(Part: 27 Swimming Pool Romance) Mafia’s Badass Girl


They are standing near the pool, hugging each other, lost in their own world. She suddenly jumped into the pool with him, grinning, making him shocked.

They took their faces out of the water instantly and as they broke the hug, he whispered, “you never fail to surprise me.” She smiled at him.

He captured her wet and succulent lips by grasping her wet hair and pulling her face to himself. Her fingers curled his wet hair and she responded to his kiss with equal passion. Their tongues are exploring each other mouth. Their wet bodies are rubbing against each other inside the cold water and burning their bodies with wild desires. He is taking her breath away with the kiss and making her dizzy and drunk. He’s stealing her soul with this kiss.

They pulled away, beaming at each other and panting after the intense kiss. “I never felt like this before, What are you doing to me, Sunshine?” He asked intoxicatedly in a husky tone, gazing at her intensely and brushing her lower lip. He setting her soul on fire with his eyes.

“I’m doing exactly what you’re doing to me, Mr Handsome.” She breathed against his lips and he sucked her lips passionately, cupping her face.

He yanked her head back by grasping her hair and attacked her neck. As he bit her sweet spot, her core throbbed for him and she moaned, clenching his hair. She had been craving to feel his lips there and now she wants to feel the touch of his lips on every inch of her body. His touch is magical. Her body always trembles when he touches her or kisses her.

He nuzzled her wet hair and as the scent of hair reached his nostril, he took a deep breath. “You’re driving me insane with intoxicating smell, sunshine.” As he whispered, his warm breath caressed her earlobe and she shivered.

He bit her earlobe, his hand is roaming all over her wet back. “You have no clue what I’m feeling like to do with you right now.” He whispered in her ear before nibbling down her neck, gripping her hair tightly.

“Do you want to know, Chloe?” He asked croakily, looking at her, the intensity of his gaze is searing and burning her body.

“I want you to do everything you’re feeling like to do with me right now.” She purred and smiled seductively at him.

He grinned mischievously and unhooked her bra hastily. He freed her twins by removing and hurling the bra into the water.

“You’re heavenly beautiful and profusely sexy, sunshine.” He complimented her as he gazed at her tits with profound desires in his eyes. Her searing gaze making her breath heavy and therefore her twins are rising and falling, her nipples are hard.

The next moment, he cupped her twins and squeezed them, kissing her shoulder and grinding himself against her pelvis.

“Oh fuck.” She moaned with pleasure, clenching his hair as he is vigorously rubbing his bulge against her inner thigh inside the water and kneading her twins.

“I need you badly, Andrew.” She whispered, craving for him. He looked at her, grinning. She moaned as he pinched both nipples.

“Soon you will get me, baby.” He whispered against her lips before trailing kisses down her neck and cleavage, massaging her twins. Her hands are roaming all over his bareback. He is taking her to heaven with his touch. Her body is shivering with his every kiss, she had been longing for this. She is feeling incredible and doesn’t want him to stop ever. Her lips are drawn up to a contented smile and her eyes are closed. She’s utterly lost in him.

“Oh, God.” She moaned with immense pleasure as he sucked one of her twins and squeezed the other one.

He is gliding his one hand down her belly into the water while nibbling, pinching, kissing, squeezing her twins. She’s just lost in his touch. She can’t even describe in words, how incredible she’s feeling. She doesn’t want him to stop, she is grinding herself against his crotch constantly. They both are craving for each other. She’s longing to feel him inside her and he’s longing to come inside her. Their desires are at their peak.

But the loud knock on the door startled them and they unwillingly pulled apart, irritated.

“I’m going to kill whosoever is at the door.” She groaned in anger and he chuckled seeing her facial expression.

Somebody is banging the door constantly.

“We will kill that person together but before we have to come out of the pool. Come,” he held his hand out to her.

She pouted sadly and placed her hand over his hand. He clasped her hand and they both came out of the swimming pool.

“Wear it.” He handover the white bathrobe to her.

A goofy grin flashed on her face and she denied, “no, I’m comfortable without it.” He rolled his eyes.

“Will you ever listen to me, Chloe?” He asked her in a calm tone.

“No.” She grinned at him and moved closer to him.

He grasped her bare waist and as he yanked her to himself, their wet chests pressed against each other. They both gazed into each other intensely. His hands reached to her butts and palmed them, staggering desire courses through her vain. He pulled her more closer to himself by squeezing her round butts.

They moved closer to kiss each other, but before their lips could meet, his phone started ringing and the bagging of the door became louder.

“Wear it fast because I don’t want anybody to see my sunshine naked as only I have the right to see you like this.” He stated in a stern tone, his eyes scorching and this time she obeyed his order.

“Yes, only you have the right to see me naked.” She whispered and wore the bathrobe. He grinned at her with triumph as finally, she listened to him.

“That’s like my good girl.” He uttered, tying the belt of the bathrobe. They both beamed at each other.

He suddenly yanked her to himself by holding the knot of the bathrobe and gave a quick kiss on her lips, her eyes widened in shock. He pulled away and winked at her before walking toward the door of the terrace.

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