Monster’s Bride (Part: 12 A Whole New Person) Sidnaaz


Fab4 are still sitting in the hall but haven’t spoken a single word yet. They all are still in great shock after seeing the new look of Sana.

“Guys, I’m really not understanding that how she made us signed the papers.” Alia uttered, breaking the silence.

“I’m not understanding that how this small-town girl changed so much within just four months.” Cabir shook his head in disbelief.

“Just by changing her clothes and learning few words of English, she is thinking like she is a queen. We’ll teach her a lesson and show her place.” Mukti said and gritted her teeth, standing up from the sofa, her eyes are burning with anger.

Sidharth suggested, “let’s go to our penthouse to make some plans.”

“Good plan.” Alia said and then they all strode to the door but Guard stopped them from going out.

“How dare you stop us?” Sidharth roared at the Guards.

“Mam has instructed us that nobody will step out of the mansion without her permission.” Guard told them.

“What the hell!” Cabir growled in anger.

“I said open the door.” Sidharth shouted, grabbing the collars of Guards.

Cabir placed his hand on Sidharth’s shoulder. “Sidharth, relax.”

“Bhai, calm down.” Mukti also tried to calm him down. Sidharth closed his eyes and left the guard’s collars.

“I’m going to teach her the lesson now.” Sidharth rushed to his room which is now Sana’s room. They all followed him.

“No, you can’t enter.” Before he could enter, Sana’s man who is standing out of the room stopped him.

“Let me go inside.” He snarled at him.

Then only the door opened and Sana stepped out.

“What’s happening? You all have spoiled my beauty sleep.” Sana sassed in attitude.

“Sana.” Sidharth bawled at her with outrage and he was about to hold her arm but before that, her man pushed Sidharth away and stood in front of her. She snickered, staring at them.

They all fumed in anger and stared at them with their eyes filled with rage.

“Oh, Poor Babies.” She scoffed at them.

“Sana…” he roared and he was about to hold her arm again but she moved back.

“No, Mr Shukla, you can’t touch me.” She said curtly and he glared at her.

“So you all have come to know that you can’t even move a pin here without my permission. So if you wanna leave this house, you can leave, but if you wanna stay in this house, then you all have to my slave.” She gave them clear instructions.

The way she’s shouting at them and giving orders to them, nobody can say that she is that same woman who didn’t dare to speak a single word in front of them. She has become a whole new person.

“Let’s go, Aman.” Sana said to her man.

“I will come back at night. If I still see you all in my house, I will understand that you decide to stay in this house. Hope to see you all tonight.” She smirked at them and marched to the main door of the mansion in attitude. His man followed her.

“Bhai, now what we will do?” Mukti asked him.

“I told you that time also that don’t do anything with her. Now is your revenge accomplished?” Cabir shouted at them, making their mouth shut. Sidharth is standing leaning against the wall with his closed, he’s lost in deep thoughts.


Sana reached the luxurious restaurant. She asked Aman to stay out before walking inside. She strolled to her booked seat and settled down.


Come soon. I have reached.

She messaged somebody.

She is doing something on her phone and again and again glancing at the door because he’s waiting for someone desperately.

Finally, a man stepped into the restaurant and a huge and cheerful smile appeared on her face. She stood up and rushed to him, smiling merrily. The man isn’t visible as he is wearing the face mask.

Flashback (Before Four Months)

Abhimanyu’s mansion

“Bhai, humhne apko bhut miss kiya. (I missed you a lot, Bhai.)” Sana hugged her Abhi tightly.

“I also missed my sister alot.” He hugged her back and kissed her hair.

They pulled apart, smiling.

“Sana, you’re looking sad.” Abhi said seeing her dull face and her eyes which aren’t shining like before.

“Nhi, Bhai, hum bhut kush hai. Bash Sidharth Ji se Choti si ladhae hogye. (No, I’m happy. I just had a small argument with Sidharth.)” She lied to him, hiding her pain.

“Oh, so that’s why my sister is looking upset.” He pulled her cheeks and she smiled faintly, holding back her tears.

“Come sit.” He made her settle down in the hall and himself sat down beside her.

“Don’t get upset on such small things. These small fights are part of the relationship which make the relationship stronger.” Abhi explained to her, placing his hand on her face.

She instantly hugged him because she couldn’t able to control her tears anymore. “Bhai, hum apko kese btae humhre pass kush rehne ki koe vajha nhi hai, hum tuth chuke hai. (How do I tell you that I have no reason to be happy? I’m shattered.)” She thought and tears trickled down her cheeks. She instantly wiped them before pulling them away from her.

A maid came with the glass of water and he gave it to her.

“Sana, I want to talk about something important with you.” Abhi said.

“Boliyie Bhai. (Say.)” She answered him instantly.

“I’m going to London for a few months because of important work.” Abhi told her.

“Oh.” She pouted sadly. “I’ll miss you a lot, Bhai.”

“And I’ll also miss my sister a lot.” He said, clasping her face and kissed her forehead.


Fab 4 are happy and partying wondering that Sana has finally left the house and gone to Abhi.

“I’m extremely happy, Bhai, finally our revenge accomplished.” Mukti smiled broadly.

“I’m happiest because you know I was facing a lot of problems hurting that small-town girl.” Cabir said and they all laughed except Sidharth. He seemed upset.

Their smile faded away as they saw Sana walking into the house. She just glanced at them and walked in the direction of her room but Mukti pushed her harshly on the floor.

“Why just can’t you leave our house.” Mukti bawled at her with outrage and tears welled up in her eyes. She stared at Sidharth, pleading to him for help with her eyes brimmed with tears. He is just standing fisting his hands, looking at the other side.

“Sweetie, calm down.” Sidharth tried to relax Mukti by clasping her face and big tears streamed down Sana’s cheeks. She hastily stood up and dashed to the room, crying hysterically. She doesn’t know Sidharth did this because he didn’t want Mukti to shout at her more.

“Bhai, I’m fed up with this girl. She has been irritating us for a month. We have to do something fast so that she leaves this house.” Mukti said in a serious tone.

“I have a plan.” Alia said and smiled evilly.

“What?” Mukti asked and then Alia told them about her mischief plan to break the poor soul more.

“No.” Sidharth denied instantly after listening to the plan as he doesn’t want to hurt her.

“Why, Bhai? It’s a great plan.” Mukti said.

“Okay.” He just left from there after saying this.

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