(Part: 32 Hot Massage Session) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass


“Hello, guys, I’m at such a beautiful place, do you want to know where I’m?” She said excitedly on the phone’s front camera, standing on the lavish yacht. Manik is talking on the phone, leaning against the railing.

She switched from front to back camera to record the view in the video. “Yes, I’m at the yacht. It’s so huge and beautiful.” She said after again turning on the front camera.

Manik disconnected the call and walked to her, smiling. She beamed at Manik and said after looking back at the camera, “do you want to know, who took me here?”

“I’m here with my Mr Handsome.” She said after turning on the back camera to show Manik.

She frowned as he suddenly snatched the phone from her hand harshly, shouting at her in anger. “What the hell are doing?”

“Why are you shouting? I was just recording the video for my viewers.” She rebuked him.

He composed himself by taking a deep breath. “We have to keep it a secret that where are we, sunshine. You know it is dangerous.” Now he explained her calmly, placing his hand on her face.

“But it’s my work, Manik.”

“I know, but it’s about your safety, Sunshine.” He caressed her cheek with his thumb.

“Yes, you’re right. I’ll post after we come back from holidays.” She agreed as soon as she recalled about the forest attack where the bullet hit him because of her. She doesn’t want to put his life in danger again because of her.

He smiled slightly. “And I’m sorry that I shouted at you, I became scared as I thought you’re recording the live video.” He apologised, stroking her hair. Her lips drew up to a smile. She really can’t believe that the Mafia boss is apologising to her. Her love has really changed him so much.

He pecked his lips and uttered, “let’s just enjoy.”

He grasped her waist and yanked her to himself. “Yes, let’s enjoy.” He said huskily.

He frowned as she pushed him away. “I’m tired, I think I should take a sunbath to relax my muscles.”

“I just come.” She winked at him and rushed to the room to bring sunscreen. She came back and grinned at him mischievously.

She stood beside the swimming pool where a lounge chair is kept. She pulled off her black dress and his eyes glinted with profound desires after seeing her in the black sexy lacy lingerie. She always drives him crazy with her flawless and attractive body. She dropped the dress on the floor, smiling salaciously at him. He’s just admiring her.

She took off her garters and heels. She placed her foot on the chair, smiling at him and pulling out her round butts deliberately. He felt like squeezing them.

She is seductively applying the sunscreen all over her milky white thigh and long sexy legs, looking at him through the corner of her eyes. He sauntered to her, gazing at her with his eyes filled with profound desires. She closed her eyes as he cupped her butts. He gently pressed them and a soft moan escaped out of her mouth.

“Could I help you in applying the sunscreen, Sunshine?” He asked in a husky tone, squeezing and fondling her butts.

“Yes, please.” She moaned and handover him sunscreen.

He grinned and suddenly pulled the string of her bra before applying and gently spreading the sunscreen all over her bareback, massaging her. She is moaning with immense pleasure, her eyes are closed. She is utterly lost in the warm touch of his hands and enjoying the massage to the fullest.

She pulled the straps of the bra out of her arms and dropped it down. He slid his hands firmly across her shoulders then glided them down her twins, grinding his crotch between her butts, arousing her. He’s setting her body on fire with his touch. He leaned down and nuzzled her neck, she threw her head and arched her back to give him full access to her neck. He’s placing soft kisses down her neck and massaging and pinching her twins. She is moaning and enjoying the heavenly pleasure. She’s loving this massage session.

He suddenly stopped and she made an irritated pout as she didn’t want him to stop. She was enjoying it a lot.

He smirked and came in front of her, opening the buttons of his shirts sexily. He bit her lower lip and his eyes glinted with profound desires as he saw her twins glistening in the sunlight. They are looking even more attractive in sunlight.

He swept his eyes to her face and took off his shirt. “We will continue the massage session in the pool.” He winked at her sexily before jumping into the water. She smiled and then she also jumped down into the pool without the bra.

She’s coming to him, looking sexy, her lips are drawn up to a seductive smile. He’s becoming harder seeing her wet body. He wants to suck all the droplets from her body.

She encircled her arms around his neck and pressed her wet body against him, grinning. They both literally shivered as their wet body came in contact. He moved closer to her to kiss her but suddenly she punched him on his stomach, making him groan in pain.

She laughed loudly and swam away from him.

“I’m coming, sunshine.” He chuckled and swam behind her.

“I caught you.” He snaked his arm around her waist from behind and yanked her to himself. She is still laughing hysterically, she’s so happy and enjoying teasing him a lot.

He turned her to himself and got lost in her precious laugh. “You look fucking more beautiful when you laugh.” He whispered and now she smiled broadly at him.

He held her waist firmly inside the water and pulled her to himself before capturing her wet lips and kissing her passionately, roaming his hands all over wet body. She kissed him back with equal passion, running her fingers through his hair.

“Now let’s continue your massage.” He breathed as they pulled away.

Her eyes twinkled with excitement and she said, “yes, please.”

His hand coasted up over her shoulder, down her arm, past her waist in water, and paused on her thighs. She gasped as he suddenly yanked the strings of her thong and the last piece of cloth also dropped down her body in water. Now she’s standing utterly naked facing him, breathing heavily, her twins raising and falling, but her half body is inside the water. They both are gazing into each other eyes deeply.

Then he cupped her throbbing core and her heart almost skipped beating.

To be continued…

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