(Part: 41 Helplessness) Mafia’s Badass


At night, Chloe is waiting for Andrew, lying on the bed in sexy lingerie. He received his message.


I’m sorry, Sunshine, I’m stuck in some work. I’ll be late, you please sleep. Good night.

She pouted sadly after reading his message.

“Busy Mafia.” She muttered.


But I’m craving to sleep in your warm arms.


I’m really sorry. Tomorrow, Promise.


This is the first and last time, I’m leaving you.


If you do this again, then what you will do?

He asked curious to know what she will do.


I’ll punish you hard.


Oh really?


Yes, You don’t know I’m very strict.


I’m scared of my strict girlfriend.

She chuckled after reading his message.


Well, Can I know what type of punishment you will give to me?


I won’t let you kiss me and touch me. I’ll tie your hands and tease you.


Now I’m really scared.

She laughed.


So don’t repeat this in future.


I won’t I promise.

Now ttyl. I have work.

I love you so much.


I love you more.

At night Andrew came back. He admired his sleeping Sunshine and then slept peacefully hugging her from behind after pulling the duvet over them. As he held her in his warm arms, she smiled in sleep and placed her hand over his hand.

Next day

Andrew left for work the early morning before Chloe wakes up. Dan is deliberately keeping Andrew busy at work.

She woke up with a sad pout not finding Andrew with her.

She picked up the phone from the side table to message him and her eyes fell on a folded piece of paper which is kept on the table. She picked it up and a smile flashed on her face reading the first line of the message he left for her.

Good Morning, my gorgeous Sunshine

I know you would be angry for leaving you alone in the morning.

Actually, I have important work. I’ll come back in the evening and we’ll spend time after that.

Your Love ‘Andrew’

She kissed the place where Andrew is written on the paper and kept the paper in the drawer after folding it properly.

On the other side, Dan got Chloe’s information and he smiled evilly.

“Now let’s bring you on the bed, Chloe Walker.” He said, staring straight, smirking.


In the evening Dan knocked on the door of Chloe’s room.

She opened the door. She’s wearing a sexy crop top and denim shorts. His eyes glinted with lust like always as he saw her.

“Chloe, I want to talk something important about Andrew.” He said in a serious tone, controlling his desires. Her brows creased in worry.

She nodded and moved aside to give him the way. He walked into the room.

“Come inside.” She closed the door and both settled down on the sofa.

“What the hell is this?” She growled in anger when he showed her the video in which her Aunt is tied with the chair.

“I kidnapped your Aunt.” He told her and smiled evilly.

“Why?” She asked, confused, angry and shocked.

He gave her a devilish grin and stared at her lustfully.

“If you want to save your Aunt, you have to leave Andrew and become mine.” Her eyes dilated in shock.

“In your dreams, you bastard.” She hurriedly took out a gun from the drawer and pointed at him. She’s bristling with uncontrollable anger. “For Andrew, you’re like a God and you’re doing this. So disgusting. I’ll kill you right now for betraying my Andrew, for kidnapping my Aunt and for thinking to snatch me from Andrew. I’ll kill you.” She barked at him, gripping the gun tightly.

He tried to snatch the gun from her hand, she grasped the gun tightly not ready to give him.

Finally, he succeeded to take the gun from her hand. She sneered at him.

“You’re a smart woman, Chloe, but I’m smarter.” He moved his hand towards her, she jerked his hand.

“Fuck off.” She snarled at him.

He grasped her arm and said, “you have done a mistake of shouting at me so you’ll get punishment.”

She rolled her eyes. “I don’t care, I’ll tell Andrew everything.” She said, having no fear in her eyes.

He called someone and ordered, “Cut Zia’s finger,”

“Stop, what do you want?” As she uttered, he grinned with triumph.

“Now you’re behaving like a good girl.” He moved closer to her and she gave him a deadly glare.

“I have already told you, I want you and you have to leave Andrew and come to me.” He told her his condition.

“You’re doing a mistake, Asshole.”

Dan grabbed her jaw harshly and bawled at her, “mind your language before talking to me.”

“I won’t. You deserve this, bastard.”

He suddenly slapped her hard on her face and she fell on the floor with a thud. Her forehead hit the table and blood oozed out. He bent down and tugged her hair harshly to pull her head back.

“Now do you understand?” He asked, yanking her hair. She’s glaring at him, fuming in anger.

“Yes, I understand that you’re a big asshole.” He slapped her again.

“You will regret for this kind of behaviour. Mark my words.” He warned her.

“I will never regard for calling an asshole to an asshole.”

“Well I like your attitude and braveness, but soon I will teach you some manners.” He left her hair and stood up.

She also got up, glaring at him.

“I’m giving you only two days to turn Andrew’s love into hatred so that he will throw you out of the house. And dare if you tell this to Andrew.” He warned her, pointing his finger at her.

He gave her a necklace and ordered, “Wear it and it shouldn’t be removed. I have attached a microphone and a camera, so you can’t betray me.”

“By the way, I have also fitted the cameras everywhere, so no smartness or else I’ll kill your Aunt.”

“You will regret.” She warned him after standing up.

“You will see who will regret.” He said and marched out of the room.

“Bastard.” She yelled and hurled the vase on the floor in fury.


Andrew knocked on the door of Chloe. She stood up and rushed to open the door, she just wants to hug him tightly and tell him everything about Uncle Dan. But she stopped as Dan’s words echoed in her ear. “If you want to save your Aunt, you have to leave Andrew and become mine.”

She took a deep breath and shouted, “Andrew, go from here, I don’t want to talk to you, do you work.”

“I think, someone is really angry. At least open the door, Sunshine, I’ll make it up for you.” He knocked again and tears brimmed in her eyes.

“No, I won’t open the door, just go from here.” She shouted, she’s on the verge of crying.

“Okay, if that what you want. I’m sorry once again.” He apologised and went from there, disheartened. He’s thinking that she’s angry because he isn’t giving her time from yesterday.

Mechanically a tear rolled her cheek. She badly wants to open the door and stop him from going, but she can’t. She never felt so helpless before in her life.

As he left, she started flinging the things on the floor in fury. She wants to kill Dan.

“I’ll kill you, Dan.” She growled and took out another gun from the drawer.

She dashed to his room and smiled devilishly as she found him sleeping. She strode to him, holding the gun, glaring at him.

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