Monster’s Bride (Part: 34 Love Is Magical) Sidnaaz


Sana’s P.O.V.

I woke up lazily in the morning, alone on the bed.

Where is Sidharth?

I hastily stepped out of the bed and checked the balcony, washroom and corridors. My breath got stuck in my throat because he is nowhere.

Yes, Sidharth is not with me.

I came to the hall and saw Shona and Sakshi Auntie are sitting, he is also not with them.

Oh God, where is he?

“Sidharth ji ko dekha apne? (Did you see Sidharth?)” I asked them and they gave me confused look like they don’t even know who is Sidharth.

Did Sidharth never come back? Was this all my dream that he came to me, apologised and we made love?

All these questions started revolving in my mind. I slumped on the floor, holding my head.

“Sidharth Ji.” I screamed in agony and cried.

End P.O.V.

She woke up from her deep slumber, shouting, “Sidharth ji.” She was seeing the nightmare that Sidharth left her as she is extremely afraid to lose him.

He also woke up suddenly as he heard her loud shout.

She stared at him in disbelief and only one word escaped out of her mouth, “Sidharth Ji.”

His brows creased seeing her condition, he became worried as she was sweating badly and breathing heavily.

He clasped her face and asked concernedly. “What happened, Bacha?”

She is trying to say something but can’t as she is breathing heavily. No word is coming out of her mouth. He is constantly caressing her hair, worried for her.

“Sidharth ji, aap sach mein hai? (Sidharth, are you really here?)” She asked him very difficultly as she is still thinking that she is dreaming.

Next moment he just engulfed her into his warm arms to assure her that he’s with her. “Yes, sweetheart, I’m with you in real.” He whispered in her ear, caressing her back. He knows she has seen a bad dream.

“Sidharth ji, aap humhra sapna ho, aur hum kal jab uthainge toh aap nhi hoge humhre sath. (Sidharth, you’re my dream, you’re not in real and when tomorrow I wake up, you won’t be with me.)” She cried like a baby in his arms, still thinking that she is dreaming. She held him tightly as if she leaves him, he will disappear.

“No, bacha, I’m really with you. You had a nightmare and now it’s over. Everything is fine.” He told her, rubbing her back. He is trying hard to calm her down.

“Nhi, Sidharth ji, aap chale jaoge humhse dur. (No, Sidharth, you will go away from me.” She is constantly murmuring, crying frantically in fear. He became anxious for her.

He forcibly pulled her away from him. He felt sharp in his heart and tears welled up in his too as he saw her crying.

“Sana, look into my eyes, see I’m here.” He clasped her face and made her look at him. He continued, “Believe me, I will never leave you because I love you a lot. I’m your reality, not your dream.”

The Bilz and Kashif – Tera Nasha

(Raat jaavan mast samaan, aise meh honton seh hont ye mila jisme tera aur yeh aada, saaseh sulagti hai hosh kaha meri bahuun mein aau zara, meri dhadkan meh samao zara meri ulfat mein bikar jau, jalne do behakne do sun yeh majalti ragani, jaise teri aada jazbaat ke yeh mastiya tera hi hai nasha lemme love you (down, down down), all night (long long long) I wanna turn you (on on on), charne do yeh nasha )

They are gazing deeply into each other eyes. He sucked all the tears from her cheeks and then he placed tender kisses on her eyelids. He knows now his love can only make her believe that he is with her and he will stay with her until his last breath. Then he captured her lips and kissed her lips passionately, cupping her face. She responded to him and he smiled as he succeeded in distracting her. He knew that when anything doesn’t work only love works because love is not less than magic. Love is the cure of every pain. Love is healer.

((yehh ohh yeaa) From your lips to your hips to your fingertips I wanna kiss your body all over, from the goosebumps on your skin baby you don’t have to say a word, you saw my imagination kashifs on a mission, to give you everything that your body’s been missing I can wait no more(no more) I’m gonna explode (explode) im waiting to anticipate tonight it’s going down )

He is kissing down her jaw to her neck and her neck to cleavage. He clasped her hand and kissed her fingers lovingly, gazing at her. She is now utterly lost in his love, forgetting about her all bad dream. She is just enjoying his magical touch right now with a beatific smile on her face. He is also busy loving her. There is no lust in his eyes. There is only love. He is kissing every inch of her body lovingly and tenderly as like she is his doll made of glass.

He is now kissing her milky white thighs inside the blanket. Then he started kissing, rubbing her core vigorously and sucking it hard. She is moaning in immense pleasure, moving her hands through his hair. She is enjoying it a lot. His love is her strength and taking away her all fear. After today she will only remember his touch.

(Sun yeh majalti ragani, jaise teri aada jazbaat ke yeh mastiya tera hi hai nasha lemme love you (down, down down), all night (long long long) i wanna turn you (on on on), charne do yeh nasha Tuje bahu mein bharkar pyar duun (so I wanna get them where I want) tere pehlu mein raat guzardu (and cuss im drowinging in your love) meri jaan meri vafa lemme love you (down, down down), all night (long long long) I wanna turn you (on on on), charne do yeh nasha Sun yeh majalti ragani, jaise teri aada jazbaat ke yeh mastiya tera hi hai nasha sun yeh majalti ragani, jaise teri aada jazbaat ke yeh mastiya…)

Now he crawled over her and started kissing her lips after straddling her. He is rubbing her most sensitive spot vigorously with one hand and massaging and squeezing one of her twins with his other hand. She is utterly lost in his touch. He’s taking her to heaven with his magical touch and pleasure.

And then suddenly he eased into her carefully, stretching her and filling her, he is still kissing her lips. She smiled contentedly, feeling complete again. He moved back and forth slowly and she moaned in his mouth. He is loving her gently and lovingly. Now he’s kissing every inch of her face. She has a blissful smile on her face.

After the climax when he was about to come out, she stopped him by wrapping her legs around his waist and arms around his neck firmly and took him deeper into her.

“Sidharth Ji, please, humshai alag mat hoyie, humhai dar lgta hai. (Sidharth, please, don’t get separate from me, I’m afraid.)” She whispered, hugging him tighter and tighter. She felt so complete, so close to him and inseparable to him when he is inside her. Therefore she wants him to stay inside her.

“Bacha, I’m with you only. If I stay inside you, it will hurt you. You will become sore, sweetheart.” He explained to her, stroking her hair. She looked at him and nodded her head no like a baby.

He gently tucked her hair behind her ear. “Okay, we will sleep like this. So now sleep.” He agreed as he knows she is so afraid and she won’t understand. He kissed her hair.

“I love you, My Monster Husband.” She placed a kiss on his cheek and a smile touched his face.

“I love you more, mera bacha.” He caressed his nose with her and kissed her forehead.

After some time she fell asleep still taking him inside her with a blissful smile on her face. Sidharth is still awake because he is worried for her as he knows the feeling of nightmares that how much they affect our life. They won’t let people sleep.

“Sana, I promise, I’ll surely take out this fear of losing me from inside you forever.” He kissed her forehead as a promise and he held her in his arms securely. She smiled in sleep as his lips touched her forehead and snuggled in his arms like a baby. Because of him only today she is sleeping peacefully after the nightmare as he is awake and protecting her from nightmares while she’s sleeping peacefully in his warm arms. He is her guidance Angel and becoming her world’s best husband.

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