Monster’s Bride (Part: 7 The Punishment) Manan


After 3 hours

Nandini is extremely happy after preparing all the dishes on time but she is unaware that fab4 has planned something evil for her. She has to face a lot more because of her innocence and kind nature.

“Thank you so much, Ganu ji, aaj apki vjha se hum apna sara kam pura kar sake. (Today because of you I could finish my all work.)” She smiled merrily and arranged all the dishes on the table.

Fab4 reached there and smirked at each other, then they settle down. Nandini is just smiling happily.

Nandini was about to serve the food but Cabir stopped her by saying, “Bhabhi Ji, we will do ourselves, you please sit with us.” She meekly nodded her head and settled down beside Manik.

Then one servant came there with the boxes of dominos pizza and kept them on the table. When they started eating the pizzas, her eyes widened in shock. They are passing each other glancing and smiling devilishly. Tears brimmed in poor soul’s eyes as she made so many dishes for them in the limited time and they are eating pizzas.

“Aap sabne humshe itna sb kyu banwaya. (Why did you all asked me to make so many dishes?” She asked calmly but her voice filled with pain.

They laughed mischievously at her and her eyes glinted with anger.

“Do you really thought that we would eat the food which you have made?” Mukti asked and she nodded innocently.

“We asked you to make all these things for our dog Tommy,” Mukti said, insulting her and tears trickled down her cheeks.

“Manik Ji, aap aisa kyu karte hai? Yeh log aapki Patni ki insult aur aap chup rehte hai, kyu?” (Manik, why you do this? They all insult your wife and you stay silent, why?)” She stared at Manik with her eyes filled with sorrow and tears.

“So here comes, Tommy.” Alia announced when a servant came with the dog, holding the belt.

“Aaa…” Nandini screamed as the dog barked at her and she unknowingly clenched Manik’s arm tightly, clinging over him, shutting her eyes, scared. Manik became silent, as she touched him and he felt like a strong electric current passed down his spine. He felt something different for the first time. He felt some connection with this touch.

“Hum-humhai dog se da-dar lag-ta hai. (I’m afraid of dogs.)” She shuttered, still grasping his arm and he came on the earth back. He glared at her in anger and Cabir asked the servant to take the dog outside.

“How dare you touched my hand?” Manik shouted at her, and Mukti and Alia smirked at each other.

“Now leave my hand?” He bawled at her louder, she flinched on her place and instantly left his arm.

He stormed from there in fury, in reality, he became angry because of the foreign feelings. Cabir also stood up and went behind him.

“You dumbo, you spoiled bhai’s mood.” Now Mukti shouted at her.

Nandini knows that there is no need to waste her time in explaining to her. So she stood up mutely and walked to her room.

Mukti came in front of her and blocked her way. “Where are you going without listening to me.” She asked in anger.

“Mukti Ji, please, humhai jane dijiye. (Mukti, please, let me go.)” She implored, looking at her dejectedly.

“No ways. You have done the mistake of holding my brother’s hand without his permission. Now you will be punished.” Mukti stated and curled up her lips in hatred. Nandini stared at her in shock and fear.

She grasped Nandini’s hands firmly behind her back, making Nandini shocked. She struggled.

“Alia, help me.” Mukti called Alia for help to tie her hand.

“Mukti Ji, aap yeh kya kar rhi hai? Chodiye humhai.(What are you doing? Leave me.)” She asked, struggling.

“I’m tying your hands so that you think thousand times before touching bhai again.” Mukti told her and Alia tied her wrists behind her back tightly. Tears started streaming down her cheeks mechanically.

They grinned at her devilishly and turned to walk. “Mukti Ji, humhai khol do, please. (Please, open me.)” She cried out but they ignored her and smiled at each other.

She is getting punished for holding her husband’s hand and she did this mistake as nobody ever told her that touching her husband is a crime.

“Ganu Ji, yeh log humhre sath aisa kyu kar rhai hai? Humhari yeh glti hai ki humhne Manik ji par trust kiya. Bhai ne bola bhi tha mat karo yeh shaddhi. Fab 4 sach bolte hai ki hum gawar hai.. Isliye hum inki bato mein aagye. (Ganu Ji, Why they are treating me like this? My mistake is that I trusted Manik. Bhai warned me to don’t marry him. Fab4 says right that I’m a fool, therefore I caught in their trap.)” She thought, crying silently and struggling hard to open her hands but it’s hurting her more.

She reached her room and sat down on the sofa. Her phone started ringing which is kept on the table. Her eyes twinkled as she saw the caller id, it’s her brother’s call. Her lips drew down in sadness as she realised that her hands are tied but still she tried to pick up the call but couldn’t.

“Ganu Ji, hum kya kare. Bhai humhre liye pareshan ho Jayenge.. agar humhne unka phone na uthaya. (What I should do, Bhai will become anxious for me if I don’t answer his call.)” She wondered dejectedly.

On the other hand, Abhi became worried for her.

“I’m missing Nandini so much and she isn’t picking up my calls.” Abhi murmured, calling her again.

“Nandini, your brother is missing you so much. I hope you’re happy there.” Abhi said, seeing her photo on the wall but he is unaware his sister is suffering so much there.


Cabir and Manik are in the jamming room, Manik is playing his guitar in aggression as still that unknown feeling is disturbing him and making him insane. Cabir found something weird in his behaviour.

“Bhai, are you okay?” Mukti hugged him and he calmed down instantly.

“Now I’m fine, sweetie.” He murmured and hugged her back.

“You know we both taught her a good lesson.” Alia told them and Mukti and Manik broke the hug.

“Means?” Cabir asked in confusion and then Mukti told them everything.

“Guys don’t you think, we’re crossing the limits?” Cabir asked them.

“Cabir, that girl deserves it. Her brother cheated me, what was my fault?” Mukti asked him.

“Bhai, do you also think that I did wrong?” Mukti asked in an extra sweet voice, holding Manik’s hand.

“No, sweetie, you did this for me, I know.” He blinked his eyes and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“But, Manik.” Cabir was about to say something, but Manik stopped him.

“Now I don’t want to talk about that girl. I’m frustrated and I want some peace.” Manik said in a serious tone.

“I think we should go out and chill.” Mukti suggested and everyone agreed.

They walked out of the mansion.

“Guys, I forgot to bring the keys to my car. I just come.” Cabir said and came inside.

Cabir is playing with the keys, whistling after coming out of his room. Suddenly his eyes fell into Manik’s room. He saw Nandini, struggling to do something on her phone by her jaw as her hands are tied.

“Ganu Ji, aap humhai kyu preshan kr rhai hai. (Ganu Ji, why are you doing this with me?” Nandini murmured and closed her eyes sadly.

Cabir was about to enter the room to help her but stopped as he recalled Mukti’s words, “as Abhi hurt me, we will hurt his sister, then only he will understand.”

“I have to do this for Mukti.” He said to himself and left from there.

Nandini fell asleep on the sofa after tired of struggling.

They came back home late at night after partying. Manik stepped into the room and deep inside he felt bad to see her tied but he became angrier thinking that why he is feeling bad for her.

“Manik Ji, aap aa gye. Humhai khol dijiye na. (Manik, you came. Please, open me.)” She pleaded but he walked to his cupboard, ignoring her pleads.

“Manik JI, humhai maaf kar dijiye humhne darke mane apka hath pakadh liya, Please, humhre hath khol do. (Manik, forgive me, I held your hand by mistake in fear. Please, open my hands.)” She begged him.

“Shut up, no more words. If now you say a word, I’ll tie your mouth also.” Manik warned her in anger after coming dangerously close to her face. She stared at him silently, her eyes filled with fear.

He stamped to the washroom and she kept lying there, crying silently because it’s hurting her a lot. She’s constantly praying to her Ganu Ji to help her. Her hope is breaking down a bit by bit. She is becoming weak.

Today was the worst day of her life. She has gone through so many things. Today she came to know people are extremely cruel in this world. How can somebody feel so happy seeing others in pain? She is the girl who can never see anybody in pain but God is not showing any mercy on her. He is making her suffer a lot.

Sometimes our innocence only takes us to hell like Nandini’s innocence brought her to hell.

They all are determined to take revenge and she is determined to fulfil her marriage vows.

But she doesn’t know God’s hidden motive behind this act, he wants to make her strong and teach her how to fight for herself.

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