(Beyond Love} Chapter: 23 (Sidnaaz)


Sana’s POV:

I was so lost looking outside the window, thinking about him, his words, his cute little gestures, the way he made me feel comfortable, the way he introduced me to his friends, having a contented smile that I didn’t notice when he parked his car in front of the restaurant.

My thoughts get interrupted when I felt the warmth of his hold missing.

I looked at his side and then at the front to see the surrounding which made me utterly confused.

I turned my head at his side, raising my brows, seeing him grinning widely.

Why he is looking so happy seeing the restaurant?

“Why are we here, Sidharth?” I asked.

“To dance.” He said sarcastically, unbuckling his seatbelt. I too copied his action and came out of the car.

“Wow, so funny.” I said making faces, he chuckled.

“Why people come to the restaurant, baby girl?” He asked wrapping his arm around my waist, moving inside the restaurant.

“To eat but I’m getting late for my work.” I said shrugging my shoulders, still moving inside towards the table.

“I’ll drop you on time, just trust me.” He said brushing my nose with his index finger playfully.

“But Sid-“

“Baby girl, it’s bad manners to argue over the food.” He said in a hush sound as if he’s telling me some secret. I nodded my head in disbelief seeing his antics.

This foodie!

I thought he was in a hurry so that I wouldn’t get late for my work.


“Now I understood why you were so eager to go from college.” We both chuckled and settled down.

“See, in my defence. I didn’t have my breakfast properly.” He said looking at the menu.

“Why? Why are you in such a hurry?” I asked, crossing my arm across my chest.

“To pick you up and see your angelic face again.” I smiled sheepishly, moving my eyelashes as he complimented me.

“I asked you to stay but you didn’t listen. Now next time, do listen to what I say. Okay?” He said showing me his index finger making me chuckle.

“Okay,” I said smiling at him and the waiter came to take our order and we ordered Spicy Red Sauce Pasta with lentils and Noodles with Manchurian.

As the food came, we ate like we were starving for ages.

Well, he’s a foodie but I’m too no less!

And I also didn’t have my breakfast properly!

After having lunch, when I asked him to let’s go, he denied and ordered the ice cream in the desert.

Such a kiddo!

When he was busy eating his ice cream, cracking some jokes, I secretly captured his photo on my phone.

I smiled broadly seeing his perfect photo.

He’s looking so adorable!

“When such a hot dude is sitting in front of you, how can you smile looking at the phone?” He asked, getting envious. I chuckled hearing him.

He doesn’t know I’m smiling watching his photo only and he’s getting jealous of himself only.


“Now why you’re laughing?” He asked and pouted adorably.

Haye… so cute.

I shook my head and said, “What should I do? That hot dude is busy with his ice cream, totally forgetting his baby girl.” I played along.

“His baby girl!” My subconscious smirked when I said that.

“Baby girl, food is life and especially this tasty ice cream.” He said in a muffled voice, stuffing the spoon in his mouth.

“Yeah right.” I chuckled, seeing him adorably eating his Ice-cream.

“And let me tell you a secret,” He said, taking another bite from the spoon, and continued, “I can’t eat you right so I’m compromising.” Making my eyes winded in shock.

“Who said you can’t eat me?”I blurted and bit my lower lip when I realised what I said.

But wait! He has given me the shock, so I just played along.

Shit! He’s ruining me!

“Now don’t bite your lips or else I’ll really eat you instead of ice cream. Anyway now even I have permission to eat you.” He winked and smirked.

I shook my head in disbelief looking at his smirk.

I can never win over him.

He’s so shameless!

I glanced at my wristwatch and freaked out after standing up. “Let’s go now, I’m getting late for my work.”

“Baby girl, at least let me finish my ice cream.” He said, making faces.

“No, get up and drop me.” I held his arm and made him stand up forcibly. He looked at me pleadingly.

No! I’m not going to melt!

“First you distracted me from my ice cream and now you’re asking me to leave. So bad.” He complained like a small kid, making me smile and melting my heart.

“Fine, but please finish it fast.” I said, giving up on his puppy face.

“Yes yes, just two minutes.” He grinned and started eating again.

Aww! So cute.

I so wanna eat him up!

As soon as he finished his ice cream, paying the bill, I dragged him out with me.

I seriously don’t wanna get late for my work!


The rest of the day went pretty hectic with work at the cafe. I didn’t even get the time to even glanced at my phone.

Poor me!

Soon, completing my work, I rushed towards my phone, and a beatific smile came on my lips, seeing the notification of his message, washing my all tiredness, making me super energetic and happy.

I instantly opened his message.

Sidharth: Hey, baby girl. Missing you.

Aww! I missed you too!

I blushed and replied to him.

Me: Heya, Sidharth. I just got free.

He saw and replied to me like he was waiting for my message.


Sidharth: Oh, you must be tired. Please, have your dinner first at the cafe only and I’m sending a driver there. Actually, I have a meeting, I can’t come! 🙁

I pouted sadly after knowing that he isn’t coming.

Now, I’m gonna miss you!

Me: Okay!

I replied sadly, keeping the phone in my pocket, I went to have my dinner.

After dinner, his driver came and I reached home.

I took the long warm shower which quickly relaxed my muscles from all the tiredness and after changing into my shorts and T-shirt, I jumped on my bed.

I checked my phone to see any message from him.

“No message!” I murmured sadly, seeing my phone.

Oh, God! I’m literally missing him a lot and feeling empty without him. I feel so happy and complete with him. I feel so… Aghh! I just don’t have words to describe that what I feel about him.

He literally made my heart smile and eyes shine!

“What are you doing to me?” I pouted seeing his picture on my phone, which I clicked secretly at the restaurant.

Then I searched his name on our university confession page and his account popped up.

I tapped on that and my face flushed.

His account is public and wow, he has 50k followers.

It’s huge!

Is he a celebrity?

My eyes fell on his bio, “Words makes you think, Music makes you feel.❤”

Omg! Such a deep thought. It clearly showing how much he loves music.

But wait!

He loves music but he never told me. I will ask him tomorrow and scold him for not telling anything to me.


“He’s looking so handsome in this profile pic. Uff! I just can’t wait to see him again.” I murmured, scrolling down his perfect photos. In all the photos, he’s looking breathtakingly handsome.

Haye… He’s making me insane.

I followed him and opened his reels.

Of fuck, in the first reel, he is singing the song “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back,” I’m dead, his voice is so damn magical like his face and personality. What he’s? Already he was driving me insane before and now his singing talent, his melodic voice, his magical singing, what more?


I’m so mesmerised with his singing and listening to his songs on repeat, getting lost in them.

Then suddenly one notification caught my attention.

@SidharthShukla requested to follow you!

Wtf! My eyes winded in shock and butterflies started dancing in my stomach.

Is he online?

I blushed and accepted his request.

Then his message popped up on Instagram.


Sidharth: Oh so someone is stalking me.

I bit my lips in shyness and replied ignoring his comment.

Sana: Wow, your voice is so…Magical!

Sidharth: Thank you, baby girl.

I smiled.

Sana: But I’m angry.

I sent biting my lower lips. I know he’s going to reply to me instantly.

Sidharth: Why? 🙁

I chuckled seeing his instant replay!

I knew it!

How can some be so cute?

Sana: Why didn’t you tell me about your this talent before?

He saw my message but didn’t reply. Where he went? Did I say something wrong?

I was going to message him again but before his message popped up.

Sidharth: Want to keep it as a surprise.


Sana: Oh! Anyway, you’re so talented. What you’re doing in the office?

Sidharth: Okay, baby girl, now I have some work, will talk to you later.

Sana: What? You’re still working? Aren’t you get tired?

Sidharth: Hehe, Nops. Good night.

Sana: You also do your work tomorrow and sleep.

Then he didn’t reply to me and I didn’t come to know when fell asleep listening to his songs with a contented smile on my face.

Haye… his voice.

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