Monster’s Bride (Part: 16 Hot Massage) Manan


No one can imagine how lonely I was before meeting you.

Massage room

Nandini is lying on her stomach, naked, her butts are covered with the white towel and Manik is gently massaging her back while controlling his inner desire as Mukti is present in the room and cleaning it.

“Mukti, stop looking around. Do your work fast and get lost from here.” She chided Mukti as she’s spoiling Manik and her private time with her presence.

She just frowned at Nandini as she can’t do anything.

“And Manik, you do your work properly.” She scolded him too and chuckled.

“Let me Mukti go, then I’ll tell you what real massage is.” He thought, pressing her back gently and she moaned in response.

“Mukti, I think you’re going take the whole night to complete the cleaning of this room.” She taunted her and she stormed out of the room after glancing at her in anger.

He hastily rushed to lock the doors. He pulled down all the curtains and she just smiling shyly as she knows what is going to happen now. Butterflies are flying in her stomach because of excitement.

“So, what were you saying I’m not giving you a proper massage?” He asked, strolling to her, gazing at her with desires in eyes and she blushed hard. He swiftly yanked the towel and tossed it on the floor. He admired her beautiful and flawless body. She is looking so tempting to him by lying like this, utterly naked.

“Now it’s time to give you real massage which gonna take you to heaven.” He murmured and palmed her round butts. As his hands touched there, she closed her eyes, feeling incredible. She moaned as he started squeezing them after fondling them. He glided his hands up her back, massaging her.

“Oh, baby, you’re so good.” She moaned, feeling heavenly amazing with his touch. He smiled and started opening the buttons of his shirt with one hand and massaging her back with his other hand.

He pulled off his shirt and leaned down. He nuzzled her neck and hair before placing kisses down her neck and back. She is just enjoying his heavenly touch which is driving her insane.

He is busy placing soft and wet kisses all over her back, she suddenly turned around and captured his lips like a wild cat who has been hungry for ages. He kissed her back with equal passion and squeezed her twins, she moaned in his mouth, clenching his hair and kissed him intensely.

“I’m so surprised as my wifey who is so shy, she is so bold and wild on the bed.” He breathed as they broke the kiss, panting. She smiled sheepishly at him.

“Even I wasn’t aware that I would be so bold on the bed. You have taken out my this wild side with your hotness, Husband.” She said, placing her hands over his bare chest and they chuckled.

He lay astride her, their faces touching and they are gazing into each other eyes intensely with profound love like they directly looking at each other souls.

“You know, I have fallen in love with your innocent eyes when for the first time I looked into them.” He said in a husky voice and placed soft kisses on her eyelids.

He continued and his eyes glinted with remorse, “but I realised so late and hurt you a lot. I can never forgive myself for,” she shushed him by placing her finger over his lips. He just staring at her with guilt in his eyes.

“I have forgiven you, Manik. You also have to forgive yourself completely to move on. Now you have become the best version of yourself and giving me so much love. All the pain which I endured is nothing in front of your love, Manik. Please, for me, forgive yourself as when I see you guilt in your eyes, my heart aches.” She implored him to forgive himself.

He said, “I’ll try to forgive myself for you but it’s difficult.” He kissed her forehead and whispered, “but now I’ll fill your life with immense happiness and will protect you till my last breath.”

“I love you.” She smiled and pecked his lips.

“I love you more, sweetheart.” He kissed her nose.

“Now make love with me as I’m dripping wet for you.” She demanded and flushed. She always amazes him with boldness on the bed and he can’t believe that she’s his same shy and innocent wifey.

“Feelings are mutual, wifey. I’m hard for you.” He uttered, rubbing his crotch against her. She moaned, closing her eyes and encircling her arms around his neck.

Then he hastily pulled down his jeans and boxer. “I love you, Nandini.” He confessed and entered deep into her, stretching her and making her scream in pleasure. She scratched his back, splaying her legs for him. She feels so complete whenever he comes inside her.

She came out of her and shoved into her deeper. She screamed, “I love you, baby.”

On one side Manan are making love secretly and other side fab3 are working, tired, frustrated and fuming with rage.

Cabir is in the kitchen, his work is to wash utensils but it seems like that he is washing his clothes instead of utensils. The tap is running in full speed and he’s crying like a small baby.

“Aaa…” Alia screamed in pain as her hand burned for the tenth time in one hour while making dinner.

“Alia, are you making dinner or are you practising for the screaming competition. You have eaten my mind by screaming again and again.” He shouted at her, taking out all his frustration on her and she cried out, holding her hand.

“Cabir, you’re so mean. Here I’m screaming in pain and you’re scolding me.” Alia complained like a small kid.

“So what? You deserve all this for torturing Nandini.” He yelled at her, hurling the glass on the floor.

“You both stop fighting and focus on your work or else I will complain to Nandini Mam.” A maid warned them and they glared at her in anger.

Who thought that one day workers of this house will order them?

“Anything else, Madam.” Cabir joined his hand in front of the Maid and started washing his clothes and utensils.

“Before I used to play drums and today I’m playing the utensils. Oh God, please help me.” He said dramatically.

Alia is trying to make dinner by watching the videos on YouTube but it’s getting impossible as she never even stepped into the kitchen before to cook.

On the other hand, Mukti is washing the clothes and a servant is instructing her.

“Do it properly.” The servant is scolding her continuously as like he is taking revenge on her.

“So do it yourself.” She rolled her eyes, throwing the clothes. He laughed at her.

“Laugh as much as you want now as after that I’ll take revenge from everybody, especially from that villager.” She thought, glaring at the servant.

“Start doing your work again or else I’ll complain to Nandini Mam.” The servant said and Mukti averted her eyes in anger. She started washing the clothes reluctantly.

Now Nandini is sitting on the lap of Manik, placing her head on his chest, listening to his soothing heartbeat. They are naked and feeling each other touch silently. His arms are securely wrapped around her and their lips are drawn up to a contented smile.

“I just always wonder that how did you come to know before me that I have fallen in love with you.” He uttered in a disbelief tone, breaking the silence. She raised her head from his chest to look at him.

“Because your eyes speak more than actions and I have always seen love in them, therefore I wasn’t ready to leave you.” She said, caressing his stubble with her thumb, gazing at him fondly.

“Thank you for not giving up on me.” He said and thanked her by kissing her lips softly and lovingly by clasping her face.

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