(Beyond Love} Chapter: 26 (Sidnaaz)


“Thank me in a better way.” I teased her in a demanding tone and suddenly I felt a soft touch of her luscious lips on mine for mere seconds, making my eyes widened in shock, accelerating my heartbeat.

What just happened?

Did she really give a peck? That too on my lips?

I looked at her in utter amusement, pacing my two fingers on my lips, feeling her touch. Am I daydreaming? I blinked my eyes several times trying to register what just happened. She giggled at my expressions and I kept gazing at her. Seeing my intense gaze, a red hue appeared on her cheeks and she started looking here and there, closing her eyes tightly, making me chuckle.

One moment she was acting so bold and was giggling at my reaction and the next moment she becomes a blushing queen. How does she manage to do all this so quickly? This girl is definitely going to be my death.

“I t-think w-we should leave.” She stammered, biting her lips. I kept staring at her and a beatific smile came across my lips when I saw how shy she’s feeling.

Trust me, her shyness is something that makes her more beautiful and desirable. She looks so innocent. I just love the way she bites her lips whenever she feels shy and her chubby cheeks look more irresistible and eatable due to her constant blushing.

She turned to move but before that, I swiftly pulled her closer to me making her bang on my chest. Gasp escaped her lips due to the sudden pull.

“Someone is trying to be so bold nowadays. Isn’t it?” I asked huskily, pulling her more closer, wrapping my both arms around her waist, locking her.

“You demanded it,” she blushed.

“What? When?” I said making a shocked face. “Please baby girl don’t blame me. Just accept it that I’m so irresistible and charming that you can’t able to control yourself.” I teased her.

“Really?” She asked raising her brows and I nodded my head making an innocent face.

“You’re so mean.” She whined, punching on my stomach slightly, making me chuckle.

“Well, baby girl” I deliberately stretched the word ‘girl’, pulling her more closer to me and she looked at me raising her eyebrows, “Friends don’t do all these things, right?” I asked acting innocent and she blushed profusely.

“I don’t know what are you talking about.” She said, biting her lower lip.

“No problem, I’ll remind you. Wait.” I said leaning closer to her lips, my hot breath is falling on her luscious lips, she fisted my t-shirt from the sides of my chest, due to our sudden proximity. I could hear her racing heartbeat same as mine. It feels like our heart is beating in sync, locking our souls. Our lips were inches apart, “Sidharth,” she breathed, closing her eyes, I lifted my eyes from her lips to her angelic face and my breath hitched seeing the beauty dipped in innocence. I smiled, and slightly moved back from her and said, “The thing you’re waiting for is the one I was talking about.” Hearing my voice, she opened her eyes immediately, breathing heavily. She took few seconds to understand what happened and as soon as she realised a red hue appear on her cheeks again.

“So what are we? Friends with benefit?” I asked innocently and her eyes winded in shock, mouth hung open and I tried so hard not to laugh at her reaction.

“Sidharth,” she whined, punching on my stomach, screaming my name making me laughed.

“Sidharth, you’re such a tease. Don’t talk to me.” She said pointing her index fingers at me, making an angry pout and I giggled.

Such a terrible liar!

“Stop your drama, baby girl. I know you’re acting angry so that you can hide your blush.” I smirked making her eyes winded more and I laughed.

“Kiddo!” I murmured, rubbing our nose slightly, making her giggle.

“And what are you? A naughty monster who just love to tease me.” She said wrapping her arms around my neck and I gave her an amused look.

“Someone is acting so bold,” I murmured, tightening my hold around her waist, “Well, you didn’t answer me yet. Friends don’t do such things, isn’t it?” I teased her.

She leaned closer to my ear, our front was slightly pressing against each other, making me groan, she whispered, “You and I can never be just friends, Mr brown eyes.”

My eyes winded in shock hearing her, did she really say that? I slightly parted us and looked at her face, she was smiling so beautifully at me.

“Your intentions seem different.” I said, rolling my tongue in my mouth.

“Maybe, you’re rubbing off on me.” She giggled, rubbing our noses slightly.

Just the way I do her!


Wearing my gorgeous pink dress which is coming up to my mid-thigh, I gave a little wavy look to my long straight hair and doing minimal makeup, I completed my look with white high heels.

Oh, I forget to tell you all, I’m going to the club with Sidharth and his friends. Though when he asked me about that when we were coming back from the hill, I was a little nervous but then I gave in because as long as he’s with me, I don’t think I need to be nervous.

I smiled thinking about him, and my gaze fell on the bird pendant which is adorning my neck making my smile grew more.

I slightly touched the pendant, remembering his words which he had spoken to me making my heart smile.

He always knows how to make me feel so contented and special.

Gawd! I’m missing him so much!

It’s been hours since I met him. He didn’t come to college, as he had to attend a very important meeting for which he was working all night yesterday.

Sometimes he shocks me with his gestures. I mean being so tired he still manages to meet me before college.

I hope he slept well after the meeting. I was so pissed at him for neglecting his health but now I’m missing him so much.

“God Sidharth! Where are you? I so want to see you, I’m missing you so much. I just want to engulf you in my arms.” I murmured, caressing the pendant.

My thoughts interrupted by the ringing of my phone and my smile grew wider when I see the caller ID.

Mr Brown Eyes!

“Hello!” I answered the call cheerfully.

“Heya, baby girl.” As I heard his pleasant voice my heartbeat quickened.

“How much time you’ll take to come here?” I asked excitedly and he chuckled.

“I’m waiting for you outside, baby girl and I just can’t wait to see you.”

“I’m just coming and even I can’t wait to see you.” I replied shyly.

I don’t know how I get so attached to him, I seriously don’t know how comfortably I have started talking to him.

He’s definitely a magician!

I quickly touch up my make-up, grabbing my clutch, glancing at myself for the last time in the mirror, I headed out of the room.

I hope, he likes me. This is the first time I took so much time to get ready.

And then I saw him standing out, leaning against the car, looking breathtakingly handsome, wearing a white t-shirt, dark blue jacket with blue ripped jeans.

How does he manage to kill me with his looks all the time?

After checking him out properly, I slowly moved my eyes towards his face only to find him already staring at me with amusement. His eyes are stuck on me and not for once he tried to move it making me blush. He’s gazing at me the way as if he’s not even breathing.

Am I also always affect him the way he does to me?

“Si-Sidharth,” I called him softly, blushing.

“Umm- b-baby girl, you’re looking hot.” He blurted, making my eyes winded. My cheeks started turning redder.

“Shit!” He cursed under his breath, closing his eyes tightly, making me blush more.

“Thanks,” I whispered, staring at his angelic face.

“You’re literally giving me shock from the morning.” He said after clearing his throat.

“By the way, now I’m thinking why don’t we head back home?” He smirked, pulling me closer to him making me blush more.

“So tell me your place or mine? I guess we will get more privacy in your place what say?” He whispered huskily, biting my earlobe.

“Shut up.” I giggled, hitting on his chest slightly.

“Your smile is intoxicating. It lingers, it captivates my heart.” He whispered huskily, gazing intensely at me, pulling me more closer to him, making my breath hitched.


His chocolate brown eyes with his intense gaze are definitely going to be my death.

From where does he get these dialogues? Does he have any idea what his words do to my heart? This man is so freaking good with his words.

“T-Thank you.” I stammered, looking here and there, due to our proximity. I can vividly feel his intense gaze on me which is enough to make me shiver.

“I said so many times to you, that you can thank me in a better way.” He whispered, tucking the strands of hair behind my ear lovingly. He leaned more and whispered, “And anyways after the morning incident, you literally made my expectations high,” biting my earlobe slightly, making me moan.

I missed him!

“I think we should leave, your friends must be waiting.” I whispered, moving out from his hold, much to his disappointment.

“They are my friends, they will understand.” He said stubbornly, snaking his arms around my waist.

“You’re so stubborn,” I said shyly and he chuckled.

“Whatever y-” before he could complete his sentence, I raised on my heels and gave him a quick peck on his mole above his lips, standing on my toes and his eyes winded in shock.

“I really love this type of thanks, baby girl but this time I need more.” He whispered rubbing his thumb, on my bottom lips, making me blush.

“You’re so naughty.” I said, rubbing our nose slightly and he chuckled.

“Nice try, baby girl.” He giggled,

Damn! He came to know that I did that to distract him!

“Now, let’s go.” I hurriedly settled down into the car, shying and blushing.

I never thought I would even do these things with somebody this soon.

How did I get so bold?

I heard his laughter behind my back, making me go crimson. He took the driver’s seat and started the car after entwining our hands as always.

The whole ride we didn’t say anything to each other, silence between us felt so comfortable too, though he kept glancing at me from time to time making me feel more contented.

Soon, he parked his car into the parking and we got out. I examined the surrounding, it’s seems so familiar. Then my gaze fell on the board ‘Club Nightlife.’

God! The last time when I came here, I literally got so drunk that I don’t even remember how I reached my house. The next day when I woke up, I hardly remember anything, though I remember that some unknown guy was stopping me not to drink more and he came to drop me, but who was he? I seriously don’t know.

“What happened, baby girl?” He asked keenly looking at me.

Should I tell him? But what he will think about me, that I’m so careless.

“Umm.. nothing.” I replied, giving a small smile.

“Let’s go,” he said and wrapped his arm around my waist and we headed at the door.

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