Monster’s Bride (Part: 17 My Loving Husband) Sidnaaz


“Sweetheart, you go to the room and take some rest. I’m bringing dinner for you.” He kissed her forehead and said lovingly, tying the knot of her bathrobe and she is just staring at him incredulously, having a small smile on her face as the person who never picked a glass of water, now he makes dinner for her and her every work from small to big. She can’t believe that he changed so much in her love. She feels like she is living a dream.

He looked at her and asked when he found her staring at him unblinkingly. “What are looking at me like this?”

“I’m seeing if you’re that same Sidharth who always used to shout at me in anger and gave surly look to me like this.” She frowned and pouted in anger like him and he laughed hysterically as he found her super cute.

“No, that rude Sidharth ran away forever after seeing your love and the Sidharth who is standing in front of you now is yours only and he will never shout at his beautiful wifey.” He’s saying, stroking her hair and gazing at her with so love in his eyes. “If people look at this new Sidharth, they won’t recognise me like you because now whatever is in me is only you. Now when I stand in front of the mirror, I don’t see myself, I see you, Sana. You have made me a whole new person with your love.”

She just stared at him, dazed with her true words and just hugged him in response. He smiled, wrapping his arms around her and kissed her hair. She smiled contentedly, feeling so lucky to have him.

“I love you.” They both confessed together as they broke the hug and laughed, touching their face.

“I really love you so much, sweetheart.” He clasped her face and sucked her lips lovingly.

“I love you too, husband.” She whispered and pecked his lips.

“Now you go, I’m coming with the dinner.” He said and she nodded before leaving the room last time smiling at him.

He came to the kitchen and stopped at the door. He couldn’t stop himself from laughing when he looked into the kitchen. Cabir is weeping like a baby, washing the utensil, his clothes drenched utterly and Alia is still struggling to make food.

“I hope now they understand what has Sana gone through.” He thought, staring at them.

Then he stepped into the kitchen, frowning. Cabir and Alia pouted at him sadly like babies and he controlled himself from laughing very difficultly.

“Sidharth , let’s go from here. I’m ready to sleep on the footpath but I can’t stay here for one more day.” Cabir said after closing the tap as he finally washed all the utensils.

“Cabir, we don’t have any other option. I will do something, for now, let it be.” Sidharth said, taking out the dinner for Sana from the refrigerator.

“Sidharth , for whom you’re taking this food?” Alia asked bemusedly.

“For that small-town girl.” He shouted, pretending that he’s irritated.

“I’m sorry for calling you small-town girl, Wifey.” He apologised instantly in his mind.

“But then why she’s making me cook? Who will eat this?” Alia asked, bristling with anger.

“Alia, what do you think, she will eat the food which you’re making? Did you forget how we had given the food prepared by her to Tommy? Anyway, she knows you’re such a great chef.” Cabir said sarcastically and laughed. She gritted her teeth and glared at him. Sidharth also chuckled, reheating the food in the microwave.

“You both do your work and you take the dinner of Madam to her room.” A servant ordered them.

“My work is done, could I go now and eat something?” Cabir asked, irritated.

“You have to take permission from Mam before eating.” The servant answered him and Cabir muttered something under his breath.

“Cabir, could you help me, please?” Alia asked in an extra-sugary voice.

“Rajat, tell Alia that helping is not allowed.” Cabir said and left the room. Alia cried out in pain.

On the other hand, Mukti is now spreading the clothes for drying on the terrace. She is exhausted and always bristling with rage.

“Mukti, think something to destroy that bitch fast.” She said to herself, still she has no regret of her past deeds. She is a big witch.

She came downstairs and when she was about to sit on the sofa, the servant stopped her. “Mukti, now who will do the cleaning of the house?”

“What? More cleaning? I can’t do it. I’m so tired.” She cried out and the servant laughed at her.

“Okay, talk to Sana Mam.”

“This girl I will not leave her.” Mukti growled in anger.


She’s sitting on Sidharth ’s lap and like always showing tantrums like a small kid when he’s feeding her with his hand.

“No, I can’t eat more, baby, please.” She said and hid her face in his chest like a baby.

“I think your stomach is smaller than a baby. You haven’t eaten anything.” He chided her.

“Yes, my tummy is small and now you’re making me fat by making me eat so much.” She complained, pointing her finger at the food. Then she moved her finger to her tummy and said, “look, I have become so fat and it’s your fault.” He just stared at her in disbelief.

“You’re right, you’re really getting fat and you need dieting now.” He said sarcastically and scolded her. “Stop your drama, open your mouth and eat this. You don’t eat anything and becoming so weak.” She pouted sadly and unwillingly opened her mouth.

“My cutie wifey.” He pulled her cheek.

“You’re very bad.” She hit his chest and he laughed.

Then she also fed him with her hand and kissed him on his cheek.

“If I’m bad, then why are you kissing me?” He asked, raising his brows.

She pecked his lips. “You’re mine and you’re not bad.”

“Then how I’m?” He asked moving closer to her.

She’s kissing all over his face and saying, “You’re so caring, you’re so loving, you’re so sweet,” he’s chuckling.

Cabir is coming toward Sidnaaz’s room and it is ajar. Aman has gone to the washroom.

Cabir opened the door and widened his eyes in shock.

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