Monster’s Bride (Part: 32 Loving My Wife) Sidnaaz


(Aur andhera aaj mila de raaton mein

Subah bujha de aaj meri inn aankhon mein

Main jalta lamha koi tu hai shabnam jo bujha de)

They were dancing and suddenly Sidharth yanked her to himself by grabbing her waist, her eyes widened in surprise. Their front body collided with each other and sent chills down their spine. Their breath became heavy and their heartbeat fast. He is gazing at her, his eyes filled with profound desires. Her wet hair, water cascading down her face to her neck, her wet clothes stuck to her body and the curves of her body is clearly visible and all these things are arousing his desires.

(Bheegh loon, bheegh loon

Aaj main teri baarish mein

Bheegh loon, bheegh loon

Aaj main teri baarish mein bheeg loon)

Sidharth attacked her neck and started sucking water droplets from her neck. Sana clutched his shirt, closing her eyes. She threw her head back and arched back to give complete access to her neck. She is feeling incredible with his touch. Kisses on her neck are sending strong sensations between her legs which is new for her.

(Haan khud ko ab behne de mujhpe

Mujhko bhi jalne de tujhpe

Rukne na de ye silsila

Wo.. haan paani ki chaadar lage tu

Pyaasa ik baadal lage tu

Mujhko lage tu barf sa

Main jalta lamha koi tu hai shabnam jo bujha de)

He sucked her lower lip and then upper lip, making her crazy. The next moment she started kissing him crazily by cupping his face and Sidharth also responded to her by clutching her waist and grinding himself against her. They are kissing each other like they had been craving for ages. They are enjoying kissing each other in the rain more. Their body is moving back and forth, rubbing against each other.

He picked her in his arms in bridal style without breaking the kiss and took her into the room.

(Bheeg loon, bheeg loon

Aaj main teri baarish mein

Bheeg lun, bheeg lun

Aaj main teri baarish mein bheeg loon)

He broke the kiss and laid her down on the bed. He immediately pulled off his shirt and she blushed, seeing him naked for the first time, he has a perfect muscular body. For the first time, she’s seeing someone like this with desires. She’s feeling like to kiss all over his bare chest. He grinned and crawled over her. He straddled her and captured her lips, pinning her hands against the mattress. He kissed her lips passionately and left her hands. She stroke his bare chest, her touch sending shivers down his spine.

He broke the kiss and pulled her dress out of her head. She was wearing the padded dress, so no bra. She flushed and instantly hugged him, getting shy.

“Sweetheart, if you aren’t comfortable, we can continue it later.” His desires are at peak but still he said as he doesn’t want to claim her without her will. He doesn’t want to do anything in which she isn’t comfortable. He is ready to give her as much as time she wants. He can live without this also because his relations with her is beyond all these physical desires. First, he fell in love with her pure heart, not with her body.

“Nhi aisa nhi hai. Humhai bhut acha lag rha hai, Sidharth ji. Bash humhai sharam aa rhi hai kyuki phli bar hai na. (No, it’s not like that. I’m liking it a lot. It’s just that I’m feeling shy as it’s the first time.)” She said innocently and he smiled wider. She indirectly permitted him to continue.

(Aa din se raatein tu badal le

Neendon ko meri masal de

Subah talak mujhko jagaa)

She slowly broke the hug, smiling shyly. First, he smiled, looking at her and then his eyes moved down to her beautiful body and her small twins. She closed her eyes. He clasped her soft twins and slightly squeezed them making her moan. She felt incredible. He massaged them for some time before kissing and sucking them. She’s just moaning in pleasure and enjoying his heavenly touch, moving her fingers through his hair.

(hmm.. aa tan pe tu mere fisal le

Har karvat meri pehan le

Khud ko de tu mujhme dubaa

Main jalta lamha koi tu hai shabnam jo bujha de)

He moved down, placing kisses down her stomach. He licked her belly button before holding the waistband of her leggings and pulling it down her legs. He kissed all over her milky white thighs. She’s moving her hands in his hair and enjoying his touch with a contented smile on her face.

He pulled the last piece of clothes out of her legs and looked at her most private part, his eyes shining with desires. “You’re so beautiful, Sweetheart.” He complimented her, looking up at her and she flushed, closing her eyes and legs in shyness. She smiled blissfully and her whole body trembled when he kissed her inner thigh.

He again came above, face to face to her. “I love you so much, Sana.” He confessed, his breath caressed her face and she opened her eyes. She smiled at him and he kissed her lips lovingly and passionately, giving him immense pleasure by rubbing her most sensitive spot with his hand.

(Bheeg loon, bheeg loon

Aaj main teri baarish mein

Bheegh loon, bheegh loon

Aaj main teri baarish mein bheeg loon)

She hurriedly took off his jeans and boxer. As his hardness rubbed against her tummy, she blushed hard. He kissed her eyes, murmuring, “I love you.”

“I love you more, Sidharth.” She said, encircling her arms around his neck.

“Could I love the lady who is lying under me and who has a most beautiful heart and soul?” He asked like a gentleman before claiming her.

She smiled broadly and nodded. “Haanji, mere patidev aur apko puchne ki zarrurat nhi hai. Aap mujhe jab chahai pyaar kar sakte hai. Mein puri sirf apki hoon. Yeh Sana puri ki puri apki hai. Jab meine aapse shaddhi ki thi, meine kudhko usi din hi apko sop diya tha. (Yes, my husband and you don’t have to ask, you can love me whenever you want. I’m all only yours. This Sana is utterly yours. When I married you, I completely submitted myself to you.)” He just became speechless after listening to her words.

“Sana, I’m your husband and it doesn’t mean I can do anything with you. I need your permission and I have to think about your comfort and choices. So you tell me what do you want, please.” He explained to her, caressing her hair lovingly.

“Humhai bash apka pyaar chayie, Sidharth ji aur kuch nhi. Hum bhut tarse hai aapke pyaar ke liye. Humhai aaj aap aapna bana lijiye puri tahra se. (I just only want your love, Sidharth ji and nothing else. I yearned for your love and today please make me yours completely.)” He smiled, listening to her answer and kissed her forehead. She smiled contentedly too, closing her eyes.

“If it hurts you, you can stop me.” He said and positioned himself over her.

“I know you will never hurt me now.” Her answers are bringing a beatific smile to his face. He mouthed, “I love you,” and kissed her forehead.

“I love you, husband.”

They both smiled at each other and then he carefully and lovingly claimed her his by slowly easing into her. She screamed, scratching his back with her nails. She felt heavenly incredible to feel him inside her. She felt complete and she also felt like they have become one.

“I love you, sweetheart.” He confessed in her ear and kissed her cheek. He’s still, not moving because he is giving her time to adjust his size.

“I love you.” She confessed and a lone tear trickled down her cheek, she is feeling so complete and blissful. He immediately sucked her tear. This is the feeling of utter contentment for her. She had craved for his love. Now when she is finally getting, it feels to her like she is dreaming.

He slowly started moving and then accelerated the speed, slowly the pain turned into pleasure for her and she started enjoying it, moaning for more and asking him to don’t stop. Her moans and pleads are driving him insane and he is thrusting her wildly and fast. She is moaning, wrapping her legs around his waist. He is taking her to heaven with pleasure. He’s thrusting her and also rubbing her most sensitive buds to give her the first and best orgasm of her life. She’s loving it and went into the other world. The whole room is witnessing their true and passionate love and union of two souls. This night is one of the best nights for them as today they made love with each other souls and became one forever.

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