Monster’s Bride (Part: 25 Guilty) Sidnaaz


Hospital nearby by Railway Station

Sidharth is pacing across the corridor outside of her wardroom. The doctor is checking her inside. He’s distraught for her.

As Doctor stepped out of the room, he asked him worriedly, “Doctor, how’s she?”

“Don’t worry, there’s nothing serious. She just became unconscious because of stress and weaknesses.” He sighed with relief after knowing that there is nothing serious. “But things can become serious if she won’t take proper diet and take care of herself.”

Sidharth nodded slightly and Doctor left from there. He stepped into the wardroom and found her still lying unconscious on the bed. He walked to her taking small steps, staring at her, his eyes are filled with deep remorse because she’s lying like this unconscious because of him, he is the reason she is under stress. He’s in deep guilt for hurting a pure soul like her.

He sat beside her on the stool, intensely gazing at her long silky hair, her forehead, her small nose like a baby, her sensuous pink lips, her milky white skin which he wanna mark his. He has never seen a beautiful woman than her in his life but he has fallen more in love with her beautiful heart and soul. She is pure like crystal. He never thought that one day God would bless him with such a beautiful woman. He’s caressing her soft cheeks with his thumb and gently tucked her hair behind her ear.

“I’m sorry, Sana.” He apologised, entwining his hand with her. He lifted his hand toward his lips and placed a soft and tender kiss, closing his eyes.

“I know a small sorry isn’t enough after what I did with you. How do I tell you that I have fallen in love with you from the very first day we met. It was hurting me more when I was hurting you. Sana, I really love you. I’m so sorry that I broke your beautiful heart and humiliate you. I’m sorry for becoming the reason for your tears which you shed but now I want to become the reason for your smile. I wanna fill your life with all the happiness of the world and give you love which you deserve.” He’s saying from the core of his heart and kissing her hand lovingly after every few seconds.

He kissed her eyelids and vowed, “I promise I’ll never let you cry again, these eyes won’t shed more tears.”

Suddenly Sana opened her eyes asked, “fir kyu apne humhai itna dard diya, Sidharth ji. (Then why did you give me so much pain?)”

She was testing him. She gained her consciousness before only and when he stepped into the room, she pretended that she is unconscious to see if he really loves her or still he’s playing with her.

As he can’t trust him so easily after what he did with her. It’s utterly difficult for her to trust him back like before. Therefore she kept her eyes closed and pretended that she’s still unconscious. He has to work hard to gain her trust back and to win her heart. He is staring at her with guilt and pain in his eyes.

He leaned to her face and placed his hand on her face, tears of guilt coursed down his eyes mechanically and directly landed on her cheeks.

He clasped her face, gazing into her eyes sorrowfully. “I’m so sorry.” He sobbed and tears started trickling down her eyes too. She can vividly see that he’s genuinely guilty. But not understanding how she should convince her mind that he won’t hurt her again.

He placed his forehead over her and cried hysterically in guilt, squeezing his eye shut. “I’m sorry.” He is constantly apologising and crying fretfully. Her heart is also crying seeing him crying.

“I’ll never be able to forgive myself after what I did with you and I don’t want you also to forgive me so easily. I want you to punish me for hurting you. But now I truly want you in my life. You’re the peace that I had been craving for ages. I want my wife back in my life. I want to love you and cherish you till my breath. I love you, Sana.” He confessed, gazing into her eyes deeply and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“I love you too, Sidharth. Aur humhra dil khai rha hai ki iss bar apka pyaar jutha nhi hai. Lekin hum jana chate hai ki apne humhre sath aisa kyu kiya agar aap humse phele se hi pyaar karte thai. (My heart is saying to me that your love is not fake this time. But I want to know why did you hurt me if you’re in love with me from starting.” She asked him, crying.

“Because I,” he was about to tell her but paused and stood up facing his back to her.

She clasped his hand and said, “boliye na. (Say something.)”

“I don’t want to discuss that,” he turned around and continued, “ I mean I don’t want to make you cry more.”

“Sidharth Ji, hum pal pal mar rhai hai, agar is sach se thodhe aur asu bheh jaenge toh humhai koe farak nhi padhta. (Sidharth, I’m dying every second. It doesn’t matter if I cry a little more after knowing the truth.” She said grimly and fresh tears rolled down their eyes.

He uttered, “I don’t want to become the reason for your tears again.”

“Please, tell me.” She implored and he gave up and at last, he told her his side story, she became numb and started crying as he had expected. She wasn’t understanding what to say after knowing his side story.

“That’s why I wasn’t telling you. Again you’re crying because of me.” He uttered, looking down in guilt. Sana shook her head, placing her hand on his face.

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