(Part: 20 The Fearless Woman) {Sidnaaz} Mafia’s Badass Girl


“Boss, they have reached here also, you should leave from here with Shehnaaz from the back door. I’ll handle them. A car is standing backside of the house.” Mike informed Sidharth and they heard gunshots from outside. Sidharth and Shehnaaz glanced at each other.

Sidharth nodded at Mike and clasped Shehnaaz’s hand. “Let’s go, Shehnaaz.” He led her out of the house and strode to the black Mercedes.

He opened the door for her. “Now first you sit, I can’t do the same mistake again.” She said and he rolled his eyes.

“Okay, fine.” He said and hastily settled into the back seat became there is no time for argument. She smiled with triumph and sat beside him.

The driver started the car engine as soon as Shehnaaz shut the door close. The car drove off at speed, its tyres screeching.

“Shit, they are following us.” Sidharth said after glancing behind.

“Who are they?” Shehnaaz asked him, her eyes glinted with curiosity.

“They are my enemies and because of that photo, they are behind you.” He told her and she made O mouth.

Then they heard gunshots, the goons started firing at their car from behind. He became anxious for her.

“You don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” He reassured her, placing his hand on her face. He is shocked because there is no fear in her eyes. She always amazed him with her fearlessness.

“And I’ll protect you.” She grinned at him, taking the gun out of her jeans pocket.

“Let’s finish them.” Sidharth said, taking out his gun.

“Yes, Boss. I’m so excited.” She squealed cheerfully and Sidharth shook his head in disbelief.

They rolled down the windows and after glancing at each other, they started firing at the men who are following them.

After some time, the bullet hit their driver. Shehnaaz shifted to the driver seat and checked the driver’s pulses while driving the car after shifting him on the passenger seat. Sidharth is still shooting.

“He is dead.” She told him in a serious tone, glancing at Sidharth from the rare view mirror.

“Be careful, Shehnaaz.” He said concernedly, anxious for her.

Somebody shot the tier of their car and Shehnaaz took the car into the dense jungle. They hurriedly climbed out of the car and scurried far away from where nobody can find them.

They are running in the jungle hand in hand, sweating and breathing heavily. He is becoming weaker because of losing lots of blood.

Shehnaaz suddenly stopped and said, panting.

“I think we should stop here. They won’t able to find us because we have come so far.”

“You’re right.” He nodded, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

Sudden her eyes fell on his injured arm which is still bleeding.

“And we have to do something for this also.” She said, pointing at his wound.

“It’s fine,”

She cut his words. “I can see that you’re completely fine.” She said sarcastically in an angry tone. She clasped his hand and led him to a tree.

Only she has the power to control the Mafia boss who controls the whole world.

She made him sit under the tree. “Now sit here quietly and let me treat your wound.” She instructed him in a commanding tone, waggling her finger at him. He stayed silent.

His eyes widened and glinted with profound desires when she pulled the top out of her head. She is looking irresistible and attractive in a black lacy bra. He felt a sudden urge to squeeze her twins with his palm, stroke her stomach and kiss her cleavage and every inch of her body. He’s gazing at her body intensely, his eyes filled with wild desires.

She saw his expression and her lips curved up to a smirk, and his intense gaze is turning her on.

She knelt before him, tearing her top into two pieces. She carefully cleaned his wound with one piece of her top and the other one, she tied the around his wounded arm. He is now gazing at her face, utterly lost in her. He is loving the way she is taking care of him. Automatically a blissful smile flashed on his face as she placed a tender kiss over his wound.

“Do you have a passion for becoming a hero?” She suddenly asked in a sarcastic tone.

“What?” He narrowed his brows at her, bemused with her sudden question.

“You wanted to protect me like a hero, right? Now, are you happy with this wound?” She pointed at his injured arm.

“Oh hello, all this happened because of your stubbornness and carelessness. You shouldn’t have left the mansion.” He chided her and she stood up, glaring at him.

“You’re impossible, Sidharth.” She crossed her arms around her chest and averted her head.

“Do you want to know why I did this?” She asked after looking down at him.

“Yes.” He clasped her hand and tugged her down. She fell over him and their lips touched accidentally. Their whole body shivered and burned with the immense desires as their lips came in contact. They gazed into each other eyes deeply. As his hands grasped her bare waist and pulled her closer to himself, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. His touch is driving her crazy. He is gazing at her fondly. She opened her eyes and moved closer to kiss him. They both want to again feel each other lips and moving closer to each other, utterly lost in each other intense gaze. The urge of kissing each other is rising with each passing second. At this moment they just want to feel each other lips on their lips and kiss each other passionately till infinity. They have been craving to taste each other lips from day one and it seems like finally, their powerful desires are going to be fulfilled.


What do you think, will they kiss?

For the first time, I’m writing actions scenes in my stories, I hope you’re enjoying reading them.

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