ji, thodhi der aur please. (Please, some time more.)” She requested like a small baby and a smile flashed on his face as he found her cute. He kissed her head.

“It must be hurting you, bacha.” He said concernedly, caressing her hair but she is stubborn, she didn’t let him move.

He waited for only a few minutes and then he forcibly moved out of her as he can’t hurt her more.

“Sidharth ji, yeh galat hai. (That’s not fair.)” She complained, rubbing her eyes like a small baby.

“Isn’t it hurting you?” He asked, concerned for her and placed his hand over her core. Her whole body trembled and she closed her eyes as his cold hand touched her there.

“Nhi, Sidharth ji, humhai bilkul bhi dard nhi hota jab aap humhre adhar hote hai. Balki humhai toh lagta hai ki aapko humshai koe dhur nhi kar sakta kyuki we become inseparable souls and mujhe itna complete mahsus hota hai na ki mein aapko bata bhi nhi sakti. (No, Sidharth, It doesn’t hurt me a bit even when you’re inside me. Rather I feel like nobody can separate you from me as we become inseparable souls and I can’t even tell you how much complete I feel when you’re inside me.)” She told him merrily after clasping his face.

“You know Sana, you’re with me in my arms, I feel complete like this also. With you, I feel utterly complete. We are like two broken pieces of one heart, if we separate we will certainly die.” He said, lovingly playing with her hair and gazing at her with so much love in his eyes. He kissed her forehead like always to assure her that he’s with her forever. She smiled blissfully and closed her eyes in response. Then he planted a lingering kiss over her lips after straddling her.

“Now open your legs for your husband, I want to soothe your pain.” He said after breaking the kiss.

She smiled sheepishly and asked, “aap kya karenge? (what you gonna do?)”

“Just do it, sweetheart. You gonna love it.” He kissed her nose.

“Okay.” She obeyed him by splaying her legs for him, smiling shyly at him.

He glanced down and said, “you’re really beautiful, Sana.” As he complimented her, her smile grew bigger.

Then he reached down, kissing her belly and kissed her core before sucking it hard. She threw her head back and moaned with immense pleasure, clenching his hair.

He came above her and whispered against her lips. “You taste so delicious, sweetheart.” She smiled at him and he kissed her with passion.


Sidharth is doing something on the lappy and Sana is getting ready. As his eyes fell over her, he just got lost in her. Today she is wearing a beautiful red saree. He found her even more beautiful today as her face is glowing more because of his love and her eyes are shining with happiness which he brought in her life.

She was about to apply the vermillion over the parting of her hair but stopped listening to Sidharth’s voice. “Stop.”

She looked at him through the mirror and raised her brows, asking him in gesture ‘what’. He stood up from the sofa and strolled to her, gazing at her in the mirror.

“It’s my duty, so I’ll do it.” He said, taking the vermillion case from her hand and she beamed at him. She is falling in love with him even more.

He took the pinch of vermillion in between her two fingers and thumb and applied over the middle of her hairline and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes, feeling blessed. Today she is really feeling like a married woman. For her this vermilion means a lot.

A bit of it also fell on her nose. He cleaned it with his hand and they both chuckled, touching their forehead.

“Thank you so much.” She happily hugged him, placing her head on his chest. He embraced her in his warm arms and kissed her hair.

“I love you, Sana.” He confessed and they both smiled at each other.


Now at the dining table Sona, Sakshi, Sana and Sidharth are having breakfast. Sona isn’t leaving any chance to tease Sidnaaz and Sakshi is scolding her.

“I’m sure, something has surely happened last night and that’s why Sana’s face is glowing so much today.” As Sona teased them, Sidharth’s eyes widened in shock and Sana blushed, moving her eyes down.

“Sona, khana khao.. apna aur unhai bhi khane do. (Sona, have your breakfast and let them also eat.)” Sakshi chided her.

“Mumma, don’t be so old fashion.” Sona said and Sakshi showed her hand, indirectly telling her that if she doesn’t stop, she will slap her.

“Bash humhra hogya. (I’m done.)” Sana stood up and rushed from there in shyness before anybody could stop her.

“Sana, ruko beta. (Sana, stop.)” Sakshi shouted.

“Dekha ushne achai khaya bhi nhi. (She didn’t eat her breakfast also properly.)” Sakshi again scolded Sona.

“Auntie, don’t worry I’ll make her eat.” He blinked his eyes at Sakshi and went inside with her plate of breakfast.

“So Madam is shying a lot.” He stepped into the room and found her still blushing.

Then he got a surprising reply from her.

“Haan, dushro ke samhne sharam ati hain lekin apke samne nhi. Apke sath toh bash humhai apki bahao mein rehne ka dil karta hai. Hum ab apse ek second ke liye bhi dur nhi reh sahkte, Sidharth ji. (Yes, I shy in front of other people but not in front of you. When I’m with you, I just want to stay in your warm arms. Now I can’t stay away from you for even a few seconds.)” She said, hugging him, her lips are drawn up to a cheerful smile. Her face is vividly showing that she’s so happy.

“I also can’t stay away from you for even a single second.” He said, hugging her back. She snuggled in his arms.

“Sana, we’re going back to our mansion today.” He told her after breaking the hug.

“Sidharth Ji, hum apke sath ush ghar mein nhi ja sakte. (Sidharth, I can’t go to that house with you.)” She denied him in a serious tone.

“Bacha, now I’m with you, nobody will say anything to you.” He assured her after clasping her face.

“Sidharth ji, humhai pata hai aap kisko kuch nhi kehne doge lekin, (I know now you won’t let anybody say anything to me but,)” She moved her head down in sadness.

He held her chin and pulled up her face to make her look at him. “Sweetheart, tell me what happened?”

“Sidharth ji, humne kal apko bol tha na hum phle english sikhna chate hai. Hum English sikh kar hi waha jaenge. (I told you yesterday that first I want to learn English. I’ll go there after learning English.)” She told him.

“So you want to learn English for them. Sana, you don’t have to change yourself for them.” He said sternly but she nodded her in no.

“Sidharth ji, agar hum waha gye aur firse Mukti ji ne kuch krne ki khoshis ki toh? (If I go there and Mukti again tries to do something to harm herself?)” She asked him and now he became quiet. He completely forgot about her.

“Sidharth ji, hum jante hai ki aap humshai pyaar karte hai aur isliye aap humhai kisi se chupana nhi chahate lekin humhai har taraf se sochna padhega. Phele aap sirf Mukti ji ke bare mein soch rhai thai aur ab aap sirf humhre bare mein soch rhai hai. Sidharth ji, jese aap bajar mein kapdhe kharidne jate hai, kya aap shirt ka color dekh kar shirt le lete hai? Nhi na? Aap size bhi dekhte honge, design bhi, aise hi humhai life ki har muskil situation ko har kone se dekhna chayie kuch karne se phele. (I know you love me a lot and therefore you don’t want to hide me from anybody, but we have to think properly about everything. Before you were only thinking about Mukti and now you’re only thinking about me. Like you go to the market to purchase a shirt, do you buy it by seeing its colour only? No, right? You purchase it after seeing the shirt size and design too. Like this before doing something in life we have to look the difficult situation from every angle.)” She explained him properly.

He understood her every word. Every time the way she explains everything, he loves it. He always felt so blessed to have such an understanding life partner. She understands him more than he understands himself and she has the solution to her every problem.

“Thank you, sweetheart, you have opened my eyes today.” He clasped her hands and kissed her knuckles. She smiled at him.

“I have a plan in my mind but.” he paused.

“But kya, Sidharth ji? Boliye na. (But, what? Tell me.)” She asked with curiosity.

“But it would be difficult for you. Leave it. I will think something else.” He said, she shook her head.

“Sidharth ji, hum kuch bhi karenge, aap batiyena. (I’m ready to do anything, you just tell me.)” She insisted.

“To change them, especially to change Mukti, you have to become like them. I mean you have to only pretend to become like them. You have to become a confident woman and you have to speak fluent English.” He told her the whole plan. She listened to him with excitement.

“Sidharth ji, plan toh acha hai, lekin hum un sabke sath galat kese karenge. Yeh humhre liye muskil hoga. (The plan is good but how I’ll treat them badly. It’s difficult.)” Sana said, still thinking about them and he stared at her in utter disbelief.

“Sana, you think I will feel good after seeing Mukti working like a servant? No, but she will only come out of her dream world when she gets a shock like I got the shock when you left me.” Sidharth explained to her, holding her hand.

“Thikhai, hum tyaar hai, Sidharth ji. (Okay, I’m ready.)” She agreed and Sidharth smiled at her.

“First thing is that you have to remove ‘ji’ you use after everyone’s name. Look, sweetheart, I don’t want you to get change but it will be good for you only. You will become a confident woman, in this, you will also learn to fight for yourself. I really want you to fight for yourself when somebody does wrong with you.” He explained to her.

“Aap bilkul thik bol rhai hai aur vese bhi humhai jindge ke sath badalte rhaina chayie. Aur hum ab badlenge kudhko aur sirf aur sirf apne liye, taki agar koe humhre sath galat kare toh hum kudh ke liye ladh sake. (You’re saying right and we should change with life. Now I’ll change myself for only myself that if somebody does wrong with me, so I can fight for myself.)” She said with determination in her eyes and he smiled, seeing her confidence.

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