(Part: 37 His Dreadful Past) {Sidnaaz} Mafia’s Badass


Shehnaaz and Sidharth are sitting on the edges of the yacht. She is sitting between his leg, placing her head on his chest, listening to his soothing heartbeat and writing I love with her finger on his thigh. She’s wearing his shirt like always and he is in shorts. They both have a contented smile on their face.

He clasped her face and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. She smiled contentedly feeling the touch of his lips.

“I love you, Sunshine.” He murmured, gazing into her eyes intensely.

“I love you more.” She pecked his lips and again placed her head on his chest to hear his soul-soothing heartbeat.

“You’ll never leave me.. Right?” He asked in a meek voice and she shook her head in disbelief.

“If one more time you asked me this, I’m gonna kick your ass so hard that you’ll forget that where the sunrise” She warned him sternly.

He chuckled, seeing her badass attitude. She glared at him in anger.

“Just tell me what’s really bothering you. Please.” She implored, entwining her hand with him and again placed her head on his chest. She knows him so well. She knows something is really bothering and therefore he is, again and again, asking the same question from her. He’s just staring at her mutely.

After a long silence, he took a deep breath and tightened his hold around her waist.

“Actually I’m scared to lose you because of my past.” As he mentioned his past, she raised her head from his chest and looked at him.

“Please, tell me. I know it’s distributing you.” She requested, placing her hand on his face. He’s looking at her like a vulnerable small kid, nobody can say that he’s the same Mafia Boss who tortures people to make them spit out the truth.

“My mom and dad were secret agents. You know I had a little sister also.” A smile flashed on his recalling her family.

But instantly his lips drew down in despair and he uttered in a shaky voice. “B-but they all were killed.” As he told her, a lone tear trickled down his cheek and her eyes dilated in shock.

He closed his eyes to compose himself and more tears streamed down his cheeks. She squeezed his hand to assure him that she’s with him and wiped his tears with her other hand.


A ten years old boy, Sidharth was coming out of the house holding his mother’s hand. His father and his three years old sister were playing in the garden of the house. Sidharth and his mother stopped when they saw few men were standing pointing guns at his father and sister. Then they shot them in front of their eyes.

He was about to shout and run to them but his mother stopped him and palmed his mouth, they both are crying mechanically. She dragged him into the house as she wanted to protect him.

“My baby, please hide somewhere nobody can find you.” His mom clasped his face and pleaded, crying badly.

“Mom.” He sobbed. “Dad and Lily, they,”

She said, cutting his words. “Baby, we don’t have time. Please, for me hide somewhere.”

He just hugged her mother, wrapping his arm around her waist and burying his face in her belly, crying profusely.

“I love you, baby.” She cried too, moving her hand through his hair and kissed his head.

“Now you have to hide and promise me you won’t come out until someone come.” She said after pulling him away from her.

He nodded. “Okay, Mumma, I promise you.”

She bent down and kissed his forehead, crying fretfully.

He ran to the stairs and turned around. She gave him a flying kiss, tears coursing down their cheeks constantly.

He came on the terrace to hide. “Mumma.” He cried out loudly in agony when he saw them killing his mother also like his father and sister.

He hid into the huge tank to fulfil his mother’s promise. He stayed there for two days, horrified, shattered, starving and crying.

Then his mother’s brother, Dan rescued him. He’s a Mafia Boss and made Sidharth also a Mafia as he wanted to take revenge on the people who had killed his family. He wanted to become strong that nobody could harm him. With losing his parents, he lost his childhood and all the happiness. He started living the life to become stronger and stronger.

Flashback Over

“Mom, Dad and my-my little sis-sis-sister, they all were killed in front of my eyes.” He shuttered, whimpering like a small kid. She’s also shedding silent tears after listening about his dreadful past and seeing his vulnerable condition.

“I’m with you. Just take out all the pain.” She just pulled him into her arms, burying his head in her chest to console him. He howled, taking all the pain out which he had stored deep inside him. The flashes of his horrible past revolving in his mind and making him insane. He’s crying louder and louder.

Her heart is aching painfully listening to his fretful screams. She is also crying with him and rubbing his back constantly, pulling him closer and closer to herself and kissing his neck, forehead, cheeks and head.

Nobody can say that the person who is crying like a baby in the arms of Shehnaaz is the mafia boss, a frightening man who doesn’t think twice before killing people and make them suffer till their last breath.

She’s letting him cry how much he wants because she knows it’s necessary, then only he will get relief.

After a few minutes when he stopped crying, she pulled him away from her and placed a soft and tender kiss on his forehead, murmuring, “I love you.” He closed his eyes in response, feeling much better after taking out his pain.

She clasped his face and touched her face with his. For a few minutes, they both got lost in each other, and then he again hugged her firmly. She hugged him back tighter.

“Thank you so much for being there for me.” He murmured in her ear, hugging her tighter, literally crushing her bones.

“I’m always with you, Sidharth.” She placed a kiss on his shoulder.

“I love you, Sunshine.” He whispered after breaking the hug, gazing at her fondly. His eyes became red because of crying constantly but now there isn’t pain in his eyes, they are filled with love now.

She kissed his forehead and as he closed his eyes, she kissed his both eyelids.

“I love you, Sidharth.” She confessed with so much love in her eyes and voice before planting a soft and soul-soothing kiss over his lips. She’s taking away his all pain with this kiss and sparkling his soul. He kissed her back lovingly and softly, curling his long fingers around his neck.

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