(Part: 22 Appalled) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass Girl


Manik grasped her hand firmly. “We have to run from here, they are around us.” She slightly nodded at him, still in the effect of their intense kiss. He scurried from there by holding her hand.

They are running in the dense forest hand in hand, panting and sweating, trying to escape the danger but they don’t know where they are heading. He is petrified for her. He wants to protect her at any cost.

Their eyes dilated in horror as few rival men came in front of them, they smiled devilishly at them. Manik hastily slid his hand into his pocket to take out the gun but he realised that he forgot the gun under the tree. He glared at the goons and pushed Nandini behind him to protect her. He’s standing in front of her like a shield.

“I’m surrendering, you can take me to your boss, but let her go, she isn’t at fault.” Manik has never bowed his head down in front of anybody before, but today he accepted his defeat to protect Nandini. This shows he can do anything to keep her safe.

They laughed at him. “Finally we found the weakness of The Mafia Boss Manik.” One of the men said and brayed with laughter.

He trod and stood beside them. Nandini scowled at him. “Something is there in her,” he said, leering at her body. Manik clenched his fist and pursed his lips to control his anger. He felt like killing him.

“Isn’t it?” He asked, moving his eyes back to Manik.

She sneered, glaring at that man fearlessly and

Manik knitted his brows.

She barked at him with outrage. “Fuck you.” She took out the gun and shot at him. The bullet hit the man’s heart and he died on the spot. His body slumped down on the floor with a thud.

The other man pointed the gun at Nandini and fired but before the bullet hit her, Manik hurriedly came in front of her and the bullet hit his stomach. Her heart almost stopped beating and her eyes widened in horror.

“Manik…” She screamed and hastily hit the other two men in fury.

She sat down and placed his head on her lap, tears are streaming down her cheeks mechanically and she is looking at him with her sorrowful eyes.

“Why did you save me?” She asked him in an angry tone, inside her heart is aching profoundly. She doesn’t want to lose him. For the first time in her life, she is afraid, afraid to lose him.

He smiled at her faintly and uttered with difficulty, “No matter what,” he took a deep breath and continued, “I’ll always protect you.”

He added, “If I stay alive.”

She became hysterical and cried profusely. “No, nothing will happen to you, Manik.” She uttered, clasping his face and cried bitterly, touching her face with his face.

She took out the phone and hurriedly called up Mike.

“Hello, Mike,” she sobbed. “Mike, please reach here as soon as possible, Manik got shot.” She informed him, crying miserably.

“We have traced the location and reaching there. You just don’t let him fall unconscious.” Mike answered her. Manik is just looking at her, trying hard to keep his eyes open.

“Come fast, please.” She said and disconnected the call. She cried, looking at Manik.

He raised his hand and wiped her tears with his thumb, “Don’t cry. I-I will be fine.”

“You have to be fine, Manik or else with whom I’ll flirt?” She asked and they both slightly smiled at each other in pain also.

Manik’s eyes are getting closed. “Don’t close your eyes. Please, stay with me.” She implored frantically after cupping his face and moving closer to his face, tears are constantly trickling down her face. She is frightened to lose him.

She sucked his lips softly and lovingly. As her lips met his lips, he got some kind of instant energy. Her lips did magic over him.

“Please, stay with me.” She whispered against his lips, squeezing her eyes shut and fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.

She pulled away from him and they gazed into each other eyes intensely and deeply.

“I don’t like tears in your eyes.” He rubbed her tears with his thumb and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Please,” she sniffled and continued, “be with me.”

He murmured, “I’m always with you, Nandini.”

His hand suddenly fell and he became unconscious. She became terrified and cried, hugging him tightly. “No, No, Manik, you can’t leave me like this. Open your eyes.” She wept, appalled to lose him because he is the first person who cares for her and the person for whom she feels a strong connection. She howled in agony, hugging him tighter.

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