Monster’s Bride (Part: 13 Her Outburst) Sidnaaz


Mukti came to Sidharth’s room. He is roaming across the room lost in deep thoughts.

“Bhai.” As she called him, he looked at her.

“We need your help in this plan. Won’t you do this for me?” Mukti asked, walking to him.

He doesn’t want to hurt Sana more but he can’t even deny his sister request. For him, Mukti is his everything, he can do anything for her.

“I married to her for revenge only, so I’m in as I want her to leave this as soon as possible.” Sidharth agreed unwillingly to hurt the poor soul more.

Mukti smiled at him. “Thank you, Bhai. You’re best.” She hugged him and smirked.


After some time Fab5 are sitting in the dining room, ready to execute their evil plan.

“I’m sure after today she will surely leave this house.” Mukti said with full confidence and smiled evilly. Sidharth is sitting there reluctantly.

As they all saw Sana coming to them, they passed an evil smile to each other.

“Will your brother make today’s dinner?” Mukti shouted at her like she is the maid of the house. Sana gave her a slight nod and stared at Sidharth with hope in her eyes. She is bearing all this as she still thinks that he will support her. Sidharth is looking down silently.

She went to the kitchen, disheartened to prepare the dinner, not aware of what they are planning to do with her.

After some time she came back with the dinner and arranged it on the dining table. She narrowed her brows when Mukti started sprinkling the red chilly powder in the bowl of vegetables.

“Mukti Ji aap yeh kya kar rhi hai? Aap log itni Mirchi kese khaoge? (What are doing? How you all will eat such spicy food?)” She asked innocently not knowing her evil intention.

“Who told you that we gonna eat this? You will eat this spicy food.” As Mukti said, Sana’s eyes widened in horror.

“Hum itni Mirchi nhi kha paenge. (I won’t able to eat this.)” She denied, stepping back. Mukti and Alia smirked at her. Sidharth is just looking down.

“You have to eat this.” Mukti growled at her. She nodded her and tears streamed down her eyes.

“Bhai, ask her to eat this as how can she deny her husband’s order.” Mukti said, holding Sidharth’s hand.

He closed his eyes and gather the courage to order her. “Sana, it’s my order, eat it now or leave this house.” Sidharth said, hoping that she would leave the house because he doesn’t want to hurt her.

“Hum nhi kha skte. (I can’t eat.)” She denied, crying. His heart is also aching.

“If you don’t want to eat it, then get the fuck out of this house.” Mukti thundered and she shivered on her place.

She slowly walked toward the bowl and decided to eat the spicy food. Sidharth closed his eyes dejectedly because he wanted her to leave the house. Now he has to see her suffering in front of his eyes which he doesn’t want.

Mukti gave her the spoon, smiling evilly.

She started eating with her shivering hand, still looking at Sidharth with hope in her wet eyes but Sidharth is looking down. Cabir also didn’t say anything because of Mukti.

Sana ate one spoon of spicy vegetables and shut her eyes to bear the pain, crying more badly. Sidharth clenched his hand, he wants to stop her.

Mukti and Alia laughed at her as always like shameless souls. She ate few more spoons very difficultly and breathing heavily. Her mouth is burning because of the chilly.

“hum-hum aur nhi kha skte. (I-I can’t eat more.)” She shuttered, breathing heavily and tears are constantly rolling down her cheeks. Her eyes have become red. Mukti and Alia smiled at each other devilishly.

“Pani, Pani, chayie. Please. (I, I want water, please.)” She rushed to the Jug but Mukti picked it up before she could grab it.

“You want water? Take it.” Mukti snickered and dropping the water on the floor in front of her eyes. She is dying to drink water as her whole body is burning because of red chilly powder.

“Please, Mukti Ji humhai pani dedo. (Please, Mukti, give me water.)” Sana begged for water, crying.

“Sidharth Ji, please, pani dedo. (Sidharth, please, give me water.)” Sana begged in front of Sidharth but Sidharth is sitting on the chair like a stone-hearted person. A real monster who is seeing her wife begging for water and not doing anything.

“It’s enough, have water, Sana.” Cabir gave the other jug of water to Sana and Sidharth sighed with relief. She hurriedly drank the water. Mukti frowned at Cabir and stormed to her room.

Sana also went to her room. She closed the door and started crying hysterically, slumping down on floor and hugging her knees closer to her chest. She never thought that her life would become like this after marriage.

“Ganu ji, humshe aur nhi sha jata. Sidharth ji humhai kabhi nhi apnaege, voh kuch bolte hi nhi hai, sirf Mukti ji ki bat sunte hai. Hum kya kare Ganu ji hum roj har rhai hai aur ush har ke sath roj tuth rhai hai.. Bhut jada lekin hum Sidharth ji se nafrat nhi kar pa rhai hai hum unshe kyu abhi bhi pyaar krte hai, kyu hum unhse nafrat nhi kar pa rhai. Kyu? (Ganu Ji, I can’t bear more. Sidharth will never accept me. He always stays silent and only listens to Mukti. What I should do, Ganu Ji, I’m failing every day and with that, I’m breaking a lot. But still, I love him, why can’t I hate him, Ganu Ji. Why?)” She howled in agony.

After sometime

Mukti entered Cabir’s Room to again do her drama.

“Cabir, why you are thinking about that girl? You know that I’m just doing this for the sake of revenge. I just want to throw him out of the house at any cost.” Mukti said dejectedly.

“Mukti, I’m thinking about Sidharth, he is developing feelings for Sana. Therefore I’m protecting her.” As Cabir told her, Mukti frowned in anger.

“Cabir, that’s why I’m doing this, I want her to get out of bhai’s life as soon as possible.” Mukti shouted angrily.

“Mukti, relax. I thought after knowing this you would accept Sana.” He placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Cabir, please for me. For us help me to take her out from this house.” Mukti pleaded.

“Okay if you want this only, for our band, for us and our friendship, I will do this.” Cabir agreed after Mukti’s drama and she smiled with triumph.

“But Mukti, don’t you think we are going too far?” Cabir asked in a serious tone.

“Cabir, everything is fair in love and war.” She said and he nodded.


On the other hand, Sidharth stepped into his room and saw Sana arranging his bed as like nothing happened. This made Sidharth angrier that why she never reacts, why she never asks for her right from him, why she doesn’t fight with him, why she always behave as like nothing has happened.

Sidharth grasped her arms and pinned her against the wall. “Why are you bearing all this? Why just you can’t leave this house?” He asked in fury.

“Kyuki hum apse pyaar krte hai, Sidharth ji. Apka pyaar jutha tha lekin humhra sacha tha.. Humhne dilse apko apna pati mana hai. (Because I love you, Sidharth. Your love was fake but my love is true. I love you and accepted you as my husband with my heart.)” She told him her feelings in a loud voice and he left her arms in response.

“Apko kya lgta hai humhai bhut acha lgata hai jab Mukti ji humshai nokar se bhi batar jesa vyavahar krti hai aur jab aap hum pr chilate hai? (What do you think I feel good when Mukti treats me worst than a servant and when you shout at me?)” She asked in anger, her eyes filled with profound pain.

“Humhra dil bhut jada tutta hai roj, Sidharth Ji, fir bhi hum sochte hai humhre pati jo chte hai hum voh kare taki voh humhai apna le. (Every day my heart breaks down terribly, Sidharth, but still, I think that one day my husband will accept me.)” Tears trickling down her eyes mechanically and he just looking down.

“Sidharth Ji hum apse pyaar krte hai. (I love you, Sidharth.)” She again confessed after grabbing his collars and he finally moved his to her.

“Aap jo chate hai hum voh krte hai, fir bhi aap humhai kyu nhi apnate? (Whatever you want, I do but then also why don’t you accept me?)” She asked, crying silently.

“Because I don’t love you. Why don’t you get it?” He roared and she left his collars. “I just want to throw you out of this house.”

“Thikhai aap yhi chte ho toh hum kal subha hote hi iss ghar se chle jaenge. (Okay, if you want this only, then I’ll leave this house.)” She stated in a serious tone, wiping her tears.

Then she strode to the bathroom.

Sidharth is standing like a statue. He is confused that why he is not happy with her decision to finally leave this house. He isn’t understanding that why he is feeling like he is losing everything.

Then the screen split into two parts, on one side, Sana is crying in the washroom, holding the knob of the door and on the other side Sidharth is standing with a confused expression.

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