Monster’s Bride (Part: 1 Evil Plan) Sidnaaz


A girl stepped into the lavish mansion, tears trickling down her cheeks, eyeliner smudged. “Sidharth.” She called her brother.

Sidharth stepped out of his room and widened his eyes in shock as he saw her condition. “Mukti.” He said in low voice.

As Mukti saw him, she rushed to him, crying.

“Sidharth, he used me, I hate him, I hate him.” She cried, hugging Sidharth. He engulfed his sister into his warm arms. His heart is crying with her, he can’t see her in pain. He loves his sister more than anything else in this world. For him his sister is everything. He can do anything for her happiness, even he can destroy the whole world for her.

Their two friends, Cabir and Alia marched into the mansion, anxious for Mukti.

“Who?” Sidharth asked, knitting his brows in anger and consoling her by rubbing her back.

Mukti broke the hug and told him in a serious tone. “Abhimanyu Gill.” Sidharth clenched his fists in fury and his eyes became red with anger.

Abhimanyu Gill is the youngest and a famous businessman. He became famous this year only. Before nobody knew him but now he has a big name.

“But why did he cheat you? You told us that he loves you.” Cabir asked her, confused.

Mukti moved her eyes to Cabir and told, “Cabir, he was just pretending to love me but he was using me.” Tears are streaming down her cheeks constantly.

“Mukti, don’t cry we are with you.” Alia reassured her taking her in a side hug.

“I’ll kill that bastard, how dare he used my sister.” Sidharth roared in fury, his eyes are spitting fire.

He stormed to the door, Cabir stopped him at the door by coming in front of him. “Where are you going, Sidharth? Don’t do anything in hurry.” He tried to explain him.

“Cabir, I’m going to kill that fucking bastard.” He barked and Mukti sobbed.

“Sidharth.” He was about to step out of the mansion but stopped as he heard Mukti’s voice. He turned around.

“Sidharth, I want revenge. I want to see him in the same pain which you’re going through right now.” Mukti stated making everybody shocked.

“How?” Cabir asked, confused.

“As Abhi hurt me, you will hurt his sister, Sana Gill, then only he will understand the pain which you’re going through after seeing me.” Mukti explained to them what she wants and strolled to them, Alia followed her.

“Sidharth, I love you. I know you’re hurt more than me right now. That’s why I want Abhi to feel the same pain.” Mukti said, holding Sidharth’s hand and he stared at her with sorrowful eyes.

“Bhai, will you take our revenge?” She asked when he didn’t respond to her.

“Sidharth, what are you thinking? That bloody bastard did this with Mukti, this will be the best way to take revenge from him.” Now Cabir said, placing his hand on Sidharth shoulder.

“I’m thinking about that girl, Cabir, whose life we are going make hell.” A smirk flashed on his face but his eyes are full of anger.

“Poor Girl, she has to pay for her brother’s deed.” Alia said and his lips curved up to an evil smile.

“But how we will trap her?” Cabir asked them, bemused.

“Sidharth will marry Sana and give her pain. Then he will leave her on the footpath.” Mukti said in a serious tone, wiping her tear and curled up her lips.

“Sidharth, would you marry her for me?” Mukti asked, looking at Sidharth pleading eyes.

“Of course anything for you, sweetie. Anyway, I don’t believe in marriage, so not a big deal for me.” He shrugged his shoulder. Mukti grinned widely and hugged him.

They are members of the famous music band ‘Fab4’. Everyone knows them as an arrogant and aggressive music band. Sidharth is the lead singer, Cabir is the drummer, Alia is the co-singer and Mukti is the guitarist. They have a huge fan following. They only think about themselves and don’t care about anybody else. They are spoil brats from rich families. Their parents gave them luxurious life but never gave them their time and values. After becoming famous and popular they left their family and now living in their own house.


Next day

A woman is sitting at the five-star restaurant, wearing a black simple suit with a dupatta, yet looking so ravishing. Her long and silky hair increasing her beauty more. Her eyes are telling so many stories. Her nose is like a small baby. The girl is non-other Sana Gill. A simple and innocent girl. She is an uneducated girl as she grows up in a small town but she has a very sharp mind. Her parents only able to afford money for her brother’s studies and they sent him abroad. Now he becomes a famous businessman but he feels upset because his sister couldn’t go to school. So he hired a tutor for her. He always tries to protect his sister from this cruel world as he knows his sister is very innocent and kind-hearted. Their parents are no more.

Yesterday Sana got a call from a person and he told her that Sidharth Shukla, the famous singer wanted to meet her. She became hell excited as she is a die heart fan of him. She never thought in her dream also that she would meet him, but she’s a bit nervous too. She has no clue that why he wants to meet her.

After some time Sidharth entered the restaurant in full attitude, the whole restaurant was empty as he booked for them. He’s walking to her, looking handsome in white shite and black leather jacket. He has red roses in his hand.

Her eyes twinkled and her heart stopped beating as she saw him. She couldn’t believe that her man of dreams is strolling to her. She’s feeling like she’s dreaming with open eyes.

He smiled at her and sat in front of her.

“Am I dreaming? Haye, he looks even more handsome in real.” She is wondering and just gawping at him with an open mouth unblinkingly in disbelief.

“Hi.” Sidharth held out his hand to her and she came on the earth back.

She slowly raised her hand and held his hand. As their hands touched, electricity rushed down their spine which literally shocked them. They instantly moved their hands away. She shyly tucked her hair behind her ear, moving her eyelashes down.

Sidharth shook his head. “So Sana, I will say directly that I love you.” As he said, her eyes widened in utter shock. She couldn’t believe on her ear.

“This can’t be true, I must be dreaming. He loves me, I just can’t believe.” She started wondering.

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