(Part: 38 Having her with Chocolate) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass


She winced as rays of morning sun tickled her eyes but as she saw Manik sleeping peacefully, a beatific smile came across her face. Wrapping his one arm securely around her waist, placing his face in the crook of her neck, he’s snoring softly, just like a baby. His warm breath on her neck is sending a shiver down her whole body. He’s in a boxer and she is in a white bikini.

“I never thought that you would be storing so much pain inside you. Yesterday when I saw you in so much pain, so vulnerable, my heart was aching. My soul was crying after listening to your past.” She is whispering, gazing at him with immense love in her eyes and gently stroking his stubble.

“If I had known before that you needed me so much, I wouldn’t have taken so much time to accept you.” She murmured, her eyes glinted with guilt and she placed a kiss on his forehead, promising him that she will always keep him happy.

“I’ll fill your life with so much love that you will forget all your pain.” As she uttered, he opened his eyes. He wasn’t sleeping, he was listening to her every word.

She asked him in shock. “You were awake,” he shushed him by capturing her juicy lips. He flipped her on the back and came over her without breaking the kiss. He’s kissing her wildly like he has been hungry for ages. His tongue is exploring every corner of her mouth and his hands are exploring her skin. She’s just enjoying the kiss, moving her hands through his hair.

“You’re already filling my life with so much love, Sunshine. Thank you so much.” He breathed after pulling away from her. She’s panting after the intense kiss.

“But now I’ll show you my real love.”

He frowned and asked, “was it fake before?”

“Fuck off.” She hit him on his chest and he laughed.

“How could you think that my love was fake?” She complained.

“I was just joking, Sunshine.” He said and she rolled her eyes.

“Now get up from me. I have to prepare breakfast because I’m starving.”

“Couldn’t we eat each other in the breakfast because now I’m just feeling like to eat you only?” He said huskily, brushing her lower lip.

She pushed him away. “No, first real breakfast as I’m really hungry. My stomach is growling, Manik.”

He pecked her lips and said, “Okay, fine. So let’s make something together.”

“Great idea, Manik.” She pecked his lips.

“But I’m also gonna eat you with the breakfast.” He grinned at her.

“Who is stopping you. You can have me whenever you want. I’m all yours.” She said, moving closer to him.

He squealed loudly like a kid. “Then let’s go.” He jumped down the bed and hastily scooped her into his arms.

“You’re crazy.” She laughed, resting her head on his chest.

“I’m crazy for you, baby.” He kissed her forehead and led her to the kitchen of the yacht.

“Yesterday we forgot to mark this place with our love.” He said after making her sit on the kitchen counter.

“No worries, we have more days to mark all the remaining places of this yacht with our love.” She grinned, encircling her arms around his neck.

He grinned too before planting a kiss on her lips. Then they started preparing the breakfast.

They are making sandwiches, omelette and chocolate smoothies. She deliberately dipped her finger into the jar of chocolate syrup while making the smoothie and sucked her finger erotically to tease him.

“Stop it or else I’ll forget about your breakfast and eat you.” He warned her in a stern tone. He’s standing on the other side and cutting the veggies for the sandwich.

She grinned and sucked the finger again after dipping it into the syrup. He reached her taking long steps and yanked her to himself by snaking his one arm around her bare waist. She trembled with his touch like always.

“Now first I’m gonna eat you and then I’ll eat breakfast.” He said, dipping his whole hand into the jar of chocolate.

“Eat me, baby, because I have eaten salad and now I’m hungry for nothing except you.” She said and bit her lower lip sexily.

He glided his hand up her back and pulled the strings of her bra, his other hand is still inside the syrup and his intense gaze is fixed at her face. She tossed the bra on the floor, grinning widely at him in excitement.

He swept his eyes down to her twins and his eyes shone with desires. “You’re beautiful and now I’m going to suck all this chocolate from your beautiful tits.” He purred after moving his eyes up to her face.

He took out his hand from the chocolate jar and squeezed her both soft twins one by one with his that hand, applying chocolate there. She moaned in response. He leaned down and started licking the chocolate from her twins before sucking them wildly and hungrily. She moaned in immense pleasure, throwing her head back and moving her hands in his hair. She’s feeling tremendous.

“I want to have you like this every morning, Sunshine.” He whispered against her lips,

applying the chocolate on her lips with his thumb and sucked the chocolate from her lips. She also tasted chocolate while kissing him deeply and pulled him closer by clutching his hair. Their chest pressed against each other.

Then he swiftly turned her around and bent her down on the countertop of the kitchen on her front. As few things fell on the floor, she laughed. He pinned her down by holding her neck and dropped the cold chocolate syrup down her back and butts directly by tilting the jar above her, she shivered in response. He leaned over her before licking and sucking the chocolate down her body. She’s giggling and moaning, enjoying it to the core.

He removed her undies by yanking its strings. With his legs he pulled apart her legs, pulling down his boxer. He shoved into her from behind without any warning by grasping her waist. She screamed, clenching her hands. He bent over her, sliding deep into her and whispered in her ear, panting, “I love you, Sunshine.”

“I love you…” she yelled as he eased out of her and thrust her deeper. “Manik…” she’s screaming as he is thrusting her hard and fast by grasping her hair with one hand and vigorously rubbing her clit with his other hand, now he’s standing straight. He’s taking her to heaven with profound pleasure with every thrust. She’s loving it.

“Oh, Sunshine, I love you so fucking much. You’re fucking so beautiful.” He again bent over her and kissed her lips passionately after turning her face toward him by grasping her hair, still moving in and out slowly. He hit her butts before thrusting her hard and placing wet kisses all over her back. They both have gone into the other world of pleasure and feeling heavenly incredible. They always feel so complete whenever they make love. They never get tired of making love. They have a profound passion and love for each other which will last forever. They never thought that one day someone would become so important to them. Before meeting each other, they only thought about themselves and always tried to become stronger but now they only think about each other and try to fill each other’s life with love and happiness. Now they can’t even imagine their life without each other. They feel alive and happy with each other.

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