Monster’s Bride (Part: 23 The Letter) Sidnaaz


Almighty gives you the pain to make you a fighter, take every pain as a challenge, one day god will certainly pay you back with happiness which you deserve.

Sidharth P.O.V.

Last night was the longest night for me as I and Sana were so close to each other yet so far. She loves me beyond anything but now she doesn’t trust me anymore as I, the monster Sidharth Shukla broke her trust brutally. Yesterday I didn’t feel any pain when ladies were beating me because I don’t feel any pain.

Sana doesn’t know a bit about my life.

My life, what to say, is very complicated. It complicated to understand by even me also. I didn’t know what I really want in my life, but the day Sana had left me, I understood that I want love in my life which I have been craving since childhood. I don’t wanna think about my childhood as it hurts a lot whenever I think about my childhood. My childhood is the worst and made me a monster.

I love Mukti blindly and selflessly as she is like a daughter to me and I have reason to fulfil her every wish.

But now I just want to focus on Sana, hope she can able to give me the solution to my problems. I’m hundred percent sure only she can heal the deep wounds of my childhood.

When she was with me, I gave her pain and now when she isn’t with me, I want her in my life to heal me and I want to earn her forgiveness. Isn’t it funny the girl whom I gave pain to, I want that girl to heal me? My life is fucked up.

End of P.O.V.

Sidharth is busy thinking about his complicated life lying in bed in the morning unaware that his life is going to be more complicated.

Sona stepped into his room and startled him.

Sona walked to him, tears are brimmed in her eyes and she’s glaring at him in anger. “Why did you come here? Look she has gone.” Sona shouted, throwing a paper over him.

“Where?” He asked bemusedly and held the paper. Something is written on it.

Sona, hum jante hai kal subha tum bhut gussa hogi humshe, kyuki hum kal subha tak yha se bhut dur ja chuke honge, kyuki hum nhi chathai Sidharth ji humhai dhunde, voh humhai kamjor kar rhai hai. Hum jante hai agar hum unke sath rhainge hum unki bato mein aajae kyuki hum unshai pyaar krte hai, humhai unki pyaar ki zarrorat hai aur hum unke pyaar ke naatak mein phir se aajaenge, hum unse dur nhi rhai payenge agar voh humhre ass pas honge, tabhi humse bhut dur ja rhai hai.

(Sona, I know tomorrow you would be furious at me as I’m going because I don’t Sidharth to find me. He’s making me weak. I know if I stay with him, I’ll become a fool again as I love him a lot and I need his love. I won’t able to stay away from him if he stays around me, that’s why I’m going far away from him.)

Sidharth became blank after reading the half letter. The blue ink on the paper is smudged which is clearly showing that she was crying while writing the letter.

He fought back with his tears and continued reading it further, making himself strong.

Sona, tum fikar mat karo humhari hum jaha ja rhai hai voh bhut achi jagha hai, ho sake toh humhai maaf kar dena hum aise bina batae chle gye, aunty ji ko bhi bol dena hum ja bhi hai thik hai, kush toh hum ab kabhi rhai bhi nhi sakte kyuki kushi toh humhre pyaar mein hai, jo humhra kabhi nhi ho skta kyuki voh toh kisi aur ka hai

Tumhri Pyaari Sana

(Sona, you don’t worry about me as I’m going to a nice place. If possible please forgive me for leaving like this. Tell Aunty also where I’m going, I’ll fine there. Now I can never live happily as my happiness is with my love and that love can never be mine.

Your Loving Sana)

After he read the whole letter, the paper slipped down from his hand and he became utterly blank.

“Why did you come here? She has gone from here too, are you happy now?” Sona yelled at him, grabbing his collars and he’s standing like a lifeless soul. She is distraught for Sana.

“I don’t know where she would have gone.” Sona closed her eyes dejectedly and fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Now why aren’t you saying anything. Don’t act innocent in front of me. You want this only, right? Speak up,” She is shouting at him, bristling with anger.

He shushed her by shouting, “Enough. Yes, I have done wrong with her.” He pushed Sona away from him and stood up. There is so much pain hidden behind his anger.

“Beat me as much as you want. If this can lessen my mistakes, then beat me as much as you can as I deserve this only.” Sidharth slapped himself like a crazy person.

Sona became shocked to see his reaction. She isn’t understanding how to stop him, she became numb because of shock.

He slumped down on the floor with a thud, holding his head. He became hysterical and cried out loudly in agony. “I’m fucking tired of fighting a new battle every day in my life. When I couldn’t able to love her, she was with me and when I want to love her, then she’s running away from me. I don’t know why she’s thinking that I love somebody else. She has only taught me the real meaning of love. Love was just a mere word for me but when I came to know about her, I understood the meaning of true love.” He’s weeping like a small baby who needs only love.

A famous rockstar, a dream man of many girls. Many girls love him blindly and crazily, but nobody knows that person is so lonely and longing for love.

Sona started doubting Sana after seeing his miserable condition that he’s really that person who broke her heart. Nobody will believe that he’s the same person because Sana’s love has changed him utterly. Before meeting her he was becoming ruder every day to suppress his pain but now his all pain is coming out. She took a real Sidharth out of him who needs love and care.

“Sona, Please, help me. I need her and you know that she also needs me.” He begged her to help him.

“I’ll help you.” She agreed to help him because she can see that he’s genuinely guilty for his mistakes and he truly loves her.

“But I don’t know where she has gone.” She said cluelessly and Sidharth look down dishearteningly.

“Sona, please, try to think where she can go.” He implored.

“I think we should ask the neighbours first. If someone sees her, then we can get to know that when she had left the house.” Sidharth suggested and Sona nodded at him.


“Aunty, did you see Sana going somewhere in the morning.” Sidharth asked the lady as she opened the door.

“No.” The lady nodded and closed the door. Sidharth and Sona moved their eyes down, dejected.

Then they started asking from everybody. Sona is staring at him in disbelief as his face and the way he’s trying to find Sana is vividly showing that he’s yearning to meet and he’s genuinely worried for her.

“Sidharth, I think it is useless to ask people.” Sona said to him after asking so many people.

He denied, “no, Sona, we can’t sit idle. At least we can try.” He’s not leaving the hope of getting her back. It seems like today no power can stop him from meeting his wife.

“Sidharth, if you love her so much, then why did you hurt her?” Sona asked him in a serious tone as she really wants to know that why he broke her heart.

“I can’t explain anything right now but I just want to tell you that my life is complicated.” He confused her more with his words.

He completed the first step of winning the heart of Sana by making Sona on his side.

Finally, they got a ray of hope when a lady informed them, “I saw her going before two hours ago.” They both smiled widely.

“Sona, you go to the bus stand and I’ll go to check her at the railway station.” He instructed her and she nodded before leaving.

“I don’t know why I’m feeling like that you’re waiting for me at the railway station. My heart is beating rapidly which indicating me that you’re near me.” Sidharth murmured to himself, sitting in the Auto.

On the other hand, Sana is sitting on the bench at the railway station, holding the ticket in her hand. Sidharth was thinking right she is at the railway station but she’s waiting for the train, not for him. She staring straight, lost in deep thoughts.

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