(Beyond Love} Chapter: 17 (Manan)


Manik’s POV:

As soon as Nandini rushed to the washroom, I turned my gaze towards my parents who were giving me those teasing smirk, folding their arms in front.

Like seriously?

Why are they teasing so much?

“You guys are so bad.” I whined, and they laughed.


“What did the doctor said?” I asked dad totally avoiding their teasing session.


“We can take Neyo, home.” He told me and I nodded my head.

After few minutes, Nandini came out of the washroom, taking baby steps, and stood next to me, passing a nervous smile to my parents. I could clearly see her face, she wasn’t making any eye contact with us. She was just standing so silently as well as cutely, just like an innocent baby. She was just so shy. I was literally admiring her shyness, now.

“It gets so late, Nandini. You’re coming with us and I’m not asking, it’s my order.” My mom said in a commanding tone and only I know how hard I controlled myself from jumping at my place in happiness.

“But where?” She whispered.

Really? What a question!

“To the Church!” I murmured giving her a disbelief look.

But soon, I realised what I said.

Thank god, no one heard me, otherwise, they would again start their teasing session.

“To our home.” My mom said smiling at her.

Awww! Mom, My love! I love you so much!

“No, aunty, it’s fine. I will manage.” She said and I pouted sadly, glancing at her but she didn’t look at me.

Bad, baby girl.

“God, say yes, Nandini.”  I thought looking at her but hearing a coughed sound from my dad I looked at him and saw him giving me a teasing smirk.

Gawd! Did he was noticing me?

I passed him a tight-lipped smile, making him chuckled.


“I already said, I’m ordering you.” My mom said softly, gesturing Nandini to come close to her, as she came close to my mother’s bed, my mom held her hand in her hands making me smile.

My mom is the sweetest!

“I’m just like your Mom, won’t you listen to me?” Mom said softly, pouting sadly but Nandini face drained out all the colour just the mere mention of her mother. Her body stiffened, I could clearly see that. She was standing so close to me.

I noticed her every expression but kept quiet, not knowing what to say.

But now, I got the idea, at least about her vulnerability.

“Trust me, Aunty. You’re not like my mom. You can never be.” She murmured painfully with a faint smile on her face.

I clearly heard her, she too knew I heard her. I was so close to her. I so wanted to engulf her into my arms.

I promise, baby girl. I will wash your every pain and fill your life with immense happiness.

“Huh?” Mom asked not hearing what she said and continued “What did you say, dear?” Raising her brows.

I could clearly see her uneasiness, I’m sure she’s regretting uttering those words. I held her hand in my palm and given her the much-needed assurance that I’m here. She glanced at me and I passed her a small smile.

I know my parents must have noticed it but I’m glad they didn’t ask anything.

Exhaling a deep breath she said, ” Nothing aunty, I’ll come with you.” She passed her a small smile.


We had been sitting in the car from fifteen minutes. None of us spoke anything. I could visibly see she was avoiding eye contact with me.

I knew she wasn’t ready yet, to share her problem. Exhaling a deep breath, I placed my hand on her hand. She startled at my sudden touch but said nothing and kept looking out of the window.

“It’s enough!” I murmured and applied the break instantly, making her startled.

“You don’t have to avoid eye contact with me, baby girl. I’m not gonna ask you anything. Just don’t stress yourself, please.” I whispered looking at her and she smiled.


“Thank you.” She whispered back and entwined our hand making my breath hitched. I leaned forward, gazing intensely at her and placed a soft kiss on our entwined hand, giving her much needed assurance, making her blush.

Now, it’s perfect!

“Let’s go? Otherwise, if mom dad reached before us they gonna tease again.” I said making an annoyed face and she laughed.


I started the car again, and this time too we were not talking but this silence was comfortable and soothing. I could see her gazing at our entwined hand, rubbing the place with her other hand index finger where I had kissed her, smiling beautifully.


After good ten minutes, we reached my mansion and saw mom dad also stepping out of their car.

“Thank god, we are on time. Otherwise, they must have thought something else.” I murmured looking at them, giving a tight-lipped smile and they chuckled.

“Let’s go, baby girl,” I said turning towards Nandini and saw her face flushed.

Without uttering anything she stepped out of the car.

“Fuck! Did she hear it? Shit!” I cursed myself and stepped out of the car, giving the keys to the guard.


“You all settle down in the dining room, I’m asking a maid to arrange the dinner.” His Mom said to us.

“Mom, you go, I’ll ask the maid to arrange the dinner. You have just discharged from the hospital.” Manik scolded her.

“But Manik-“

Before Aunty could say something, the uncle said, ” Neyo darling, Manik will do this. You’re not well. Let’s go.”

“Okay, Nandini let’s go.” Aunty said to me, but Manik entwined our hands again, and before I could say something he said, “Mom, she will come with me.”

A teasing smirk spread across their faces hearing his reply making me blush.

God! Malhotra’s and their smirk, so freaking tempting!

“Let’s go, Neyo.” Uncle said and scooped anuty in his arms making me shocked.

Wow! Aren’t they romantic?

“Come soon, Manik. I don’t want my wife to sleep empty stomach.” Uncle said glancing at our hands and moved towards the dining area without giving Manik even a chance to reply.

“Oldie!” Manik whined saying this and looked at me. My jaw dropped and he chuckled.

“Ignore them,” he said and closed my mouth with his index finger.

“That was so romantic.” I whispered looking at him and he chuckled.

“Indeed,” he whispered looking at me making me go all weak on my knees.

“When you’re with the right partner, every little gesture become romantic.” He whispered huskily, staring intensely at me making my breath hitched.

The intensity of his chocolate brown eyes and his husky voice is enough to accelerate all the foreign feelings in my heart. I moved my eyelashes down, and my eyes fell on our entwined fingers.

It’s pure bliss!

I could feel his intense gaze on my face but I wasn’t able to look into his eyes. He was making me crazy.

Exhaling a deep breath, “Let’s go,” I whispered glancing at Manik and moved my eyes to our entwined hands making him chuckled.

“As you say, baby girl.” He winked, I just smiled.

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