(Beyond Love} Chapter: 22 (Sidnaaz)


Sana’s POV:

Soon we reached college and said our goodbyes. As I was about to walk past him to go to my classes, he pulled me by my waist making me banged in his chest with a light thud.

My eyes winded in shock. I didn’t expect this but before I could react, I felt his soft warm lips on my forehead, making my breath hitched. I fisted his t-shirt near his chest with both hands, closing my eyes, breathing heavily.

After what felt like an eternity, I slowly opened my eyes, exhaling a deep breath, only to find myself melting in his deep chocolate brown eyes.

A beatific smile came across my face when he gently cupped my face in his palm, and huskily whispered, “take care, baby girl.” Again gave a quick peck on my forehead.

I totally forget where are we. What is happening around us or people are watching us. All I can think about him, his gestures, his face, his eyes, in short, every single little detail of him.

“You too,” I whispered, and I slowly tip-toed, fisting his t-shirt tighter and placed my lips on his cheeks. Now I’m staring at his gorgeous pair of chocolate brown eyes.

Our trance broke due to the whistling sound behind our back making me flinched.

“Relax, they are my friends or should I say a bunch of jokers.” Sidharth chuckled, rubbing my shoulder, making me relaxed.

His friends! Shit!

What if they think, I don’t deserve to stay near them?

What if they think, I’m with him for his money?


Insecurities started building inside me. I was scared to meet them. I didn’t turn and released myself from Sidharth quickly. He narrowed his eyes at me but saying quick goodbye, I rushed from there to my class without waiting for his reply, like a fool.

Great! I again embarrassed myself in front of him!

I groaned and sat down on my seat.


Sidharth POV:

“Really? Who whistles like this?” I asked my friends, annoyed.

They literally scared my baby girl!


“Who romance like this in college?” Cabir asked and I rolled my eyes.

From where he always gets these sarcastic comments?

“I do, any problem?” I asked, crossing my arms across my chest.

Cabir parted his lips to say something but before that Rosy cut him off.

“Yes! You didn’t even introduce her to us. So, to gain your attention, that was necessary.” Rosy said, shrugging her shoulders, making faces.

“I’ll introduce her to you all after her class. Okay? But you guys have to promise me that you won’t tease her.” I said raising my eyebrows.

“So possessive!” Cabir murmured under his breath.

“I heard it,” I said, glaring at him, and the rest of them chuckled.

“Okay, we won’t tease her.” Rosy said and smirked looking at cabir.

I shook my head in disbelief, I know it is an utter waste of time to argue with them, they both are evil twins. They will do, what they want.


I pouted at them and then turned my gaze at Ashley who chuckled patting my back.

Only, she’s the sweetest among these devils.


Sana’s POV:

The rest of the day went fine, I told Aryaman about everything, how my day went with Sidharth and how much I enjoyed with him but I felt a little weird because of his reaction. He didn’t seem happy about it. In fact, he just left the class without even glancing at me.

What happened to him?

Maybe, he is missing his girlfriend!

But now with whom, I’ll talk? I want to say so many things.

And how will I face Sidharth? What if he wants to introduce me to his friends? How will I deny him? How will I tell him, I’m scared of meeting them. Will he be able to understand? Will he leave me if his friends find me a misfit between them? I know how much his friends mean to him. And they all are so rich and classy, I’m nowhere in front of them.

But I don’t want to lose Sidharth! I want to spend time with him. He made me happy, he made my heart light, he always understands me. I don’t know what is between us, but I don’t want him to stop talking to me.


I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t notice anything, I was walking aimlessly in the corridor.


Sidharth’s POV:

I was standing out with my friends in the corridors and suddenly my eyes fell over my baby girl, walking dreamingly.

“Where is she going? And why she’s looking so lost?” I murmured looking at her back.

“Baby girl!” I shouted waving my hand, behind her back to gain her attention but she didn’t turn.

“This girl is definitely thinking something stupid!” I mumbled and shook my head in disbelief but my eyes widened in shock suddenly, because she was about to hit the pillar.

What the fuck is she thinking?

I rushed to her and turned her to myself by grasping her hand before her forehead could hit the wall.

I clasped her face gently in my palm, and she stared at me, still lost.

“Where were you lost, baby girl? You were just about to hit with the wall.” I asked lovingly, softly stroking her cheeks with my thumbs.

But she didn’t utter even a single word. I could see her eyes getting softened, as she leaned her face more into my palm as if trying to convince herself that I’m with her.

Her eyes speak volumes to me. They always help me to know her, to understand her unspoken words. The innocence which her face holds is as pure as holy water.

“Now at least reply! Though, I know I’m quite irresistible.” I deliberately teased her to broke her staring session, and I got succeed to get her attention as I saw her cheeks turning red, making me chuckled.

It’s literally so easy to divert her and to make her blush!

My blushing queen!

“A-actually, I w-was thinking something.” She whispered, biting her lips, looking here and there.

“What were you thinking, that you were so lost?” I asked narrowing my brows at her.

I see her parting her lips to say something a few times but words didn’t come out of her mouth making me sigh.

This girl! She’s literally a baby!

Why I’m finding her actions so cute in this situation too?

“N-nothing, important.” She said after good two minutes, still avoiding the eye contact.

“Terrible liar!” I murmured under my breath, shaking my head, looking at her face.

“I told you to take care of yourself, right? Still, you didn’t listen to me.” I said still stroking her cheeks with my thumbs and she slowly lifted her eyelashes, to look into my eyes, lovingly.

“Bad, baby girl.” I pouted and slightly brushed her nose with my index finger making her giggled.



“You’re so cute, Sidharth.” She said pulling my cheeks.

This girl!

“Cute? After morning incident too, you’re finding me cute?” I deliberately whispered huskily, leaning forward, rubbing her lower lips with my thumb.

“Sidharth,” She whispered, breathing heavily.

I just love the way her body reacts to my mere touch or words.

This feeling is so amazing!

“Do you want me to repeat my morning actions, again?” I asked narrowing my eyes, making her blush all over again.

“Stop troubling me!” She whined, hitting my chest playfully making me chuckle.


Sana’s POV:

He’s so sweet!

How easily he made me forget all the things. How easily he made me giggle, how easily he made me feel so happy.

Without asking anything, he always made me feel so secure. How?

“Okay, come let me introduce you to my friends.” He said smiling softly.

No, I can’t!

“No Sidharth, let it be, please. I’m scared.” I said nervously.

“Scared?” He asked, confused.

“What if they didn’t like me? What if they thought that I’m with you for money? What if they asked you to stop talking to me?” I said looking here and there.

“Baby girl, please. Don’t be nervous.” He said cupping my face, lovingly and continued, “You literally think too much. Please stop underestimating yourself. You have no idea how precious and different you are from others. So please, stop thinking about all these things. Okay?” He asked raising his brows and I kept staring at him, not knowing what to say.

His words made me so relaxed!

“You’re important for me, baby girl and you know that how much my friends mean to me. I want them to meet you and they are my friends and trust me they will never think this cheap about anyone. Please meet them, for me?” He requested softly and I nodded my head, passing him a small smile. Though I’m still a little nervous but his words literally washed my all the insecurities.

“Let’s go.” He said and wrapped his arms around my waist, passing me his angelic smile.

His smile always feels so soothing to my heart!

“Guys, meet her, my baby girl.” He said giving a quick peck on my cheek making me startled and his friends hooted.

Who introduces someone like this?

That too in college!

Gawd! It’s so embarrassing!

“Heya, baby girl.” They said in unison, making my face turn into the deep shade of red and they laughed.

“Stop it, guys, don’t call her that,” Sidharth said, pulling me more closer to himself.

“Okay, Sidharth’s baby girl.” A girl said with blond hair, giving a teasing smile to Sidharth, making me blushed while he just chuckled at her and said, looking at me, pointing at her who called me Sidharth’s baby girl. “She’s Rosy”

“Hey Rosy, I’m Sana.” I said softly, moving out from Sidharth’s arm, ignoring his frowning face, holding my hand out to her.

“Nice name, Sana.” She said, pulling me in a hug, making me startled.

“Rosy, stop scaring her.” Sidharth said pulling me towards him, again.

Why these guys are pulling me here and there? Am I a kid or what?

Then he introduced all of them to me. I just passed them a warm smile.

Of course, I don’t want to get pulled here and there, again!

“Nice to finally meet you, Sana. Ever since he met you, he hasn’t stopped talking about you. I can’t remember him being crazy for the girl before.” Cabir spoke giving a teasing smile to Sidharth and I saw his face going all red in embarrassment.

Aww! Okay, so it’s not only me who’s facing this burning sensation on my cheeks!

But he’s looking so cute tho!

And wait! Does he talk about me?


“By the way, what magic you did on our friend, that he only think about you?” Jack said and I moved my eyelashes down and flushed.

“But we’re happy that Sidharth found a girl like you,” Ashley said, wrapping her arm around me. I just smiled at her and glanced at Sidharth. He’s just smiling at me.

Haye, my heart.

His friends seem nice like him. I was really overthinking unnecessarily.

Uff… my overthinking!

I’m so stupid!

“Guys, now she’s getting late for her work. I have to drop her.” Sidharth said, looking at the time in the watch.

He’s so sweet. He knows my schedule!

“It’s really nice to meet you all.” I uttered to them, passing them a smile.

“Feelings are a mutual sweetheart,” Ashely spoke, giving a side hug to me.

“See you soon again, Sana.” Rosy said waving her hands, and they all walked from there.

“I know they are a bit crazy,” Sidharth said looking at their going figure.

I shook my head. “They are really nice, Sidharth.”

“And you were scared to meet them.”

“I was an idiot.” We both chuckled and strolled to the parking.


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