Monster’s Bride (Part: 5 Humiliated) Sidnaaz


Sana’s P.O.V.

I’m so happy and feeling blessed as today I married the man of my dream. Every girl dies on him but now he is my husband. Wow, I never thought that my dream would be fulfilled as I’m from a small town and he is a famous singer.

Now I’m sitting on his bed. Oops! Now it will be our bed. I’m a bit nervous as it is our first night and I’m waiting for him. Butterflies are flying in my stomach with excitement. I’m just wondering that when he will come


She is sitting on the bed of a lavish room, her lips are drawn up to a beautiful smile, her big black eyes are sparkling with excitement. She is so excited and a bit nervous for her first night after marriage. She is thinking that her dreams are fulfilled but she is unaware after marriage her all dreams are going to be destroyed brutally. She is going to lose herself a bit by bit.

She has been waiting for her husband in the heavy wedding dress since two hours. She started feeling sleepy but her eyes are looking at the door only in hope that now her husband will come. But after some time she slept because of the tiredness of Marriage rituals.

At late night one tall and muscular man waddled into the room. He is in a drunk state, walking clumsily. He is non-other Sidharth Shukla, husband of Sana. He is about to fall on his bed but stopped as his eyes fell over the girl lying on his bed. He frowned at her, his eyes filled with hatred.

He marched into the bathroom and came back with a bucket of water, fuming in fury. He splashed the bucket of water on her face. She woke up, gasping. Before she could understand what happened, he barked at her.

“How dare you slept on my bed?” He yelled and she flinched with fright.

“Aa-aap ha-hamare pati hai. (You are my husband).” She shuttered and only these words escaped out of her mouth.

“Oh just shut up. Listen I’m saying you directly, this marriage is nothing for me.” Sidharth waggled his finger at her and said these words easily but he doesn’t know his words shattered all the dreams of her because for her this marriage is pure relation. For her this marriage is everything.

She felt a piercing pain in her heart and a lone tear trickled down her cheek mechanically. She stared at him incredulously.

It hurts a lot when suddenly someone breaks your all the dreams.

“Your place is here on the floor.” He grasped her arm and harshly hurled her onto the floor making her more shocked. She cried silently and stared at him in utter disbelief with her eyes brimmed with tears. She wants to ask only one thing from him that why he married her, why he showed her dreams when he had to break them.

He tossed the pillow and blanket over her face, and he fell asleep on the bed without caring about her even for once.

“Mein nhi janti ki aapne mujhse shaddhi kyu ki lekin fir bhi mein iss rishte ko dil se nibhaungi shayad aapke liye yeh marriage kuch nhi hogi but mere liye ab yhi sb kuch hai, mein iss rishte ko wafadari se nibhaungi, chahai apka sath ho yah na. Mein apni puri koshish karungi ki mere pyaar mein koe kami na rhai. Apki kushi mein hi meri kushi hogi, chahai apka pyaar mile yah na mile. Shayad mere pyaar ki taqat apko mere karib laye aur aap iss rishte ko swikar Karle. (For you, this marriage would be nothing, but for me it is everything. In this relationship, I promise you that I’ll be loyal to you with my whole heart if you support me or not. I’ll fulfil all the vows which I have taken in front of the holy fire and fulfil all my duties of a faithful wife. Your happiness will be my happiness and I’ll love you with all my heart in a hope that one day my love will melt your heart and you accept me.)” She thought, having hope in her eyes and only this hope is going to become her strength.

For her now this marriage is everything, but the question is will this monster change and accept this relation or his hatred will change her.

She fell asleep on the floor only in a hope that one day perhaps he will accept her.

This is the beginning only, tomorrow she has to face more pain and humiliation.

Next Morning

She woke up, rubbing her eyes when the sun raises fell over her face.

“Aaa…” she cried out in pain holding her back as her back is paining because of sleeping on the cold floor. Fresh tears trickled down her cheeks when she recalled about last night. Last night was not than a nightmare for her.

The morning she thought would be her most beautiful morning, but in reality the morning is completely opposite to her thinking. There is only sadness.

She sat up and looked at the empty bed. She stood up holding her heavy lehenga and saw the time on her phone.

“Das bhej gye, Mujhe toh kuch smjh bhi nhi aa rha ganu ji, kya karu? Sidharth ji ne kal aisa kyu kiya mere sath? (It’s ten o’clock, I’m not understanding anything, Oh Lord Ganesha, what I should do? Why Sidharth behaved like this me yesterday?” She is utterly clueless about Sidharth’s behaviour. She calls Lord Ganesha ganu Ji. She shared all her feelings with him, he is her one only friend.

She took out a small statue of Lord Ganesha from her bag and placed it on the side table in the corner.

“Ganu Ji, please, humhai himmat do ki hum iss rishte ko dil nibha pae. (Please, give me strength to be loyal in this relationship.)” She prayed, joining her hands in front of the statue of Ganesha.

“Yaha bathroom kha hai humhai toh kuch smjh nhi aarhai hai. (Where is the bathroom? I’m not understanding anything.)” She said to herself, looking around the huge room, confused.

“Mil gaya. (I found it.) Thank you, Ganu ji.” She opened the door, smiling with glee. She is like this only, she becomes happy in small things only.


She came out of the bathroom after taking bath. She wore a beautiful red saree, looking so pretty. The mangalsutra which is hanging around her neck is evidence that she is married now. Her long and wet silky hair is increasing her beauty more. If anybody sees her, he will surely fall for her. She filled her hairline with vermillion, standing in front of the mirror and combed her hair.

She stepped out of the room and narrowed her brows bemusedly, not understanding where to go in this huge mansion.

“Ganu Ji, humhai toh kuch smajh nhi aa rha hum kha jae, itna badha ghar hai, humhre new ghar se bhi bhut badha ghar hai Sidharth Ji ka. (I’m not understanding where to go, his house is so huge, Sidharth’s house is bigger than our new house.)” She is talking to herself, ambling in the corridors.

She is roaming in the whole house and unluckily she reached where Mukti, Cabir and Alia were chilling. They were having their drinks in the hall. Their eyes fell over her and she passed a warm smile to them but the next moment they burst out into laughter. She felt bad and looked at herself to check her dressing.

“Aap log has kyu rhai hai? (Why you all are laughing?)” She asked in a low voice hesitatingly, setting her saree pallu. Alia strode to her, smiling evilly.

“Cabir, look at her dressing, who wear this type of clothes?” Alia said, holding her saree from behind, Cabir and Mukti laughed louder.

“Hum aisa hi kapdhai pehente hai. (We wear this type of clothes only.)” She replied to them innocently and they laughed at her again. She stared at them, upset and turned to walk as she understood that it is useless to talk to them.

“The dumb girl in the saree, where are you going?” Cabir blocked her way by coming in front of her and she looked at him with her eyes brimmed with tears. She is not understanding why they all are behaving like this with her.

He smirked at her and told, “there are some rules of this house which you have to follow. If you want to live here, you have to entertain us with your dance.”

“Humhai nachna nhi ata. (I don’t know how to dance.)” She denied and they laughed at her evilly. She felt humiliated.

“You have to dance or else get the fuck out of this house.” Mukti roared at her in anger after coming to her and she flinched.

“Aap log humhre sth aisa kyu kar rhai hai? (Why you all treating me like this?” She asked innocently.

“Revenge. Your brother cheated me and now we’re taking revenge from his little sister.” As Mukti told her, her eyes widened in shock.

She instantly stated, “yeh sach nhi hai, Bhai ne aisa kuch nhi kiya, (This is not the truth, Bhai didn’t cheat you,)” before she could complete her words, Mukti harshly grasped her jaw and glared at her with her eyes filled with pure hatred and anger.

She bawled at her with rage. “Just shut up, your brother cheated me and now you have to pay for his deeds.” Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks and she stared at her in utter disbelief. She doesn’t know what all this happening with her all of sudden.

“Hum sach bol rhai hai, humhre bhai aisa kuch nhi kar sakte. (I’m not lying, my brother can never do like this.)” She cried out, looking at them with sorrowful eyes.

“Now stop your melodrama and entertain us.” Alia shouted at her.

“Come guys, let’s settle down.” Cabir said and they all settled down on the sofa. Sana is crying, standing like a statue. Poor girl doesn’t know what is happening with her.

“Cabir, play the song.” Alia said and Mukti smirked at her, holding the glass of wine in her hand.

Cabir smiled devilishly and played the song, “muni badnam hoe darling tere liye.”

“Come on, Muni, dance for us.” Cabir said to her in a fun tone. She is just silently crying, her eyes looking down on the floor.

“Start dancing or else you can go out of this house.” As Mukti shouted, she slowly started dancing, moving her hands, crying.

They all laughed at her and gave the high five to each other. She is feeling extremely humiliated.

“Sidharth ji, aap kha hai? Kya aapne sach mein humshai shaddhi sirf badle ke liye ki? (Where are you, Sidharth ji? Did you really marry for the revenge only?)” After the last night, she is still thinking that Sidharth will come and save her.

“What all this happening?” Then they all heard Sidharth’s voice from the door. Sana stopped dancing and looked at him with hope in her wet eyes but the poor girl doesn’t know he is the biggest monster among them.

Sana rushed to Sidharth. “Sidharth Ji, yeh sb kya bol rhai hai, Bhai ne Mukti Ji ko cheat kiya? Humhre bhai ne aisa kuch nhi kiya. (Sidharth, what they all saying, Bhai has cheated Mukti? My brother can never do this.)” She said to Sidharth and they all passed an evil smile to each other.

Sidharth also started laughing, making her shocked. She stared at him incredulously.

“You know, Sana, you’re a big fool, tumhai kya laga Sidharth Shukla will marry you. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? From foot to toe, you’re a small-town girl. Uff… it was so difficult to pretend that I’m in love with you.” As he told her, she stared at him, dejected. She is badly hurt.

She wanna run from here but she can’t as she has accepted Sidharth as her husband from the core of her heart. She can’t do anything now.

“Guys, you have welcomed her in your style, now it’s my turn.” Sidharth strolled to the table and filled a glass of wine, her lips are drawn up to an evil grin.

“Sana, my little wife, have this drink because a good wife follows her husband’s every order.” Sidharth forced her to drink the wine by putting the glass near to her mouth and holding her jaw.

They are laughing at her evilly.

“Hum nhi pite hai, please. (I don’t drink, please.)”She pleaded, crying and trying to push the glass away.

“Hww… you’re not a good wife, that’s very bad. Listen to your husband.” As Cabir said, Sidharth smiled at him devilishly and she stared at him in disbelief, extremely hurt.

Sidharth has no intention to make her drink, he just wanna make fun of her.

“Hum vachan lete hai ki hum apki har zarrurat ko pura karenge. (I’ll fulfil your every wish.)” As she recalled her vow which she took in front of the holy fire, she gulped the whole glass of wine down her throat, staring at Sidharth without saying a single word making all of them shocked because they never thought she would drink.

“Humane vachan liya tha ki hum apki har khawahish ko pura karenge. Aapne chahai yeh shaddhi ek badle ke liye ki ho, lekin humhne yeh shaddhi apne dil se ki hai. Humhne apke sath phere liye hai. Aap jo bolenge hum karenge kyuki shaddhi ke badh patni ka ghr pati ka hota hai. (I vowed to fulfil your every wish. You did this marriage for revenge but I did this marriage with my heart. I took seven vows in the marriage and now I’ll fulfil all those seven vows if you support me or not.” She stated with full confidence for the first time, tears are still coursing down her cheeks constantly.

She dashed into her room, placing her hand on her mouth and directly walked into the washroom. She puked into the washbasin because of consuming alcohol for the first time. After vomiting, she coughed badly and splashed the water on her face. She crying hysterically because she is extremely hurt.

She is shattered, broken, hurt, shocked, angry and scared. She didn’t think that she has to face this humiliation after marrying Sidharth and her beautiful dream would turn into her worst nightmare.

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  1. Mehak! I appreciate ur writing and ur hardwork which u put in these stories but this is The most attrocious story line , I have read so far , we live in a world where , we are trying to get recognition for women and empower each other but educated people and young ppl like you are bringing these type of story which are old serial stories and bringing back those shallow ideas of love and marriage really sadens me . U guys hold a postion to influence young ppl , please don’t ruin and promote these story lines even if it is just a fiction.i have appreciated ur other stories but this one is sickening Sorry!

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