(Part: 40 You’re Only Mine) {Sidnaaz} Mafia’s Badass


Shehnaaz walked into the hall in a red sexy dress and as Dan’s eyes fell over her, his eyes glinted with lust. Sidharth and Shehnaaz smiled at each other and she sat beside him. Dan is ogling at her sexy legs and bust shamelessly.

Dan had come here with the intention to take out Shehnaaz from Sidharth’s life but as soon as he saw her, he smiled evilly and swore to bring her on his bed. Dan is evil but Sidharth is not aware of his evilness. He thought that Dan loves him like his father but he doesn’t know that Dan is using Sidharth for his business profit only. He doesn’t care about his happiness.

Sidharth entwined his hand with her and kissed her knuckles. “Uncle, she’s the girl who is the reason for my happiness. She’s my life, my sunshine.” He introduced her to his Uncle after looking at him and then glanced back at Shehnaaz who is gazing at him with so much love in her eyes with a beatific smile on her face.

“Hello, Uncle. I’m Shehnaaz.” She greeted him and gave him a warm smile.

“Hello, Shehnaaz.” He greeted him back. “Thank you so much for filling my son’s life with happiness. I have never seen him so happy before.” He said to Shehnaaz, acting like a good person in front of Sidharth like always.

“He has also filled my life with immense happiness, Uncle.” She answered him and then smiled at Sidharth.

Dan intentionally dropped his phone on the floor to look at her sexy legs. He bent down to pick the phone and leered at her legs with a smirk on his face.

“I love you.” Sidharth placed his hand on her face and murmured against her lips before pecking them.

She grabbed his blazer’s collars and kissed him passionately and hungrily after pulling him closer to himself without caring about anybody. He widened his eyes in amazement and kissed her back with equal passion, curling his finger around her neck. They’re kissing each other like no one is seeing them.

As Dan moved up and looked at them, he felt a twinge of envy. “I’m gonna taste her lips soon.” He thought, staring at them with evil intention.


Shehnaaz is shooting the video for her blog and the door of her room is ajar. Dan is going to his room and his eyes fell inside.

“I want her.” He said, leering at her. He’s staring at her cleavage and her sexy legs with lustful eyes.

He went from there and Sidharth stepped into the room. He snaked his arms around her waist from behind and placed a kiss on her cheek. She smiled broadly and turned toward him, grinning naughtily.

“By the way your uncle is also handsome.” She said teasingly and winked at him.

But surprisingly he doesn’t get jealous. “Of course he’s handsome.”

She said to tease him more. “He is more handsome than you and if he had come into my life first then,” he shushed her by capturing her lips, grasping her hair with his one hand and yanking her to himself by grabbing her waist with his other hand. He is kissing and biting her lips possessively.

“You’re only mine, sunshine.” He broke the kiss and breathed against her lips before capturing her lips again.

Shehnaaz grinned with triumph because she wanted to see this reaction only. She wanted to see his this side only. She was so eager to see his possessiveness.

He caressed her bare thighs, gliding his hand into her dress from the slit. She shivered with his touch and his touch aroused the goosebumps all over her body. He grasped her thigh and as he raised her leg and placed her knee over his waist, she wrapped her leg around his waist. He’s kissing her lips passionately, moving his hands all over her bareback and sending the chills down her spine with his touch. She ground herself against him, kissing him back with equal passion and love.

“I like my possessive Mafia more.” She breathed cheerily as they pulled apart.

“Don’t dare to awake my wild side, Sunshine.” He warned her sternly, grabbing her jaw.

She grinned mischievously and moved closer to his ear. “You know I’m not scared of your any side, Mr Handsome.” She whispered in his ear and bit his ear lobe.

“So do you want to see my wild side?” He asked and nodded, smiling merrily.

“I would love to see your wild side.” She grinned and her eyes glinted with excitement.

Then only he attacked her neck and gave her a hickey there. She moaned, clenching his hair and closing her eyes and threw her head back to give him complete access to her neck. She felt incredible when he left the mark of his love on her neck. He placed few kisses there to soothe the pain.

“Today, I’m going to mark every inch of your body with my love, Sunshine.” He whispered, looking at her.

She opened her eyes and replied, “I want this only.” Both smiled at each other.

Then he yanked the strap of her dress down her shoulder and attacked her shoulder. He’s nibbling her shoulder, massaging her twins. She’s moaning with immense pleasure.

Within a few minutes they reached the bed, naked, their clothes are scattered on the floor. He is leaving his marks all over her body. He’s also giving love bites all over her twins. She’s just loving it and moaning.

He’s now fingering her hard and fast and biting and sucking her clit. She’s screaming with pleasure, clenching the bed-sheet. He always takes her to heaven with pleasure. She’s loving the way he’s marking her whole body with his profound love. After every few seconds, he is glancing at her and saying, “I love you.” She can’t even describe in words that how she’s feeling. She’s feeling tremendous.

He suddenly turned her onto her stomach and marked her whole back and hips also with his love. She’s moaning burying her face in the pillow. She doesn’t want him to stop. She’s loving his wildness.

At last, he pinned her hands on the mattress and claimed her his, saying, “you’re only mine, Sunshine and I love you so fucking much.”


On the other hand, Dan ordered someone on the phone. “I want every information of her.”

“I want this girl anyhow. Sidharth, I’m sorry but you have to forget her for your loving uncle. Couldn’t you sacrifice a girl for your uncle?” He said, looking at Sidharth photo on the wall.

“But Don’t worry, Sidharth, you don’t have to sacrifice her as I have my ways to snatch her from you.” He uttered and his lips stretched up to a devilish smile.


Sidharth, Dan, Shehnaaz and Mike are having dinner. Dan noticed the love bite on her neck and felt a sharp pang of envy. He clutched the spoon.

“Uncle, why aren’t you eating anything. Please have something.” Sidharth said and he came on the earth back.

Dan just smiled at him. “Sidharth, I’ll soon take this girl from you.” He thought in his mind, burning in anger. He just wants to bring Shehnaaz on his bed anyhow.

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