(Part: 19 Attacked) {Sidnaaz} Mafia’s Badass Girl


Sidnarth hurriedly pushed Shehnaaz away without caring about his life and luckily bullet just passed away while touching his arm.

Shehnaaz widened her eyes in shock and screamed, “Sidnarth.”

Then her eyes fell over the shooter who is standing pointing the gun at her. She glared at him and hastily picked up the stone and hurled it at him. The stone hit his forehead and he became unconscious.

His men dashed into the garden after hearing the gunshots. People are screaming and scurrying out of the garden to save their life.

Shehnaaz rushed to Sidnarth, he swiftly grasped her arm and made her stand behind him before firing at the goons who were about to attack her. He again protected her. She is standing behind him and anxiously staring at his injured arm, the blood is oozing from it.

His men also started firing at the goons. Sidnarth grasped Shehnaaz’s hand and led her behind the pillar, shooting at the goons.

“Take her to the safe place, I’m coming.” He instructed one of his men, they are standing behind the pillar.

She frowned at him. “Sidnarth, you’re coming with us, you’re injured.” She ordered him.

“I’m fine, Shehnaaz.” He reassured her.

“Then I’m also not going.” She stated sternly and he scowled at her.

“Shehnaaz, it is not the time to argue.” He tried to make her understand. There are goons all around who are firing at them and they are busy arguing with each other.

“That’s what I’m saying, Sidnarth. You’re coming with us. You’re bleeding profusely, you need treatment.” She explained to him, pointing at his bleeding arm, her eyes are filled with genuine concerns for him.

“Okay, fine let’s go.” He agreed reluctantly because he knows she won’t listen to him. She is a stubborn woman.

“Give me the gun, I’ll cover you up.” She held out her hand in front of him and he widened his eyes in shock.

“Are you crazy?” He freaked out.

“I’m good at shooting. Trust me.” She reassured him.

“But you’re not my bodyguard, now just shut up.” He shouted at her.

She snatched the gun from his man and fired at the goon instantly who was about to shoot them after coming behind the pillar. She impressed Sidnarth with her skills. He just stared at her in amazement. This woman is something else for him and he’s liking her more and more, her fearlessness, her carefree attitude, the way she fights with the goons. She is perfect for the Mafia Boss Sidnarth like God has made her for him only.

She smiled at him with triumph and uttered, “Now let’s go.” He slightly nodded his head.

They are sprinting to the car, two men are covering them. They are also firing at the goons who are firing at them. They both aren’t protecting themselves, they are protecting each other because they care for each other more than they care for themselves.

They finally reached the car. Sidnarth opened the door and Shehnaaz hastily settled into the car. She raised her brows in shock when he shut the door and locked it, standing out. She glared at him in anger from the window, beating the glass in fury.

“Cheater.” She barked at him, bristling in anger.

Sidnarth said to his trained driver in a gesture to take Shehnaaz to the safe house. She is staring at him, his eyes are filled with profound anger.

“I know Shehnaaz you can fight with the goons but I can’t put your life at risk because of me. If something happens to you because of me, I’ll never able to forgive myself.” He wondered, staring at her car which is going away. He kept looking at the car until the car disappeared from his sight.

After sending her with the trained driver and one man, he called Mike and asked him to come with more men.


Shehnaaz is pacing across the room of the safe house of Sidnarth, restless. She is angry and apprehensive both at the same time.

“He tricked me, how dare he? What he thinks I can’t protect myself, I’m weak.” She is muttering in anger. She is extremely angry with him for sending her alone here by tricking him.

After some time, Sidnarth reached there and as she saw him, she rushed to him and hugged him, encircling her arms around his neck after standing on her toes. She is so relieved and grateful to see him fine and a smile flashed on her face. She’s pulling him closer to herself, hugging him firmly. He slowly raised his hands and embraced her into his warm arms. For a few seconds, they both forgot about the whole world in each other arms, their lips are drawn up to a blissful smile.

“Thank God, you’re safe.” She murmured after breaking the hug and placed thousands of soft kisses all over his face. He is profusely amazed to see her care.

“Shehnaaz, I’m fine.” His words brought her back on the earth and her smile faded into a frown.

She glared at him and punched him hard on his face. His men who are present in the room instantly pointed their guns at her.

“How dare you, Mr Shukla?” She growled at him, fuming in anger. Sidnarth gestured his men to put their guns down.

“You think I’m weak, I can’t fight, I can’t protect myself, therefore you sent me here.” She asked after grabbing his collars.

He clasped her face. “You are the bravest and strongest woman I have ever met and I know you can fight for yourself. I sent you here as I wanted to protect you, not because you can’t protect yourself. I sent you here as you came in danger because of me and no matter what, I’ll always do this to protect you.” He stated, gazing into her eyes deeply and shut the mouth of badass Girl. She slowly left his collars and got lost in his intense eyes which are filled with immense love.

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