Monster’s Bride (Part: 14 MAN BEHIND THE MASK) Sidnaaz


Love changes the person utterly from in and out.


Next morning

Fab 4 are happy that finally, Sana left the house but Sidharth is sitting grimly. Something is troubling him very much. He’s happy.

The day before yesterday he asked Sana to get lost from his house, now when she has gone, so why now he is not happy, he’s wondering.

Flashback over

Sana reached the luxurious restaurant. She asked Aman to stay out before walking inside. She strolled to her booked seat and settled down.


Come soon. I have reached.

She messaged somebody.

She is doing something on her phone and again and again glancing at the door because he’s waiting for someone desperately.

Finally, a man stepped into the restaurant and a huge and cheerful smile appeared on her face. She stood up and rushed to him, smiling merrily. The man isn’t visible as he is wearing the face mask.

“I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.” She is constantly apologising to the person, hugging him tighter and tighter.

He pulled apart from her and asked, “Why are saying sorry, sweetheart?”

“Because I slapped you.” She said, moving her eyelashes down guiltily. Now finally it is revealed that the person is non-other than her husband, Sidharth as he removed his mask, his sexy lips are drawn to a beatific smile.

“Sweetheart, I have told you before also that I deserve that slap for what I have done with you earlier. Don’t be sorry, please.” He explained to her after clasping her face.

Nobody can say he is the same person who was shouting at her a few months back.

“Sidharth, you were forced to that with me. You don’t deserve a slap from anyone, never. You should be awarded the trophy for being the best person.” As she said, he stared at her in disbelief.

“Oh my God, don’t you think, it’s getting too much.” He said and they both laughed.

She placed her hand on his face where she had slapped him. “I hope I didn’t hurt.” She asked, caressing his cheek with her thumb and her voice and eyes are filled with concern.

“Sweetheart, I’m perfectly fine. Don’t worry.” Sidharth clasped her hand and placed a soft kiss on her knuckles.

“Sidharth, I’m sorry that I slapped Mukti.” As she apologised for slapping Mukti, he widened his eyes in shock.

“Are you mad, Sana? You’re saying sorry for slapping Mukti. She deserves many more slaps. I wish I had slapped her hard on her first mistake, then she wouldn’t have become like this. It’s all my fault.” Sidharth looked down on the floor, ashamed.

“Sidharth, it’s not your fault. you just want to give her all the happiness. She took the advantage of your unconditional love.” She explained to him after clasping his face.

“I’m glad that you came into my life and gave me the courage to change my sister. I’m blessed to have you, sweetheart.” He said lovingly and she is just smiling at him.

“And I’m seriously so shocked that you still don’t hate Mukti and you don’t have grudges against her. You’re such a beautiful person from inside and outside both. Your soul is so pure.” There was a time when he was insulting her and calling her an uneducated small-town woman and today he isn’t getting tired of praising her. It seems like some magic has happened.

“Sidharth, my parents taught me that someone does wrong with us, if we also become like them and do the same thing with them, then what will be the difference between them and us.” She explained to him her point of view.

“You’re teaching me so much but I’m seriously saying I can’t be like you. I’m really blessed to have a wife like you. I love you so much.” He pulled her into his warm arms and placed a kiss on the forehead.

“I love you more.” She confessed back, snuggling in his arms like a baby and they both smiled contentedly.

Today nobody can say that he is the person who had treated Sana brutally and married her for revenge. Her love has changed him utterly.


After some time Sidharth is lovingly feeding Sana with his hand and pecking her cheek and lips time to time, she is just smiling cheerily. They are sitting holding each other hands. They are so much in love with each other. Now nobody can break their relationship.

“Sidharth, I’ll also feed you.” She said snatching the spoon from his hand.

“Yes, please, wifey.” He agreed and she became happy like a small kid. Then she fed him lovingly.

“Anyway, I must say, great job, Sana. You should be an actress. I was so amazed to see your acting. For a second I became doubtful that you’re my same innocent and shy wifey.” Sidharth said amazingly and she chuckled.

“Sidharth, all credit goes to you. You’re the only one who taught me everything.” She said, waggling her finger at him.

“Everybody’s face was worth watching.” He said and they both laughed.

“Sidharth, you also acted so well. Nobody can say that you yourself named all the properties to me.” She adorably giggled, placing her hand over her mouth and he got lost in her.

He suddenly moved closer to her face and planted a quick kiss on her juicy lips. She widened her eyes in amazement. “I love you so much, sweetheart.” He whispered against her lips and pecked them. She smiled sheepishly, her eyelashes moved down.

“You’re so adorable, baby.” He pulled her cheeks and she laughed.

“Sidharth, let’s take selfies.” Sana suddenly squealed picking up the phone from the table.

“Oh so here comes my selfie queen who is always ready to take selfies.” Sidharth chuckled.

She rolled her eyes and said, “It’s your fault, you have made me like this.” He laughed more.

“Why are you laughing?” She asked innocently and he stopped laughing.

“Because you’re so cute.” He tapped her nose with his forefinger.

Then they took few selfies making adorable faces, in one of the selfies, he kissed her cheek. They are so happy together like a perfect couple.

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