(Part: 35 Entwined Souls) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass


She came over him, straddling him. She leaned in and captured his lips, ruffling his hair, giving him the much-needed assurance for which his heart was aching. He also reciprocated that kiss as soon as he felt her lips on his.

She is kissing him passionately, running his fingers through his hair like her life is dependent on the kiss. With this kiss, she wants to make him believe that she’s with him and she is never going to leave him. He was kissing her with all his heart, with all the fear, with all the love and his all fear is vanishing slowly.

After what felt like an eternity, they broke the kiss, breathing heavily and gazing at other each other lovingly.

After a few seconds, inhaling a deep breath Manik moved closer to her to capture her lips but she stopped him by placing her hands over his shoulder.

“Relax, baby.” She whispered, cupping his face.


“Shh.” She whispered, placing her index finger on his lips, “Let me show you how much I want you.” She breathed, caressing her cheek against his stubble.

She started kissing every inch of his face and moved down, placing kisses on her neck. She is taking away his all fear and pain of several years and making him believe that he’s secured now. He’s shivering with her each kiss and feeling alive. Nobody has ever made him feel like this before. He’s feeling like he is dreaming. Earlier when he had nightmares, he couldn’t able to sleep for many days but now he is sure after tonight he will sleep peacefully because she’s taking away his all fear and negative thoughts. She’s filling love in him and brightening up his soul.

Kissing his neck, she reached his bare chest. His hands roaming all over her back and he isn’t crying anymore as she has taken him into the world where is only love. He’s just enjoying her soothing touch with his closed eyes. He’s feeling like he’s in heaven. Her touch is giving immense peace to him.

All his life he has worked hard to become powerful and never showed how vulnerable he is from the inside as he didn’t want anyone to take advantage of his vulnerability. But only in front of her, he isn’t afraid to be powerless and to be who he is in reality. For the first time in his life the Mafia boss cried and showed his weakness to someone because he trusts her, he knows his sunshine will never take advantage of his weakness and he’s feeling so free after ages. He knows, he can break his all walls in front of her and she will soothe him. Today she’s freeing him from all of his fear of the past.

Without wasting a second she let go of her one-piece bikini and threw it away in the corner of the room. Now she is utterly naked, straddling him. He is just lost in her beauty and her intoxicating eyes.

She purred, “today just get lost in me, baby.” She clasped his wrists and placed his palm over her twins, gazing into his eyes intensely.

“Feel me,” she whispered, pressing his palm on her twins, more.

He gently squeezed her twins making her close her eyes and moan out his name louder, which felt like music to his own ear. “Yes, Manik.” Hearing her moan, he started caressing and pressing her twins more fastly, still gazing at her angelic face, while she is moaning his name with more intensity and utterly enjoying his touch.

Having enough of his torture, she moved up and caressed one of her twins against his lips, he didn’t take even a second before understanding her unspoken words. He started sucking her one bud while pressing another. This feeling is different for both of them, they are losing themselves in each other.

She is constantly moaning his name, feeling immense pleasure while he is playing with her erect bud through his tongue, licking and sucking, just like a newly born baby.

This feeling is making her want more of him. His tongue lingering around her bud sucking the whole twin in his mouth, making her wet. She deliberately pressed her lower body against his crotch more, making him moan in between her twins. He’s so hard. Her core is painfully throbbing for him. She needs him badly, she can’t wait for him anymore, she has been craving to feel him deep inside her from many days.

She hastily pulled his shorts down his legs while he is busy sucking and pressing her twins. As their crotch came in contact, they felt like their heart almost stopped beating and their body burned with profound desires. She slowly rubbed herself against his hard membrane, gazing into his eyes with immense love.

She held his hard junior with her hands and stroke him, he groaned in pleasure and her intense gaze remained fixed at his face. She positioned his junior over her entrance.

“I love you, Manik.” She finally confessed through the core of her heart before capturing his lips and slowly taking him into her, stretching herself and breaking all the walls.

He hugged her tightly, pulling her closer to himself and going deep into her, making her feel complete and one. “Just stay like this. It feels incredible to be inside you.” He murmured in her ear and pulling her more and more closer to himself and sliding deeper into her. They both are feeling complete. This isn’t sex, this is pure lovemaking of two souls through bodies and becoming one forever.

“I love you so much, Manik.” She confessed again in a whispering tone, placing soft kisses on his chest.

Hearing her confession again, he flipped their position without giving her a second, still deep into her.

He came out of her. “I love you so much, Sunshine.” He also confessed before shoving himself deep into her again by pinning her hands against the mattress and making her scream with profound pleasure.

He increased his pace slowly and steadily. She could feel more wetness between her legs. He went in and out kissing her lips, collarbone and twins from time to time. As if he’s trying to mark and remembering every single inch of her body.

“I love you.” She screamed as he gave her a hard thrust. “Manik.” Her voice is filled with happiness and pleasure. She encircled her legs around his hips, taking him deeper into herself.

With his every thrust he is saying loudly, “I love you, Sunshine.”

They both are gone into the world of pleasure and love. This is the most memorable night of their lives which they will never forget as tonight they are completing each other and becoming one forever.

“I love you so so so much!” Saying this, he dropped on her, panting and she ruffled her finger, lovingly on his hair, panting.

“I love you more.” She whispered, exhausted and hugged him tightly, their lips are drawn up to a contented smile.

After what felt like an eternity, he pulled himself a bit away from her and looked at her tiring face, having the same smile which is visible on her lips.

Pecking her lips, he pulled himself out and lay beside her. After taking her into his warm arms, he kissed her forehead and they both beamed at each other with contentment, their eyes are twinkling and their faces are glowing. They gazing into each other eyes and their souls talking through their eyes.

“I really love you.” She murmured merrily.

He sucked her lips lovingly and breathed, “I love you only in this world, Sunshine.”

Then they peacefully fell asleep in each other arms with a beatific smile on their face after spending the most memorable night of their life.

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