Monster’s Bride (Part: 10 Sufferings and Craving For Love) Manan


It has been a month passed after Mukti’s drama. After that Manik never spoke a word politely with Nandini as he is running away from his true feelings and that’s why he doesn’t want to express that he is attracting toward her with each passing day, because of Mukti he is hiding her true feeling behind his anger. Whenever he feels something for her he scolds her without any reason. He only wants her to leave this house at any cost because it’s getting difficult for him to hide his feelings. There is a cold war going between his heart and mind.

Nandini is still thinking that Manik is her husband and she is fulfilling her marriage vows. The more he scolds her, the more she becomes stronger to bear what he is giving to her and the thing is that she still loves him and cares for him, this makes him angrier that why just can’t she hate him and leave this house. The more she shows care toward him, the more he shows hatred toward her to hide his feelings.

Mukti and Alia are still the same. They always find reasons to humiliate Nandini and give pain to her. Cabir has been noticing Manik since this week. He is understanding his behaviour. He wants to stop all this but he is quiet because of Mukti.

They all are doing terribly wrong with the innocent girl but the girl is not ready to break down. She is enduring all this with a smile on her face and living in a hope that one day her husband will support her.

Nandini is sitting at the window at night and gazing at the twinkling stars in the sky. She is thinking about how her life has changed this month. Before she was living a normal life but now she fighting a battle every day. She never thought that one day her all dreams would break down and her life would change drastically. She thought that she would get a husband who would take care of her but she got a husband who doesn’t even talk to her properly and finds reason to insult her.

“Stars, apko pta hai yeh month humhre liye bhut hi jada darawana tha sachi, bhut kuch hua par humhne har nhi mani, hum iss ghar ko chodh kar chale gye toh in logo ki jeet ho jaegi aur humhre pyaar aur humhre vachno ki haar. Hum jante hai jo ho rha hai voh bhut galat hai par hum kya kare, hum Manik ji ko nhi chodh skte hai, voh humhre pati hai. Pata nhi voh humhre sath aisa kyu kar rhai hai lekin humhne dekha hai voh bhut achai hai dilse. Stars, aap shock ho na yeh bat jankar.. ki Manik ji dilke achai hai par hum sachi bol rhai hai humhne dekha hai, par voh sirf humhre sth aisa krte hai, hum unshai bhut kuch puchna chte hai.. bhut kuch khaina chte hai lekin humhai pta hai, voh kabhi humhri bat sunege hi nhi ulta humhai aur datenge kyuki voh bhane dudhte hai humpar chilane ke.. humhai nhi pata voh kya chte hai. (Stars, you know, this month was really horrible for me. So many things happened but I didn’t give up because if I leave this house then they all will win and my love and vows will lose. I know what is happening to me is completely wrong but what I should do, I can’t leave Manik, he is my husband. I don’t know why he does this with me but I have seen that he is a good person from the inside. Stars, I know you’re shocked after knowing that he is a good person but I’m not lying, I have seen but he only treats me badly. I want to ask him and say so many things to him but I know he won’t listen to me and he will scold me as he finds reasons to shout at me. I really don’t understand what he wants.)” Nandini is sharing her feelings with stars as stars and Ganu Ji are her only friends with whom she shares everything.

Then she starts thinking about this month which wasn’t less than a nightmare for her, it was extremely terrible.


Fab4 were partying in the hall, drinking and smoking. Nandini reached there with more drinks for them. She started serving them. Mukti and Alia smiled evilly at each other. Mukti winked at Alia and made Nandini tripped over her leg and the drinks fell over Mukti’s dress according to her wicked plan.

“You bitch! You spoiled my dress.” Mukti roared and pushed Nandini onto the floor. Manik felt hurt and his brows creased when Mukti threw her on the floor but he controlled himself by clenching his hands.

“Mukti Ji, apne jankar humse apke upar drinks girwae, hum andhai nhi hai. (Mukti Ji, you deliberately made me fall drinks over you, I’m not blind.)” Nandini for the first time answered back Mukti with full confidence and Mukti knitted her brows in anger.

Flashback over

“Ush din jab Mukti Ji ne humhai girya, humhai bhut gussa aya aur humhne bhi unhai suna diya but I have to face the consequences of fighting back. (That day when Mukti Ji made me fall, I became so angry and I shouted at her but then I have to face the consequences of fighting back.)” She told the stars.


“You’re blaming me, how dare you?” Mukti bawled at her and raised her hand to slap her. Nandini closed her eyes in fright but opened her eyes when Mukti didn’t slap her. Her eyes widened in surprise and disbelief as she saw Manik was standing holding Mukti’s hand. She became happy as he again protected her.

Flashback over

“Hum bhut kush hogye thai jab Manik ji ne humhai bachya, lekin humhai kya pta tha ki humhri khushi sirf kuch pal ki thi. (I became extremely happy when Manik Ji protected me but I didn’t know that my happiness is just for a few seconds.)” She murmured and a lone tear streamed down her cheek.


“Bhai, why did you stop me? Didn’t you see that she blamed me with her shitty mouth?” Mukti asked him, fuming in anger.

“Manik Ji, hum sach bol rhai hai, Mukti ji ne humhai jankar, (Manik Ji, I’m saying the truth that Mukti ji deliberately,)”

Before that Nandini could complete her sentence, Manik shouted, “shut up” making her flinch.

“I think you have forgotten what is your place in this house, you’re a mere servant in this house and you’re arguing with my sister, now you will be punished.” Manik chided her by hiding his care and concern in front of his anger. It was true that he stopped Mukti to protect her as now he can’t see anyone slapping or insulting Nandini in front of his eyes but poor soul thought that Manik had no feelings for her and he stopped Mukti to punish her.

“You’re right, Manik, when a person forgets his place, he should be reminded of his place. She should get a lesson.” Alia said, glaring at Nandini who is standing silently and her eyes are on the floor, her heart crying. She wanted to run away.

“This is for spoiling my dress.” Mukti threw the drink over her. Nandini closed her eyes and cried silently. Manik’s eyes also became moist.

“Let’s go now.” Manik said because he didn’t want to give her more pain and he couldn’t see her getting insulted more in front of his eyes. He didn’t want to hurt Nandini but he was forced to do all this for his sister.

“Bhai, you’re forgetting one thing.” Mukti uttered and Manik looked at her bemusedly.

“Punish her, she argued with me, Bhai, how can you just walk away?” Mukti asked Manik to punish her and fresh tears rolled down Nandini’s cheek.

“Mukti, it’s enough for today, please.” Finally, Cabir spoke breaking his silence.

“No, Cabir, Mukti is right, she needs to be punished.” He said and he didn’t understand why he felt sharp in his heart.

“Manik.” Cabir murmured in disbelief as he knows Manik cares for her.

“Tape her mouth, so that next time she thinks thousands of times before speaking in front of us.” Mukti gave the tape to Manik and Nandini stared at Manik pleadingly with her moist eyes.

He tapped her mouth and didn’t look into her eyes as he knew that if he had looked into her eyes, his heart would have melted. He just rushed from there and Nandini was crying and sobbing with immense pain. Cabir shook his head and he also left. The evil bitches, Alia and Mukti smirked at each other.

Flashback over

“Ush din humhai bhut bhut jada bura lga, kyuki humhai bina kisi galti ke saza mili. Humhai lga that manik ji ne humhai bachaya par hum toh humshai ki tarha galat thai. Manik ji, humhai apni patni mante hi nhi toh fir kyu voh humhai bachenge, hum yeh kyu bhul jate hai? (That day I felt terrible because they punished me without any fault. I thought Manik Ji protected me but like away I thought wrong. I’m nothing for Manik Ji, then why he will protect me, why I always forget this?” She sobbed while talking to the stars.

“Hum royenge nhi. (I won’t cry.)” She said, wiping her tears but fresh tears are constantly rolling down her cheeks. Then she cried her heart a loud, hugging her knees closer to her chest.

“Manik ji kyu nhi samjte ki hum unhai nhi ja skte chodh ke, unki yeh khwahish hum puri nhi kr skte.. Kyuki hum unshe pyaar krte hai. Haan yeh sach hai voh humhai pain de rhai tabhi hum unhai pyaar krte hai. (Why Manik is not understanding that I can’t leave him, I can’t fulfil his this wish because I love him. Yes, it’s true that he’s giving me but still, I love him.)” Now she cried, staring at Manik.

“Jab Manik ne phli bar humhri tareef kari hum bhut kush hue par hum humesha yeh bhul jate hai ki Ganu ji humhai choti khushi dene se phle so bari sochte hai. Pta nhi stars Ganu ji humhre kyu nhi sun rhai? Hum unse bhut naraj hai.” She complained about her Ganu jo the stars.


Nandini was applying cream on her face and at that time only Manik stepped out of the bathroom. He gazed at her fondly and got lost in her beauty as like she hypnotised him with her angelic beauty. She looked at him through the mirror.

“Beautiful.” This word automatically escaped out of his mouth and as she heard him, a smile flashed on her face. She turned around instantly.

Manik shook his head when he realised what he said after coming out of the spell of her beauty. He again hid his true feelings behind his anger by staring at her in fury.

“You think you will become beautiful after applying the cream?” Manik asked after snatching the cream from her hand.

He grasped her arm and turned her towards the mirror before rubbing the fistful of cream on her face.

“Look, after applying cream also, you will look ugly only.” He again insulted her and her eyes brimmed with tears. She stared at Manik through the mirror dejectedly and Manik is just glaring at her in anger.

Flashback Over

Nandini is still sobbing, recalling all this. Her heart is breaking. She’s craving for her husband’s love. She can’t bear his more anger. Now she only wants his love.

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