Monster’s Bride (Part: 4 Revenge or Marriage) Manan


Few days passed and their marriage day arrived. He wants to hide this marriage from the public, therefore he asked Abhi for a simple marriage at the temple. Abhi also agreed as he didn’t find any problem with it.

Finally, the day has come from where all of their life is going to be changed drastically, because life is unpredictable, no one knows what will happen next.

Nandini is standing in front of the mirror in the beautiful red bridal dress. She is looking breathtakingly beautiful. Her hair is tied up in a huge bun. She has done light makeup and wore light-weighted jewellery. Her face is glowing, the pretty smile isn’t leaving her face, butterflies are flying in her stomach because of the excitement of getting married but little did she knows that her all dreams are going to be shattered after this marriage.

Abhi strolled to her and stood behind her. They both looked at each other through the mirror. “My sister is looking so pretty today in this bridal attire. May God blessed you.” He leaned down and kissed her hair. She smiled contentedly in response and her eyes brimmed with tears.

She turned around and hugged him. “Hum apko bhut miss karenge, bhai. (I’ll miss you a lot.)” She said in a crying tone, hiding her face in his chest and few tears trickled down her cheeks mechanically.

He smiled and stroked her hair. “You can call me when you miss me. Now don’t cry or else your makeup would be spoiled.” He said in a fun tone to cheer up her.

She smiled and said after breaking the hug. “Hum apko sachmein bhut miss karenge, Bhai. (I’ll miss you a lot, Bhai.)”

“I hope Manik won’t let you miss me.” He said, wiping her tears and a smile flashed on her face. She doesn’t know he is going to make her life hell. She is feeling like her all dreams are fulfilling but she doesn’t aware her all dreams are going to be shattered.


Only Fab4 and Abhi are present in the temple as Abhi has no relative. Manan are sitting in the mandap, her lips are drawn up to a beatific smile and Priest is reciting hymns, in the centre of the mandap, the sacred fire was placed. Mukti and Abhi exchanged an angry glance.

“Abhi, whatever you have done with me, now I’ll do with your sister. I will take revenge for my every tear. When you see your sister in pain, then you will realise about my pain.” Mukti wondered, glaring at Abhi through the corner of her eyes.

“Mukti, don’t look at him. Just Chill.” Alia whispered, holding Mukti’s hand when she saw her angry.

Manan exchanged the garlands, then pandit asked them to stand up for the seven vows.

Hindu wedding consists of the bride and the groom taking seven vows in presence of their loved ones, with the fire as their witness. This is a way for the couple to confirm their commitment and sincerity to the new relationship they are entering.

The priest asked them to take the first vow and explained the meaning of it that the first step of this journey of togetherness the bride and the groom seek divine blessings by asking the Lord to ensure that they are never short of food or money and the groom vows to provide welfare and happiness to his better half; the bride promises to shoulder the responsibilities with him.

“I vowed to give you so much pain that you gonna regret doing this marriage.” Manik promised to himself, taking the first vow.

“hum iss agni ko Sakshi man kr apse vada krte hai ki hum har vqt apka sth denge. (I vowed to you in front of this holy fire that I’ll always support you.)” Nandini vowed this with a pure heart.

In the next vow Priest explained that they will be partners for life, they seek strength to be able to support and protect each other through all phases of life.

“I vowed that I will always take care that you are getting the pain which you deserve for being the sister of Abhi.” Manik vowed, having so much hatred inside him because his sister’s love has made him blind. He can’t see Nandini’s innocent and pure heart.

“hum vachan lete hai ki hum Manik ka har muskil mein sath denge. (I vowed to support him in every problem.)” Nandini vowed, gazing at the fire.

In the third vow Priest explained that a husband and wife seek wealth not only for their physical existence and desires but also to be able to fulfil their spiritual obligations. They also seek blessing for the ability and means to take care of their children, educate them and look after all their needs.

“Haha, Kids with you, I won’t even touch you.” He laughed evilly.

“Hum vachan lete hai ki hum apki har khwahish ko pura karenge. (I promise to fulfil your every wish.)” She vowed as she doesn’t know what the mistake she is doing by taking these all vows.

In the fourth vow, Priest explained that the groom expresses gratitude towards his wife for completing his life and bringing auspiciousness and happiness. And, the bride takes the vow to love her husband in every way.

“I vowed that I will not give you any happiness.” He vowed, smirking.

“Hum vachan lete hai ki hum apko humsha pyaar karenge chahai kuch bhi hojae. (I vowed to always love you no matter what.)” She vowed wholeheartedly.

In the fifth vow Priest explained that the groom tells his wife that he would always see her as his best friend. The bride promises to love and cherish their relationship forever.

“I vowed that I will always see you as my enemy.” He vowed.

“Hum vachan lete hai ki hum humsha iss rishte ko kabhi tutne nhi denge. (I vowed to never let this relationship break.)” She vowed.

In the sixth vow Priest explained that the bride and groom will trust each other and understand each other needs.

“I vowed that I will never fulfil your any wish and never understand you.” Manik vowed.

“Hum vachan lete hai ki hum apki har zarrurat ko pura karenge aur apki har bt ko smjhenge. (I’ll fulfil your every wish and I’ll always understand you.)” She vowed.

So now the priest explained the meaning of last vow that the couple pledges to each other their love, trust, and companionship. They vow to be friends for life and stand by each other through everything. This phera also brings home the truth that they are now united through everything in life and must be true to each other and their relationship always. They pray for sweetness and love to fill their lives.

“I vowed to make your life living hell so that your brother will understand what happens after seeing your sister in pain.” With the last vow, Manik promised to make Nandini’s life hell.

Will he really able to make the innocent life hell?

“Hum vachan lete hai ki hum iss rishte ko dil se nibhaenge. Ab humhre liye yeh shaddhi hi sabkuch hai. Apka ghar humhra hoga. Apka har dukh har sukh humhra hoga. (For me now this marriage is everything. Now your home will be mine and your all pain and sorrow will also be mine.)” She took the last vow, smiling contentedly.

Nandini took all the vows from the core of her heart and Manik also took all vow from his heart but their meaning of vows are different. For him, these are vows of hatred and for her, these are vows of pure and true love.

After that Priest asked Manik to make her wear mangalsutra and he asked Manik to fill Nandini’s hairline with sindoor. She closed her eyes and a blissful smile flashed on her face when he applied the vermilion.

“From now you both are husband and wife.” At Last, Priest declared them as husband and wife. Manik smiled evilly and Nandini smiled delightfully.

A marriage that is everything for her and a marriage that is just revenge for him. What will the future of this marriage, nobody knows.

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