Monster’s Bride (Part: 30 Consoling Him) Sidnaaz


We will survive all the problems together, now your all pain will be mine.

They are lying silently in each other arms. Sana is listening to his soothing heartbeats. Sidharth is playing with her hand and caressing her hair.

“Sana, I have full trust in you. You trust Abhi and I trust you. But now I don’t believe in my sister.” He said breaking the silence. She raised her head from his chest and looked at him. He is looking at her grimly and a lone tear trickled down his cheek mechanically.

“Sidharth Ji, ab aap ro rhai hai. (Sidharth ji, now you’re crying.)” She hastily wiped his tear.

“Sana, because of my over love and care, she became like this. It’s all my fault, please, punish me.

I deserve to be punished as I’m your culprit and Mukti’s too. Slap me.” He blamed himself, crying and asked her to slap him by holding her hand. Tears welled in her eyes seeing his vulnerable condition.

“Sidharth Ji.” She called him but he isn’t in the condition to listen to her. He’s in the pool of guilt.

“No, Sana, please, slap me.” He cried profusely, holding her hand. She cried too with him, pursing her lips. His condition wringing her heart.

She clasped his face and implored, crying. “Sh… bash, aap ki koe galti nhi hai. Please aisa mat boliye. Please. Agar aap rote hai toh humra dil bhi rota hai aur apne vada kiya tha ki aap humhai nhi rone denge. Sidharth ji, aap apna vada thodh rhai hai. (Sh… enough, there is no fault of yours. Please don’t say this, please. If you cry, my heart cries too and you promised me that you will never let me cry. Sidharth, you’re breaking your promise.)”

“I’m sorry, Sana, but it’s all my fault. My sister became selfish, cruel and manipulative because of me only. You endured so much pain because of me. It’s all my fault.” He started weeping fretfully like a baby, hiding his face in her chest. Sana stored him in her arms hugging him tightly and kissed his hair.

“Sidharth, apne jo saha hai bachpan mein sirf ushi ke karan apne Mukti ji ko itna pyaar diya, jo pyaar aap apne parents se chatai, voh sara pyaar aapne Mukti ko dena chaha. Aap nhi jante thai ki apka pyaar Mukti ji ko aisa bana dega. Aap Mukti ji ko pyaar dena chatai thai kyuki aap apni bhen se bhut pyaar karte ho, aur sabse jada dard apko hota hoga Mukti ji ko aise dekh kar. Sidharth, hum apke sath hai. Hum Mukti ji ko sudharenge. Aap please royie nhi. Humhai bhut dukh hota hai apko aise dekh kar. (Sidharth, you loved Mukti unlimitedly because you suffered a lot in childhood and you wanted to give her all the love to her which you wanted to get from your parents but you didn’t get. You didn’t know that your love would make Mukti like this. You wanted to give all the love to her because you love your sister a lot. It hurts you the most to see her like this today. Sidharth, I’m with you, I’ll help you in bringing Mukti on right track. Please, don’t cry as it hurts a lot.” Sidharth is still crying like baby and she is explaining him, rubbing his back. “Sidharth, Mukti ne galat kiya, toh voh sirf uski galati hai. Usne aapke pyaar ka fayda uthaya hai. Aapki ismein koe galti nhi hai. Aapne toh use bash pyaar dena chaha tha. (Sidharth, it’s Mukti mistake that she did wrong. She took the advantage of your love. There is no mistake of yours in this. You only tried to give her love.)”

She broke the hug as he is still crying. She clasped his face. “Sidharth, bash, kariyie. (Please, stop crying.)” She requested, wiping his tears with her thumbs and placed her forehead over him. Tears are tricking down her eyes also. His condition is breaking her heart. She can’t see him like this as she loves him a lot. She wants to take away his all pain and guilt.

“Mukti ko aise nhi dekha jata, mein chakar bhi kuch nhi kar pata hoon, mein bhut bebas mashus karta hoon, Sana. Tumhai bhi meine itna hurt kiya, tumhari life ko hell banane ke vachan liye tha meine yeh jante hue bhi.. kitna dard hota jab koe kisko hurt krta hai. Mein apne aapko kabhi maaf nhi kar sakta, Sana, kabhi nhi. (I can’t see Mukti like this. I feel so helpless because I can’t do anything, Sana. I hurt you also a lot. I took the oath to make your life hell after knowing how much it hurts when someone hurts you. I can never forgive myself, Sana, never.)” He shook his head, moving his eyes down in guilt.

She again engulfed him in her arms and let him cry. Her heart is crying with him. He’s crying his heart aloud because before no one is there to share his pain. Now he got the shoulder to cry, so he’s taking his all pain out. She is consoling him like a mother by caressing his back.

Suddenly something struck her mind to make him stop crying and she broke the hug.

(Mile ho tum humko

Bade naseebon se

Churaya hai maine

Kismat ki lakeeron se)

She started singing in her mellifluous voice after cupping his face conveying her feelings to him through her song. Sidharth looked at her innocently, sobbing like a baby.

(Teri mohabbat se saansein mili hain

Sada rehna dil mein kareeb hoke)

She placed his hand over her heart and sang, gazing deeply into his eyes. She is asking him to stay in her heart forever. Now he stopped crying and got lost in his wife’s melodious and magical voice and the lyrics of the song.

(Mile ho tum humko

Bade naseebon se

Churaya hai maine

Kismat ki lakeeron se.)

She sang after placing her head on his chest near to his heart and wrapping her arms around his neck. Sidharth hugged her by wrapping his arm around her back. Her song made him forget all his pain and guilt. She did magic on him through her song.

(Baahon mein teri ab yaara jannat hai

Maangi Khuda se tu woh mannat hai)

As he sang few lines, from Sana’s eyes tear rolled down and a contented smile appeared on her face as she succeeded in consoling him. He said to her through the song that heaven is in her arms and she is the wish that he had asked from God

(Teri wafa ka sahara mila hai

Teri hi wajah se ab main zinda hoon)

She sang, breaking the hug and gazed at him intensely. He tucked her hair behind her ear, looking at her fondly and placed his forehead over her.

(Teri Mohabbat se zara ameer hoke

Churaya hai maine kismat ki lakeeron se)

She sang, closing his eyes, getting utterly lost in him.

(Mile ho tum humko bade naseebon se

Churaya hai maine kismat ki lakeeron se)

He clasped her face and sang with her, their foreheads are still pressed against each other and their eyes are closed. They are getting immense peace with each other.

At last he engulfed her in his protective arms and confessed, hugging her tightly. “I love you so much, Sana.” She smiled blissfully, snuggling in his warm arms. Every time he confesses love to her, she feels blessed and grateful to God for listening to her prayer of getting her husband’s love. She is so thankful to her Ganu Ji.

After sometime he broke the hug and apologised, “I’m sorry for making you cry again. I just,”

She shushed him by placing her finger over his lips. She clasped his face and said, “I can understand, Sidharth ji.” They both looked at other each intensely, getting lost in each other intoxicating eyes.

She uttered after few minutes of silence. “Sidharth ji, aap ke andhar bhut dard hai jiska niklna jaruri hai aur aap sorry kyu bol rhai hai.. aap apna sara dard humhre sath kabhi bhi bat sakte hai. (Sidharth ji, there is lots of pain stored inside you which needs to be taken out. And why are saying sorry for sharing your pain with me. You can share your pain with me anytime.)”

She entwined her fingers with him and said, “hum apke sath humhai hai. (I’m always there for you.)” He smiled with utter contentment and felt blessed to have her in his life like always.

“You’re an Angel, Sana. Thank you so much.” He brought her hands near to his lips and kissed them. She beamed at him. Then he kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes and smiled contentedly.

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