Monster’s Bride (Part: 15 Secret romance) Sidnaaz


Sidnaaz are walking out of the restaurant hand in hand, smiling. Aman brought Sana’s black Mercedes and stepped out of it. He gave a warm smile to them.

“Sana, now I’m going. You remember what you have to do, right?” He asked her, holding her hands.

She smiled and nodded at him. “But what work I’ll give to you?” She asked him innocently.

“You have an opportunity to make me do anything, sweetheart.” He winked at her and she blushed, moving her eyelashes down. He brought her hands closer to his lips, gazing at her and gently kissed her knuckles.

Then Sidharth looked at Aman and instructed him in a stern tone. “Drop her at home safely, Aman.” A broad smile flashed on her face, seeing his caring nature and she gazed at him fondly. Whatever she had endured, it’s nothing in front of his love. She is now grateful to have a husband like him in her life. He loves her so much now. Her patience, her hope, her prayers and her self-confidence won at the end and she’s so happy as finally her all dreams are coming true.

“Yes, Sir.” Aman slightly nodded his head at him.

Sidharth turned his face to her. A smile flashed on his face when he saw her gazing at him with so much love.

He raised his brows, asking her in a gesture that what happened. She just shook her head.

He clasped her face and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. She closed her eyes and smiled contentedly.

“See you at home, wifey.” He whispered and as his warm breath caressed her face, a shiver rushed down her spine. Her eyes widened in shock as he sucked her lips softly in front of Aman.

He pulled away and murmured, “I love you, Sana.”

“I love you too.” She smiled at him fondly.

“See you.” Then he gave her a quick peck on her cheek before leaving. She’s just smiling, seeing him going away.

“Mam, we shall also leave now.” As Aman said, she came on the earth back. She nodded at him and he opened the door of the car for her.


Sidharth marched into the mansion with the papers in his hand, his brows have frowned in fake anger.

“Sidharth, where were you?” Alia asked him when he stepped into the hall, fuming in anger.

“I went to our lawyer to show the papers but he said nothing can happen.” He shook his head and sat down on the sofa, holding his head after tossing the papers on the table.

“Sidharth, what we gonna do now?” Cabir asked him in a serious tone. He looked at him cluelessly.

“I’m gonna kill that bloody bitch.” Mukti roared and hurled the vase on the floor in fury. She’s bristling with anger.

Sidharth stood up and walked to her. “Relax, Mukti.” He said after clasping her face.

“Guys, I think we shouldn’t do something in anger now. We should stay here for something and make some plan.” Sidharth said to them and waited for their answer.

“I think you’re right, Sidharth as we have no other choice.” Cabir agreed, then Sidharth moved his eyes to Mukti and Alia. They also nodded, having no other option.

Then they all settled down and Sidharth messaged Sana secretly.

Sidharth: They all are ready to stay here.

Sana: Great Job, Husband. So everything is going according to the plan.

A smile flashed on his face as he read her reply but he immediately hid his smile realising he’s sitting with his friends and he has to pretend that he’s frustrated.

Sidharth: I love you, wifey.

He sent the message with the heart emoji.

Sana: I love you more, Husband.

Sidharth: I just can’t wait to see you.

Sana: You have to wait for some time.

Sidharth: Okay, see you, I’m with them.

Sana: Okay.

He kept the phone back in his pocket.


Sana stepped into the mansion after a few hours and Aman came, following her.

“Call everyone in the hall.” Sana ordered one of the servants before settling down on the sofa. Aman stood behind her.

She said after taking a deep breath. “Sana, calm down. You can do it.” She is constantly encouraging herself to be a bad woman because it’s very difficult for a sweet woman like Sana to be mean and rude. She needs lots of courage to hurt and insult others.

They all came there. Alia and Mukti exchanged an angry glance. Sidnaaz passed each other a small smile secretly.

“No, no.” As they moved to sit on the sofa, she shouted, stopping them from sitting.

They looked at her. “When did I ask you all to sit down?” She asked them curtly, completely behaving like them. Sidharth is so impressed with her acting skills. He can’t believe that the woman who is standing in front of him is her sweet and kind wifey.

“This is the last time I’m telling you that if you want to stay here, then you can’t do anything without my permission, not even sit here with me.” She instructed them in a livid tone. They’re just glaring at her.

She sighed before standing up. “Anyway, It’s great that you all decided to stay here and be my slave. So you all have to start working from today only.” She said, walking around them.

Then she stood in front of them to assign them their duties. “Cabir, you will wash all the utensils.” She ordered, waggling her finger at him, making him gasped in shock. She smiled after seeing his reaction.

Then she moved her finger and eyes to Alia. “And Alia, you will cook the dinner.” She just rolled her eyes in response.

Sidharth is desperately waiting for what work her wife will allocate to him.

“Mukti, my sister in law, you have to do double work. You have to clean the whole house and wash all the clothes.” As Sana instructed her, she gave her deadly glares.

“And my husband, you will massage my body as today my body is aching badly.” She said dramatically, pressing her arm. Sidharth widened his eyes in surprise. He didn’t expect this. She gave him a mischief wink.

“Wow, you’re so smart, wifey.” He wondered, glaring at her, pretending to be angry.

Then she asked the butler to call servants.

When the servants came, she explained them. “Good news for you all as I have made your work easy. Now you all have to keep the eyes on the new servants of the house and inform me if they are doing the work properly or not.” She instructed servants, pointing her finger at fab4.

Mukti moved forward to shout at her but Alia stopped her by holding her hand.

“Now why you all are wasting your time staring at me. Go and start your work as you all can’t sleep before completing your work.” She shouted at them and they all left except Sidharth.

“Follow me.” She said to him sassily before strolling to their room. He grinned goofily and followed her.

As soon as they stepped into the room, he hastily shut the door and pinned her against the wall by grasping her arms and captured her delicious lips. He kissed her passionately after clasping her face. She responded to him with equal flavour, curling her fingers around his neck. They’re kissing each other like they have been hungry for ages.

They broke the kiss, panting. “Come on remove your clothes and lie down on the bed.” He said and her eyes dilated in shock.

“Why?” She asked him innocently, smiling sheepishly.

“Did you forget that you ordered me to do your massage?” He asked, raising his brows and grinning.

“I just gave you that work because I want you to stay with me. So no work as now you’re with me.” She pushed him away.

“But now I’m your slave, I’ll have to do your given work.” He said teasingly and she blushed, moving her eyelashes down.

“Sidharth, leave it, please.” She implored, making adorable faces, he chuckled. He’s enjoying it a lot while teasing her.

He nodded his head. “I can’t leave the opportunity to give massage to my wifey’s beautiful and flawless body.” He murmured, moving closer to her face and they gazed into each other eyes deeply and intensely.

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