Monster’s Bride (Part: 29 Love&Care) Sidnaaz


Sidnaaz are sitting in the backseat of the car and the driver is driving the car. Sidharth is feeding her the banana but Sana is showing him tantrums like a baby. He’s sitting encircling one arm around her shoulder. They both are wholeheartedly happy.

“Sidharth, humhra man nhi hai, aap khayie. (Sidharth, I’m not feeling like to eat the banana, you eat.)” She denied and turned her face to another side.

“Madam, Doctor has strictly told me that you’re weak and you need a proper diet. Now nobody can save you from Sidharth Shukla. I will make you strong in a weak by making you eat lots of healthy food.” He said, pulling her cheek.

She pouted angrily at him. “Hww… mein moti ho jaungi, yeh galat hai. (Hww… I’ll become fat, this is so wrong.)” She complained, placing her hand on her tummy.

“You want or you don’t want but you have to eat.” Sidharth said in a stern tone.

“Driver uncle, bachao mujhe. (Diver uncle, save me.)” She adorably asked the driver to help her and he smiled at their cute ‘nok jhok’. Sidharth also laughed at her cuteness.

“Please, sweetheart, for me eat it.” He implored lovingly, placing his hand on her face.

“Sidharth ji, hum kha rhai hai, layie. (Sidharth, I’m eating, give me.)” She finally agreed to eat for him. He smiled and gave the banana to her after peeling it.

“Ab aap bhi khaeye. (Now you also eat.)” She held out the banana to him.

“Sana, mein banana nhi khata. (I don’t eat bananas.)” Sidharth said and looked down dejectedly. She sensed something wrong.

“Sidharth ji, kya hua. (What happened?)” She asked concernedly, holding his hand.

“Nothing, I just don’t eat it. Try to understand.” Sidharth said and she nodded. She didn’t ask anything further as she can’t see him upset but she felt a bit hurt also as she can sense that he’s hiding something from her.

He gave her a faint smile and kissed her hand. She smiled back at him. They both got lost in each other eyes for some time. After a few minutes, she placed her head on his shoulder. He leaned down and kissed her hair. She smiled at him and he pecked her lips, putting his hand on her cheek before embracing her into his warm arms.

After some time they reached Sona’s house.

“Aww, Sana, I’m so happy for you.” Sona squealed and welcomed Sana with a warm hug as Sidnaaz stepped into the house.

“Mr Sidharth Shukla, don’t dare to hurt her again.” Sona warned her in a stern tone after breaking the hug.

“Never.” Sidharth nodded and placed his hand on his cheek, recalling how Sona had slapped her.

“Hmm, toh ladies ki pitae ka asar itni jldi hogya. Siddhi line par aagye akhir Sidharth tum. (So the effect of beating the ladies happened so quickly that you finally came on the right track.)” Sakshi said, coming to them.

“Aunty, I’m sorry for hurting your daughter but now I won’t let even a single tear drop down your daughter’s eyes.” He promised Sakshi and Sana just smiled at him. Her ears were craving to hear this, she is falling in love with this changed Sidharth more.

“Iss bar aasu aye toh mein tumhai khud marungi. (If this time you make her cry, then I’ll beat you myself.)” Sakshi said in a fun tone and slightly hit his head. Everybody laughed.


Now Sidharth is lying on the bed, placing his head on Sana’s lap and playing with her one hand. She’s fondly caressing his hair with her other hand. Her lap has become his second favourite pillow, his first favourite pillow is her chest. He’s loving the way she’s stroking his hair. He was longing for this love and care, and now he’s feeling blessed to finally get this love.

Sana is speaking in her sugary voice, ruffling his hair and he’s just gazing at her lovingly.

“Sidharth Ji, sare parents ek jaise nhi hote humhre mummy papa bhut achai thai. Hum bhut gareeb thai, tabhi bhi unhone humai aur bhai ko ek din bhi bhukha nhi sone diya, (Sidharth ji, all parents are not same, my mom Dad were very nice. We were very poor, then also they never let bhai and me slept empty stomach,)” Sana suddenly stopped saying as she recalled something.

“Ruk kyu gye? Bolo na, tum bol rhi ho mujhe bhut acha lag hai. (Why did you stop? Keep saying, I’m loving listening to your sweet voice.)” Sidharth said like a Manju, his eyes are closed.

“Sidharth ji, bhai ne Mukti ji ke sath kuch galat nhi kiya, humhai unpar pura vishwas hai. (Sidharth ji, bhai didn’t cheat Mukti, I have full faith in him. He will never hurt anybody intentionally.)” She said grimly and tears escaped out of her eyes and a few of them directly landed on Sidharth’s face. He instantly opened his eyes and sat up after raising his head from her lap.

“Are baba ro kyu rhi ho? Meri bat toh sunlo. (Oh baby, why are you crying? First, listen to me.)” He gently wiped her tears with his thumbs.

“Hum ro nhi rhai hai. (I’m not crying.)” She said cutely and cried more.

“Acha toh tum ro nhi rhi ho, toh jara aap bataegi aap kya kar rhi hai? (Okay, so you aren’t crying, so would you tell me what are you doing?)” He placed his finger under her chin and pulled up her face to make her look at him.

Now she looked at him innocently. He is gazing at her lovingly and moved closer to her face. Soon their lips collided and he started her kissing lovingly. Now she forgot about everything and got lost in his kiss. He smiled with triumph while kissing her as he became successful to make her stop crying. They slowly lay down on the bed, kissing each other. Sidharth is now on top of her and kissing her passionately, cupping her face and she’s running his fingers through his hair.

He moved his hands down her face to her soft twins. He clasped them before slightly squeezing them. For the first time someone touched her twins, she felt incredible and moaned in his mouth mechanically.

He broke the kiss and attacked her neck. He nibbled and kissed her sweet spot and she felt a new intense sensation between her legs. She’s loving this. She doesn’t want him to stop. She wants to feel his lips on every inch of her body.

He held the hem of her top to remove it but stopped as his mind said to him, “Sidharth, you should go slow with her.”

Sidharth lay down beside her after stopping himself.

“Sidharth ji, aap ruk kyu gye humhai acha lag rha tha. (Sidharth, why did you stop? I was feeling good.)” She said innocently after placing her head on his chest.

“Oh, so you were enjoying it. That’s great.” He smiled broadly, wrapping his hand around her and she smiled sheepishly burying her face in his chest. “Don’t worry, slowly-slowly you will come to know how romantic I’m.” She is snuggling in his arms like a baby. He laughed, hugging her and kissed her hair.

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