Monster’s Bride (Part: 21 Distressed) Sidnaaz



“Sana, who was on the door? And Why are you crying?” Sona asked her anxiously when she found her crying holding the knob of the door.

“Sidharth Ji kisi aur se pyaar krte hai, fir voh kyu ae hai yah? (Sidharth loves somebody else, then why did he come here?)” Sana asked her, crying after turning her face to her. Sona narrowed her brows bemusedly, not understanding what she’s talking about.

“Sana, first stop crying and come with me.” She took her into the room by wrapping her arm around her shoulder.

She made her sit on the bed and went to bring water for her. Sana is still sobbing and tears trickling down her cheeks constantly. She hadn’t shed a single tear in this whole weak but after seeing him she became hysterical and started crying.

“Sana, have water.” Sona gave her the glass of water and she took few sips and sniffled.

“Please, stop crying and tell me what happened?”She implored after placing her hand on her face.

“Sidharth ji, Sidharth malhotra, voh humhre pati hai. (Sidharth Malhotra is my husband.)” Sana’s voice cracked, Sona’s eyes widened in shock after knowing this.

“Voh humshai nafrat krte hai aur voh kisi aur se pyaar krte hai, lekin fir bhi unhone humshe badla lene ke liye humshai shaddhi ki. Sona, hum unhse bhut pyaar krte hai. (He hates me and loves somebody else but still he married me for the revenge. I’m in love with him.)” She told her, crying profoundly. Her heart is aching.

Sona didn’t understand anything properly but she came to know one thing that Sidharth has hurt her a lot.

“Sh… Sana, I’m without you, don’t cry.” She consoled her after pulling her into her arms.

Sana cried louder, hugging her tightly and she felt bad for her as for the first time she is seeing her so broken.


After some time, Sana is now sitting silently and Sona thought not to talk about this right now.

“Sona, dekho kon aya hai. (Sona, look who has come.)” After some time they listened to Sakshi’s voice from outside of their room.

“Sana, I just come.” She said but Sana didn’t even look at her as she is lost in her pain.

Sona strolled out of the room and her brows frowned as she saw Sidharth standing with Sakshi in the hall.

Then thud, Sona slapped him hard on her cheek for hurting her friend. He deserves many more slaps for hurting a fragile and pure soul like Sana.

“Sona, pagal ho kya tum? (Sona, are you crazy?)” Sakshi growled at her, not aware of anything. Sidharth is standing, looking down in guilt.

“Mumma, you don’t know what he has done with Sana.” Sona yelled, pointing at Sidharth and then glared at him.

“You get lost from here.” She pushed him out of the house and closed the door on his face.

“Sona, kya tha yeh? Tumhne yeh sab kyu kiya aur Sana se kya rishta hai inka? (Sona, why did you do all this and what is his relationship with Sana?)” Sakshi asked her, angry and confused.

“Aunty ji, hum batate hai. (I’ll tell you.)” Then they both heard Sana’s voice and turned towards her. Sana strolled to them grimly.

“Sana, it’s okay we can discuss it later on.” Sona said, placing her hand on her shoulder.

“Sona, badh mein bat karne se mera dard kam nhi ho jaega. (Sona, my pain won’t lessen by talking later.)” She said with a deadpan expression on her face. Sona and Sakshi glanced at each other dejectedly.


Now they are sitting in the hall and Sana is telling everything about the revenge marriage. She isn’t crying now, her face is blank. Her condition and her words clearly showing that how hurt she is.

“What Abhi cheated Mukti? This can’t be possible.” Sona said, shaking her head.

“Hum jante hai bhai ne aisa kuch nhi kiya humhne sabko bhut smjhne ki khoshish ki lekin kisi ne nhi suna. (I know bhai hasn’t done anything wrong, I try to make everyone understand but nobody listened to me.)” She said dejectedly.

“Sana, don’t worry, we are with you.” Sona said, hugging Sana and Sakshi placed her hand on her head.

“Haan, beta hum tere sth hai. Voh Sidharth kuch nhi kar paega tere sath. (Yes, we’re with you, my child. Sidharth won’t able to do anything with you.)” Sakshi lovingly caressed her hair.

“Humhai unshai dar nhi hai, lekin hum unshai pyaar karte hai. Dukh toh iss bat ka hai ki hum unki patni hai lekin voh pyaar kisi aur se krte hai. (I’m not afraid of him, but I love him. I’m upset because I’m his wife but he loves somebody else.” Sana said and moved her eyes down in sadness.

They aren’t shocked after knowing that Sana still loves the person who has hurt her so much as they know her very well.

Sakshi stood up and said, “Sona, Sana ko room mein le jao, mein khana le kar ati Hon tum dono ka room mein. (Sona, take her to room and I’m bringing dinner for both of you in the room.)”

“Aunty ji, hum thik hai hum apki madat kar dete hai.

(Aunty, I’m fine, I’m coming to help you.)” Sana said trying to show herself strong and they both felt bad for her.

“Sana, I said go to the room.” She ordered like a mother to her. Sana didn’t argue with her and went to the room with Sona.

On the other hand, Sidharth is still standing out of the house. He just wanted to talk to Sana. He wanna tell her that he only loves her and for him she is the most beautiful woman in this world but he isn’t getting any chance. He didn’t get angry when Sona slapped him as he knows he deserves it.

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