Monster’s Bride (Part: 19 Love Confession Of A Monster) Sidnaaz



Next morning

Sidharth woke up after sleeping peacefully for the first time in his life. His eyes widened in surprise as he realised he’s in the arms of Sana. His head is on her chest and their legs are entangled with each other. He’s getting so peace in her arms, he wants to stay like this forever.

Unknowingly a smile flashed on his face as he saw her Angelic face from so close for the first time. He got lost in her beauty. He found her beautiful like a flower. Her face is shining brighter than the sun and her natural beauty is heaven on earth for him. He’s just gazing at her with love in his eyes. He’s getting so much peace in just looking at her sleeping face.

He mechanically tucked her hair strands behind her ear and gently stroked her cheek with his thumb, gazing at her intensely.

He closed his eyes and murmured to himself. “No, I can’t fall her.” It seems like something is stopping him from accepting her. He reluctantly came out of her heavenly arms and harshly pushed her away from him.

She instantly woke up.

“You bloody cheap woman, how dare you slept with me on my bed?” He barked at her and tears rolled down her chubby cheeks automatically. She felt hurt listening to those harsh words.

Nobody had ever told her that it’s a sin for a wife to sleep in the arms of her husband.

“Now I understood, you enduring all the pain to just sleep with me. You’re such a cheap woman.” Sidharth is saying all this as he just wants her to leave this house and never come because he doesn’t want to hurt her more.

She’s shedding silent tears, staring at him dejectedly.

“Thank god, you’re going today. Finally, after a long month, I will take a breath of relief and get some peace.” He climbed down the bed and stormed to the bathroom. She just crying mutely, staring at the door of the bathroom.

“Aap kyu nhi samjh rhai Sidharth Ji ki hum apko nhi chodh skte kyuki humhai lagta hai aap kisi musibat mein ho.. aur hum apne vachan ko thodh nhi skte hum apko musibat mein chodh kr nhi ja skte. (Sidharth, why aren’t you understanding that I can’t leave you as I feel like you’re in a problem and I can’t break my vow, I can’t go leaving you in the problem.)” She thought, tears trickling down her cheeks mechanically nonstop.

Sidharth is standing under the shower, placing his hands on the wall, his eyes burning red in anger. He is lost in deep thoughts.

“Why are you affecting me so much, Sana? I know you’re pure like a crystal but I can’t accept you as my wife and I’m forced to say those harsh words to you and forced to stay numb when they all humiliate you in front of me.” He murmured and punched on the wall with rage. “I can’t see them hurting and humiliating you more in front of me, therefore I want you to go from here as soon as possible.”


Sidharth stepped into the room and found Sana getting ready, standing in front of the mirror. Like always he turned his face to the other side before he could get lost in her. Sidharth has informed everyone that Sana is finally going. They all became happy. He’s upset as his heart doesn’t want her to leave him. He wants to keep her with himself forever.

Fab4 went out except Sidharth as he’s not in a mood to do anything. It’s killing him from inside as he’s in love with Sana but still he’s forced to throw her out of his house.

In the afternoon Fab3 came back home. Sidharth is sitting, appalled as Sana left the house. She has gone forever and he’s feeling like she took a part of him with herself. He’s feeling incomplete without her. Her presence was giving him some kind of unknown peace to his soul.

“Bhai, I’m so happy as finally that bitch has gone.” Mukti squealed and hugged Sidharth cheerfully. As he broke the hug, he gave her a fake smile.

“It’s great, but I think Abhi is in London.” Cabir told them.

“So what? When he comes back, he will come to know that we have thrown his sister out of our house.” An evil smile flashed on her face.

Sidharth left from there silently and stepped into the room dejectedly. He slumped down on the bed and lay down closing eyes, dismayed.

But now the question is when Sana had made up her mind to not leave Sidharth, then why she left him.

Now it’s night time Sidharth is trying to sleep but can’t able to sleep. He is changing his position and rolling on the bed. Sana’s words are again and again echoing in his ear like alarm and he is feeling like something wrong is happening with her.

“Apko kya lgta hai humhai bhut acha lgata hai jab Mukti ji humshai nokar se bhi batar jesa vyavahar krti hai aur jab aap hum pr chilate hai? Humhra dil bhut jada tutta hai roj, Sidharth Ji, fir bhi hum sochte hai humhre pati jo chte hai hum voh kare taki voh humhai apna le. Sidharth Ji hum apse pyaar krte hai. (Because I love you, Sidharth. Your love was fake but my love is true. I love you and accepted you as my husband with my heart. What do you think I feel good when Mukti treats me worst than a servant and when you shout at me? Every day my heart breaks down terribly, Sidharth, but still, I think that one day my husband will accept me. I love you, Sidharth.)

“Her every word is echoing in his ear again n again and making him insane. He sat on the bed, holding his head.

“I have to check her, something is surely wrong that’s why my mind is only thinking about her.” He said and climbed down the bed.

He reached Gill’s Mansion in no time to check her if she’s fine as his sixth sense is saying to him that she’s in some kind of trouble.

The security Guard informed him that she didn’t come here and his eyes widened in shock. Now he became more anxious for her.

“Where are you, Sana?” He yelled and slammed his hands on the car. The next moment only, he collapsed on the floor, crying hysterically. His heart is aching painfully. He’s sobbing, palming his face.

“Ab hum chale gye hai Sidharth ji apse dur fir aap humhai kyu yaad kar rhai hai? (Now I have gone out of your life, then why are you missing me?” As he heard Sana’s voice, he instantly removed his hands and found her standing in front of him. His eyes shimmered as he saw her.

“Yhi toh chate thai aap, Sidharth Ji, fir kyu apko takleef ho rhi hai?” She asked and he’s just staring at her in disbelief, tears trickling down his cheeks constantly.

“Because I love you, Goddammit I really love you so much.” Sidharth stood up and finally confessed his feelings loudly which he had been hiding from her for so long.

But unluckily Sana is not with him anymore. She has really gone far away from him.

As he raised her hands to clasp her face, she suddenly disappeared.

Sidharth looked all around but now she is nowhere as he was imagining her.

“Sana, you can’t leave me like this. I really need you. I fell in love with you when my eyes laid over you for the first time but I was running away as I was forced to stay away from you but now I’m realising that you’re most important to me, more than anything. I can’t leave without you now.” He cried out, finally accepting that she has become his everything and he loves her a lot.

“Please, come back to me, Sana and forgive me.” He slumped down, crying and he took her name like a prayer.

God never gives true love so easily, for getting true love a person has to pass many tests to prove God his true love.

Sana has already proved that she truly and unconditionally loves Sidharth by passing all the tests with flying colours and now it’s his turn to go through God’s examination.

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