Monster’s Bride (Part: 18 Your arms are my Heaven) Sidnaaz


Sidharth is now sitting, placing her legs on his lap and pressing them and Sana is lying, doing something on phone. They before only came to know someone is coming by hearing the footsteps, so within a few seconds they hastily changed their position.

“Sidharth, do it properly. ” She chided him and then moved her eyes to Cabir.

“You’re gone, Cabir.” Sidharth murmured and chuckled, turning his face to the other side.

“Cabir, how dare you stepped into my room without my permission?” She yelled at him.

“I’m sorry, Sana. I’m hungry and my work has also completed but nobody is giving food to a poor hungry man.” Cabir said doing the over drama and sat with Sidharth.

Sidharth silently laughed, turning his face to Sana and she laughed at him.

“Oh poor you. But you will get the food when everybody work is done.” She said sternly.

“Na aisa na kariye iss garib bhuke ke sath mein apke per chuta hoon. (Please, don’t do this with me, I’m touching your feet.)” Cabir dug his face in Sana’s feet. Sidnaaz laughed silently at each other on his drama.

“Cabir, what are you doing? Move away from me.” She pushed him away with her leg.

“Go and eat something. But this drama won’t work next time.” She instructed him.

Cabir’s eyes glinted with happiness. “Thank you so much, Sana. You’re great.” He squealed before rushing out of the room to eat something.

Sidnaaz laughed hysterically as he left.

Sana stopped laughing and said, “Poor Cabir, he is suffering because of Alia and Mukti.”

“But he’s such a dramebaaz, therefore I’m not involving him in our plan. He can spoil our plan with his over drama.” Sidharth told her and she nodded.


Sidnaaz are lying in each other arms. Aman is standing outside of their room. Sidharth has strictly instructed him not to go anywhere.

Sana asked suddenly, breaking the silence. “Sidharth, could I ask you something?”

“Of course, sweetheart, you can ask me anything.” He clasped her hand and placed a soft kiss on her knuckles.

“Do you still get nightmares?” He’s constantly kissing her hand and as she asked, he stopped and looked at him.

“No, sweetheart. Since the day I have found my home in your arms, my all fears vanished away. Your arms have some kind of

peace, the peace which I had been

craving since childhood. Your arms are heaven on earth for me.” He uttered, deeply gazing into her eyes. She just became speechless after listening to his truthful words and pulled him into her arms, burying his face into her chest. She caressed his hair before placing a kiss on his hair.

Flashback (Before four months)

Sana is still shedding silent tears, lying on the sofa as she lost in getting her husband. Now she is finally going from this house which has become hell for her only in a month.

But the thing that is bothering her that will she ever able to forget him. She is not understanding that why she can’t hate him after whatever he has done with her.

Sidharth entered the room in a drunk state, stumbling. Sana stood up as she saw him. Sidharth was about to fall but Sana rushed to him and held him, wrapping her arm his shoulders. He didn’t let her husband fall and with this, she fulfilled the vow that she will always protect her husband.

“Aaa…” Sana hissed in pain as he pushed her on the floor as he pushed her on their first night of marriage. This shows in this month her love can’t able to change him a bit even.

“Stay away from me, I can handle myself.” Sidharth growled at her and she cried, burying her face on the cold floor. She didn’t even look at him.

Sidharth pulled his coat and lay down on the bed after tossing the coat on the floor. He fell asleep within few minutes because of intoxication.

After some time she stood up from the floor and looked at Sidharth. She strolled to him and took out his shoes and socks from his feet and laid him down properly on the bed. After bearing so much also she is still fulfilling the duty of being a good wife.

“Kash aap humhre pyaar ko kabhi dekh pate Sidharth ji par ab humhai jana hoga kyuki hum apko aur preshan nhi karna chahte apni vajha se. (I wish you could see my love, Sidharth but now I have to go as now I don’t want to trouble you more.)” She is still thinking about him as she blindly loves her husband. Her husband is everything for her. She even can die for him.

She was about to get up from the bed after laying him down properly on the bed but she stopped as he firmly grasped her hand in sleep.

“Please, don’t go. Don’t go leaving me alone.” He murmured in sleep and she looked at him anxiously. He is sweating badly in sleep as like he is seeing a nightmare.

“They will take me away, please don’t go.” He whispered, grasping her hand tightly.

Sana didn’t think anything further and just lay down beside him, hugging him tightly in her arms and digging his face in her chest. She is humming the melody in his ear to calm him down in sleep and soon he became normal and hugged her back tighter like a baby. She also felt incredible to be in his arm as like she found her heaven on the earth.

“Hum Sidharth ji ko chodh kar nhi ja sakte unhai humhri zarrurat hai lekin voh humhai khainge nhi lekin hum ek patni hone ka faraz nibhaege.. marte dum tak. (I can’t leave him after knowing that he needs me. He will never say this to me but I’ll fulfil the duty of being his wife till my last breath.)” She murmured and kissed his hair. She didn’t think about herself for once even and changed her decision of leaving Sidharth instantly after knowing her husband needs her.

But she is unaware that there are so many problems yet to come in her way. After that, she slept peacefully in his arm and he is sleeping, hugging her as a small baby sleeps in his mother’s arm.

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