(Part: 25 A Passionate Kiss) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass Girl


At midnight Manik woke up from deep slumber. A smile flashed on his face as he saw the angelic face of Nandini. For the first time, he slept peacefully in his life because of her. She has become the peace of his life. Her presence gives him immense happiness and solace. He raised his head from the pillow and placed a tender kiss on her forehead. She smiled contentedly in sleep also as his lips touched her skin. He beamed at her and gently tucked her few hair strands behind her ear.

“There is so much peace at this moment, with you. Now I never want to lose this peace. I’m just exhausted from living a life without happiness and peace. All my life I have longed for the peace which I found in you. After meeting you, I came to know that you’re the missing part of my incomplete life and what is happiness. Before you, my life was useless and I had been counting days and waiting to die but after meeting you I have realised the importance of life. At the forest, when I thought my end has come, I just promised myself at that prise moment that if I stay alive, I wouldn’t push you away, I would keep you safe with me forever and I would accept that you’re important to me and I care you. Now no matter what, I will fulfil this promise if you want or not. I’ve given my new life to you. Now, this Mafia Boss is live for you only.” He murmured, stroking her cheek lovingly with his thumb and gazing at her, his eyes filled with profound love.

He slept again, smiling at her with utter contentment, holding her tighter in his arms and she snuggled in his warm arms in sleep.


She woke up with a blissful smile on her face the next morning after sleeping peacefully in the warm arms of Mafia Boss. Her smile grew bigger as she saw his handsome face.

“He looks so adorable while sleeping.” She wondered, caressing his stubble and gazing at him fondly.

She unwillingly came out of his arms. She caressed the wound on his arm before placing a soft kiss there. She climbed off the bed.

“I can’t put your life in danger anymore, therefore now I have to keep you away from me. You can’t see but I can see that we are becoming weakness of each other and people can take undue advantage of our weakness.” She wondered and after last time glancing at him, she tiptoed out of the room with a heavy heart because deep inside she wants to stay with him.

Manik woke up after some time. He smiled recalling about the last night that how she slept in his arms.

“Where is she? I want her now.” He murmured, craving to see her again.

Somebody knocked on the door. He said, “come in.”

Marry opened the door and stepped into his room with the breakfast.

“Put the breakfast on the table and call Nandini.” He ordered her. She nodded at him and placed the tray of breakfast on the table.

She walked out of the room to call Nandini. She knocked on the door of her room.

“I’m busy, don’t disturb me.” She answered from inside the room.

“Boss is calling you, Mam.” She told her.

“I’m busy for him also.” She yelled and Marie came back to Manik’s room.

“Where is Nandini?” He asked her as his eyes are craving to see her heavenly gorgeous face.

“She said she’s busy.” As she told him, he frowned and instantly messaged her after picking up his phone from the side table.


Stop whatever you’re doing because I want you in my room now.

She replied to him instantly.


I’m not your slave to take your orders.

He rolled his eyes after reading her message and warned her.


If I come to your room, you have to bear the consequences.


As If I’m afraid.

“Oh God, this girl will never listen to me.” He muttered, shaking his head.


I know you just love to test my patience.

I’m asking you for the last time, you’re coming here or not?

Nandini: No, No.

Manik: Now bear the consequences of denying my order.

He threw the phone on the bed and climbed down the bed, putting his all pain on the side. He marched to her room in fury, his brows are knitted and his hands are clenched in anger. He burst open the door.

His anger vanished away and his eyes glinted with profound desires as he saw her only in inner garments from the glass wall of the bathroom. She is standing facing her back to him inside the bathroom. He wandered into the bathroom, his lips stretched up to a salacious smile. He’s gazing at her flawless body with desires in her eyes. The unique kind of tattoo on her back is increasing her hotness.

She moved her hands on her back to unhook the bra but instantly stopped and her eyes widened as she heard his footsteps.

She turned around and yelled at him, “What the fuck! What are you doing here?”

His intense gaze is making her breath heavy and accelerating her heartbeat.

He is walking to her slowly taking small steps. “I can come anywhere it’s my house. You can’t stop me.”

He stood in front of her and asked, “why are you behaving that this is the first, I’m seeing you like this?” He gazed down at her body intensely with lustful eyes. His passionate and lascivious gaze is setting her body on fire.

She gathered courage and shouted at him, rolling her eyes. “Get lost.”

“What happened to you? Last time you were seducing me and now you’re asking me to go.” He asked in a calm tone, concerned for her. He clasped her face and she is just glaring at him. “I know there is something, therefore you’re behaving so different and I won’t go from here until you tell me what’s the matter.” He stated sternly.

She jerked his hands. “The truth is that I have lost interest in you.” She answered him curtly.

“Now fucking get lost.” She pushed him away and now Manik lost his temper. He reached her, taking long steps and harshly pulled her to himself by grasping her bare waist firmly.

He leaned in and whispered, “If you have lost interest, my closeness shouldn’t affect you. But it’s affecting you. Your body is literally shivering.” He said the last line and a smirk flashed on his face. He snaked his one arm around her bare waist and yanked her closer to himself.

She’s melting down with his touch and their proximity. Her body is burning hot with profound desires which she can’t resist. She wants to push him but she is frozen at her place. She needs him badly. His touch is driving her insane.

“Fuck off, Manik.” She again tried to push him away.

He clutched her jaw with his free hand before taking her lips into his warm mouth. She stopped resisting him and completely submitted herself to him as their lips met. She can’t resist him as he has such a profound effect on her. She automatically encircled her arms around his neck and her fingers clutched his hair and she kissed passionately. His hands are roaming all over her bareback, arousing her and sending chills down her spine. She ground herself against his crotch mechanically, forgetting everything. They are kissing each other intensely like there is no tomorrow.

They broke the kiss unwillingly indeed of oxygen. They are panting after the intense kiss and their eyes are closed. She breathed in the heat of the moment, “If this is the consequences of disobeying your orders, then I’ll always disobey you.”

His lips curved into a smile against her lips. This time he cupped her face and kissed her very softly and chastely.

“I like you and I want to make you my badass girl.”He confessed with glee after breaking the kiss. She froze at her place and her eyes dilated in shock. She can’t believe that he just confessed that he likes her. She is utterly dazed.

She suddenly pushed him away and rushed out of the bathroom. He ran after her.

“I can’t stay here forever. I’m going.” She said, pulling down a loose t-shirt.

He held her arm and turned her to himself. “Stop it for god sake. Why are you running away from me when I’m ready to give a chance to us?” He asked in a loud voice.

“You can’t control my life, Manik.” She answered him in a cold tone.

He clasped her face and his voice softened. “I have no intention to control your life, I’m just protecting you from danger as you know that I care for you.”

Her eyes brimmed with tears. “You are becoming my weakness, Manik. I have never afraid of dying but I’m afraid of seeing something happening to you in front of my eyes. I’m becoming weak. Whatever is between us, it is making us weak. Can’t you see?” She asked him, staring at him dejectedly.

“But I feel something out of the world when you’re around me, Nandini. I want to protect you and keep you safe with me forever. I have never met a girl like you before in my life, so brave, so strong, so fearless, you’re different and I really like you. I spent my whole life fighting and running, but for the first time, I want to stay and enjoy every moment of my life with you where there will be you and me. Yesterday when you slept in my arms, I realised that I don’t want anything else in my life except you. You’re my home, my peace. People spent their whole life searching for the peace which I found in you, Nandini. Please, give us a chance.” He confessed from the core of his heart. It is vividly visible in his eyes, how badly he wants to be with her.

Nandini can’t believe that in front of her eyes, a ruthless mafia boss is standing. He is sounding like a normal person who needs only and only peace in his life. She is thunderstruck with the pure and genuine confession of the mafia boss.

She raised her heels and stood on her toes. She clasped his face and kissed him lovingly in response to his true confession, getting speechless.

“You can’t fall weak, Nandini.” Suddenly her mind reminded her and mechanically a lone tear trickled down her cheek.

“We can’t be together, Manik.” She uttered after breaking the kiss.

“You believe it or not, we’re meant for each other and I’m gonna make you mine. I love challenges in my life. The more you push me, the more you come closer to me. I would be your weakness, but you’re my peace and my strength. See you soon, my badass girl.” He left from there after pecking her lips.

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