Monster’s Bride (Part: 22 Karma Is A Bitch) Sidnaaz


Sona and Sana had dinner in the room. Now they are watching the movie but in reality, they are not. Sana is lost in her deep thoughts and Sona lost in thinking about her pain.

Sakshi stepped out of the house and frowned in anger as she found Sidharth sitting out of the house.

“Tum abhi bhi yhi ho. Dekho agar tum yaha se nhi gye toh mein tumhai jail bhejwa dungi. (You’re still here. Look if you don’t go from here, I’ll call the police.)” Sakshi waggled her finger at him and warned him in fury but now Sidharth doesn’t care about himself.

He looked at her with pleading eyes. “Aunty, please, let me talk to her for once.” Sidharth implored, having so much guilt in his eyes.

“Dekho yeh mat socho, Sana ke parents nhi hai toh tum ushke sath kuch bhi kar skte ho, voh mere liye beti se bhi badhkar hai, tum ushai bhut chut pucha chuke ho, par ab yeh maa apni beti ke sath aur bura nhi hone degi. (Look don’t think that you can do anything with her if Sana has no parents. She is more precious than my daughter for me. I have already hurt her enough. Now this mother won’t let you hurt her more.)” She is feeling like killing Sidharth for hurting her daughter.

“Aunty, please,” Sidharth paused as Sakshi showed him her hand.

“Nhi, mein kuch nhi suna chati aur agar mere ghar vapis ane tak tum mujhe yhi dekhai toh, ek maa kya kar skti hai tumhai pta chal jaega. (No, I don’t want any explanation and if I still see you after I come back home, then you will see what a mother can do.)” She warned him strictly before leaving.

Today Sidharth doesn’t care about anything as he has taken an oath he won’t go from here without taking Sana with him.

Sakshi came back home after an hour and she fumed in anger as she saw him standing out of her house after her warning also.

“Ab dikhati hoon mein tumhai ki ek maa kya kar skti hai. (Now I’ll show you what a mother can do.)” Sakshi smiled mischievously thinking something evil for him.

Then after some time Sakshi came back with so many ladies following her, holding their weapons (kitchen utensils) in their hands like service spoon and Belan.

Sidharth looked at them in shock and Sakshi gave him an evil smile.

“Hamla. (Attack)” As Sakshi shouted, all the ladies ran towards Sidharth like hungry animals.

“Aunty,” all the ladies started beating him with their weapons before Sidharth could say something. Don’t know what Sakshi said to all the ladies that they are beating him terribly.

Sana and Sona are sitting in the hall. As they heard voices from outside, they both rushed outside to check.

Sana widened her eyes in shock as she saw the ladies beating Sidharth. Then she noticed Sakshi is standing beside them with an evil smile on her face. A lone tear trickled down her cheek seeing her husband in pain. He is not saying anything and just taking it as his punishment of hurting and humiliating his wife.

“Please, aap log rukh jae. (Please, stop it.)” She shouted but nobody listened to her.

“Sana, kyu rok rhi ho inhai? Aise issan ke sath yhi hona chayie. (Sana, why are you stopping them? The person like him deserves this only.)” Sakshi stopped her by holding her hand from behind.

“Aunty ji, please, sabko rokiye. Please. (Please, stop them, Aunty.)” She begged her, her eyes brimming with tears and Sakshi’s heart melted.

“Bsh. (Enough.)” As Sakshi shouted, all ladies instantly stopped and moved away from Sidharth.

He is sitting on the floor holding his injured hand. Then his eyes fell over Sana, she is looking at him with so much concern. He gave her a faint smile.

She bent down and clasped his face, tears trickling down her eyes. “Sidharth ji, aap thik hai? (Sidharth, are you fine?)” Sidharth stared at her in utter disbelief as the girl whom he hurt beyond repair, still cares for him. His all pain vanished away seeing her care and concern.

“I’m sorry.” He apologised genuinely guilty and wiped her tears gently with his thumb. A shiver rushed down her spine and she closed her eyes as his hand touched her face.


Now the doctor is doing the dressing of Sidharth in the room. Today his condition is evidence that karma is a bitch. What the wrong work you do in your life, certainly you will be punished in this life only.

“Aunty ji, hum jante hai apne jo kiya voh humhre liye kiya lekin hum Sidharth ji ko aise nhi dekh sakte, kyuki hum unshai pyaar krte hai. (Aunty, I know what you did, you did for me but I can’t see Sidharth in pain because I love him.)” He heard Sana’s voice from outside and he felt more guilty.

“Sana, please ab toh apne iss bolepan ko chodh do. (Sana, now please, stop caring about him.)” Sona said in anger.

“Sona, tum janti ho hum jinse pyaar karte hai hum unki kushi ke liye kuch bhi kr skte aur Sidharth ji toh humhre pati hai. (You know that I can do anything for the people whom I love and Sidharth is my husband.)” She replied to him and Sidharth is listening to everything, lying inside the room.

Then Doctor stepped out of the room and Sana asked him, “Sidharth Ji thikh hai na? (Is Sidharth fine?)”

“He’ll be fine within a few days. He needs proper rest for a few days. Give these medicines to him.” The doctor gave him the prescription and few medicines. Sana nodded, taking it and then Doctor left.

Sana stepped into the room with medicines. She looked at Sidharth who is already staring at her with so much guilt in his eyes.

“Sana, please, ek bar mujhe bat karlo. (Sana, please talk to me for once.)” He implored but she didn’t respond to him, she just filled a glass of water.

“Apki dawae. (Your medicine.)” She gave him medicine and a glass of water without looking at him. Sidharth took the medicine, his gaze remained fixed at her only.

He held her hand, gazing at her fondly. “Sana, I’m guilty of what I have done with you. I really love you.” As he confessed, she widened her eyes in shock first, but then she chuckled.

“Sidharth Ji, aap iss badle ke liye kitni bar humhai bewakoof banaenge. (How many times you will make me fool for your so-called revenge?)” She said taking everything wrong this time as he gave her so much pain that now she can’t even trust his love.

“Sidharth Ji, hum apse pyaar krte hai, hum apko apna pati mante hai. Lekin iska yeh matlab nhi hai aap humhre iss pyaar ka fayda uthai, hum bhai ke pass nhi jaenge, hum unhai dukh nhi pucha sakte. (Sidharth, I love you and you’re my husband but that doesn’t mean you will take undue advantage of my love. I won’t go to Bhai as I can’t hurt him.) Sidharth is nodding his head constantly.

“Sidharth Ji, hum apse hath jodh kar benti krte hai bhul jaeye iss badle ko, aap apne pyaar ke sath raho aur humhai chain se jeene do. (Sidharth, I beg you to forget about this revenge and live happily with the love of your life and let me live here in peace.)” She said, thinking that he came here for revenge.

He nodded his head. “No, Sana, I haven’t come here for any revenge. I have come here for you. Please believe me.” He said but she left from there silently, ignoring him.

Her heart can see that he’s genuinely guilty but now her mind is ready to believe in her heart as she doesn’t want to get hurt again.

“Sana, how do I explain to you that this time my love is true, I truly love you. Perhaps I hurt you so much that now you can’t trust me. Now I’m ready to do anything to earn your trust again. But I don’t know why you think that I love somebody else.” Sidharth murmured to himself, looking down.

“But Sana, I swear to God that I’ll make myself capable for you and will earn your trust back. I’m gonna fill your life with the immense happiness and love which you deserve. A pure soul like you deserve to be treated like a queen and I’m gonna make you my queen.” Sidharth took the oath to give her all happiness having so much determination in his eyes.

Sidharth words are the evidence that true love can change the person utterly as true love changed a Monster Husband.

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