Monster’s Bride (Part: 24 Union Of Two Souls) Sidnaaz


Sana P.O.V.

Jindgi ne aaj humhai ek aise modh par lakar kadha kar diya hai ki hum apne ghar bhi nhi ja sakte, agar vha gye toh bhai ko dukh hoga aur agar apni friend ke ghar gye toh vha Sidharth ji hai jo humhai kamjor kar rhai hai. Hum dubra unki bato mein aakar pagal nhi bana chatai hai, humhai yha se dur jana hoga jaha Sidharth ji kabhi humhai dhundh na pae.

Lekin kya hum sach mein Sidharth ji se dur ja paenge? Kyu hum abhi bhi chathai ki Sidharth ji humhai rokle jane se? Kyu hum unshai itna pyaar karte hai? Kyu voh humhre pyaar ko smjh na ske?

(Today Life has taken me to a turning point that I can’t even go to my house, if I go there, bhai will become upset and if I go to my friend’s house, there Sidharth will make me weak. I can’t become fool by trusting him again. I have to go far away from here where Sidharth will never able to find me.

But will I be able to go away from Sidharth? Why I still want Sidharth to stop me from going? Why do I love him so much? Why he didn’t understand my love?)

P.O.V. Ends

Sana is crying, sitting on the bench at railway station, not knowing Sidharth truly loves her and dying to meet her.

As Sidharth stepped into the railway station, suddenly the wind started blowing fast because today two separated souls are going to meet.

Abruptly Sana’s heartbeat accelerated and she instantly stood up, placing her hand over heart heart. She can feel his presence.

She narrowed her brows bemusedly, “Humhra dil itni jorse kyu dhadhak rha hai, Sidharth ji yha bhi? (Why my heart is beating so fast? Is Sidharth here?” She thought, looking around.

She wondered. “If he’s really here, then I have to hide from him.” Then only her train arrived at the station and she rushed to the train.

Sidharth is finding her everywhere at the station. His heart is saying that she is here only.

She saw Sidharth from the window of the train and as he turned his face to her, she immediately hid by moving back.

She shook her head. “Nhi, hum Sidharth ji ke pass nhi jaenge. (No, I won’t go to Sidharth.)” She murmured to herself and stood up. She dashed to the washroom hurriedly to hide from him.

Sidharth stepped onto the train and started finding her everywhere inside the train. He’s finding her like a crazy person because he is feeling like she is here only and he’s dying to see her. He doesn’t want to lose her. She’s his only hope.

After finding her on the whole train, he stepped out of it, disheartened and sit on the bench, holding his head.

“I think I lost her forever.” He murmured dejectedly and a lone tear trickled down his cheek.

His heart is still saying she is here only. He just wants her back and he can do anything right now to get her back.

“Mrs Divya, your black colour handbag is in the announcement room.” Then he heard an announcement from the speaker. He instantly stood up and his eyes shimmered as something struck him.

Sana is crying miserably standing in the washroom as she doesn’t want to leave him but she is thinking Sidharth is doing this for his revenge, therefore she’s hiding from him, she doesn’t want to become a fool again.

(O jaana na jana tu

Door humse kabhi

So jo tu chali gayi

Mar jayeinge hum abhi)

Her heart almost stopped beating as she heard his melodious voice from the speaker. She instantly looked out the window. She knows he’s singing for her. His voice is filled with immense love. Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. She’s thinking that Sidharth is again making her fool with his song. She wants him to sing for her from his heart one day in real. Poor Girl doesn’t know that Sidharth is really fulfilling her this wish.

(Tujhse shuru tujhpe khatam

Tujhse mukammal hain hum

O ho ho tere bina adhe bhi kya

Tere bina adhoore kya tu hi bata

O meri jaan tere bina hain poore kya

Tere bina jaana kahan)

He is singing standing in the announcement room holding the mike. People started haunting his name. Every word which he is saying, he is saying from the core of his heart. He is conveying his feeling through his song to her that he is incomplete without her. Where he can go without her? He will die without her.

(Koshishein ki badi

Khudse mitade tumhein sanam

Par hai dil ka karam

Ke khud hi mit gaye hain hum

Tumse mitte tumse bane

Tumse mukammal hain hum)

Now he sang looking out of the window, his eyes are desperately finding her. His voice become low now, he is saying that he tried a lot to delete her from himself but he himself got destroyed instead.

(O ho ho tere bina adhe bhi kya

Tere bina adhoore kya tu hi bata

O meri jaan tere bina hain poore kya

Tere bina jaana kahan

O meri jaan ab ke na ja..

O meri jaan..

O jaana na jana tu

Door humse kabhi)

She slumped down on the floor with thud and cried profusely. Her heart is saying her to rush to him and hug him tightly but her mind is not letting her trust him again. Now it’s getting hard for her to control her heart. Her heart is sinking.

(Ho jee rahein thhe tera

Ghum-e-dil chhupa ke hum sanam

Ab hai shor har taraf

Haan ishq karte hain hum

Tab ishq tha ab ishq hai

Karte raheinge sada tumse hi)

Now he is saying to her that he was living hiding his all pain, now this is the noise everywhere that he is in love with her and he is also saying that he loves her from starting and he will always love her. So finally he confessed his love to her through this song. Automatically a small smile flashed on his face listening to his love confession. But his lips drew down in sadness as he recalled that he loves somebody else.

(Tere bina adhe bhi kya

Tere bina adhoore kya tu hi bata

O meri jaan

Tere bina hain poore kya

Tere bina jaana kahan

O meri jaan ab ke na ja

O meri jaan ab ke na ja)

Sidharth is now singing with so much love and passion in his voice. His voice is clearly depicting that how much he is craving for her.

“Sidharth ji, kyu kar rhai aap aisa? kyu mujhe kamjor kar rhai hai humhai? (Sidharth, why are you doing this? Why are making me weak?)” She cried out in agony.

Then he finished the song and they all heard his loud sob at last.

She stood up instantly as she heard his cry on speaker. Her heart melted after listening to his loud cry. She still can’t able to trust him completely but she can feel that he’s in pain.

“Kya Sidharth ji sach mein humshai pyaar karte hai?Kya humhra dil shi soch rha iss bar? (Do Sidharth really loves me? Is my heart thinking right?)” She thought, placing her hand over her heart, it’s beating so fast.

Then her eyes fell over Sidharth, he is coming out of the announcement grimly. He is still crying but his eyes are still finding her in every corner of the station.

She hastily opened the door of the washroom and dashed to the door of the train. She was about to step out of the train but at that time only the train started leaving from the platform, she felt like her heart stopped beating at that moment.

“Sidharth.” She shouted, looking at him and he heard her voice from the millions of voices. He hastily moved his eyes to her and his lips stretched up to a broad smile as he saw her angelic face. She also smiled at him. He rushed to her without thinking anything. He’s running along the train to catch her, he’s feeling like somebody is taking his life on the train.

He collapsed on the floor, holding his head, thinking that he has lost her forever. But after a few minutes when he looked up, his eyes shone with happiness as she’s standing in front of him with a smile on her face.

He is looking at her in disbelief, thinking that he is dreaming. He stood up, gazing at her without blinking his eyes as he is thinking that if he blinks his eyes he will lose her again.

They are gazing intensely into each other eyes. Suddenly it started to rain, drenching them, it seems like God is also shedding happy tears with them. God is also happy as today is the union of two souls which had been longing for each other.

Next moment he just engulfed her into his protective arms, slightly lifting her from the floor. He hugged her firmly, pulling her closer and closer to himself like he wants to store her in his heart forever. Tears of happiness are still coursing down his cheeks and his lips are drawn up to a contented smile. She raised her arms and wrapped them around him, smiling blissfully. She can hear his soothing heartbeat which is giving immense peace to her restless soul.

She was craving to come in his arms and finally, she is in his arms, it’s heaven for her. They both found profound peace in each other arms, they had been longing for this peace since childhood.

As she heard his loud sobs, she instantly broke the hug. Her heart is aching seeing him crying.

He slumped down on the floor in front of her. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He apologised, genuinely guilty and joined his hands before her. She became numb for a few seconds.

“I’m sorry.” He’s just apologising to her, crying terribly in guilt now. He knows a sorry is not enough for what he has done with her but he really wants to apologise as he’s regretting badly for hurting her. She is just staring at him in disbelief. She can’t believe that he is the same person who didn’t leave any chance to humiliate her and shout at her.

“Ma…” she opened her mouth to say something but then only her vision became blurry and she placed her hand on her head as she’s feeling giddiness. As he noticed her condition, he hastily stood up and she fell in his arms.

“Sana, what happened? Open your eyes.” He patted her face, anxious for her.

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