(Part: 18 Protecting My Badass Girl) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass Girl


“You know why Boss had kidnapped and tortured your Aunt?” Marie asked Nandini, she’s arranging the dinner on the table for her.

Nandini moved her eyes to her. “To show me that he’s evil and I really hate him for doing this. How could he bring my Aunt in between us?” She answered her instantly in anger.

“No, you’re wrong.”

She narrowed her brows bemusedly and asked, “what do you mean?”

“Boss did this because he wanted you to keep you away from himself because he thinks he’s dangerous for you.” Marie told her.

“I don’t care about the reason, the thing is that he tortured my Aunt without any fault of her. I’m not going to stay with him, I’ll run from here.”

“Your Aunt was also involved in this plan. I saw them talking to each other.” As Marie revealed the truth, she widened her eyes in utter shock.

“What! It means he didn’t torture my Aunt, it was all fake?” She asked incredulously.

Marie nodded, “yes, they did this for your safety. Boss cares for you. You are special to him. Please, don’t leave him.”

She said, “I was hating him so much for torturing my Aunt but now after knowing this truth, I’m not going to leave Mr Handsome.”

A grin spread across her face. “Your plan was great to keep me away from you, but now it’s my time to make you confess your feelings, Mr Handsome.” She murmured, staring straight, her eyes are filled with determination.

“Thank you so much for informing me about this, Marie.” Nandini thanked her, her eyes are twinkling with happiness after knowing the truth that Manik didn’t torture her Aunt but she’s a bit angry too for doing this.

“Could you please don’t tell the boss that you know the truth?” Marie asked her politely and Nandini just stared at her. She added, “because I don’t want him to doubt me.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell him.” They both passed a small smile to each other.

“I hope boss realise soon that you’re perfect for him.” Marie thought, looking at Nandini. Marie cares for Manik like his mother and she wants to see him happy in his life. She could clearly see that only Nandini’s love can free him from his past and bring back happiness into his life.

After Marie left, Nandini called her aunt Zia but she didn’t pick up the phone. She messaged Manik but he didn’t reply. She went to check him in his room but he wasn’t there. At last, she fell asleep wondering about him, the way today he consoled her and gently kissed her forehead. She found so much peace in his arms. She’s falling in love with him unknowingly.


The next Day, Nandini made a plan to make Manik confess that he cares for her. She woke up early in the morning and left out of the mansion by fighting with the guards. They didn’t fight back with her as Manik strictly informed them not to hurt her.

As she left, one of the guards followed her secretly and another guard hurriedly called up Manik but he didn’t pick up the phone as he still didn’t wake up. Then the guard went to his room to inform him.

He knocked on the door and after a few minutes, Manik opened the door.

“What happened, Jack? What are you doing here so early in the morning?” Manik asked him.

“Bo-boss,” Jack’s lips are trembling with fear.

Manik frowned at him and shouted, “speak up.”

“Boss, Nandini Madam fought with us and went out of the mansion.” Jack finally gathered courage and told Manik.

He freaked out.

“What? Where? Why did you let her go?” He asked, grabbing the collars of Jack in fury.

“Boss, we were helpless, we didn’t want to hurt her, therefore we didn’t fight with her. She snatched the gun from one of the guards and pointed at us.” He explained and Manik is killing him with his looks.

“But one guard is secretly following her.” As Jack told him, he left his collars.

“Jack, call that guard immediately and ask him where is Nandini.” Manik ordered him and moved his hand through his hair, frustrated and anxious for her. Jack hurriedly called up the other guard to know about Nandini.

“Why do you always test my patience, Nandini?” He muttered.

“Boss, she’s in the Feel Good Garden.” Jack informed him.

“Wake up everyone and ask them to get ready in ten minutes. And also ask drivers to take out the cars.” He instructed Jack before marching into the room back.

He wore his black suit hastily as he slept last in a boxer only. He kept the gun in his pocket. He doesn’t know why but he is feeling like her life is going to come in danger. He’s apprehensive for her.


Three black Mercedes cars stopped in front of the Feel Good Garden and Manik stepped out of the middle car hastily, it is vividly visible that he is hell tensed for Nandini. He instructed his men to stay outside and don’t let anybody come inside.

He dashed into the garden, his eyes searching for Nandini. He saw her playing with few kids, he rushed to her and just engulfed her into his warm arms without thinking anything. She widened her eyes, taken aback by the sudden tight hug, but she felt snug in his arms.

“Thank God, you’re fine.” He sighed with relief after seeing her fine and kissed her hair lovingly.

The next moment only he frowned and pulled away from her. “Why did you come here without informing me when you know that you aren’t safe?” He rebuked her for coming here.

“Do I have to inform you, Devil?” She sarcastically called him Devil and a goofy grin flashed on her beautiful face.

“Yes, because you don’t have any other option.” He said in a stern tone, waggling his finger at her.

She moved closer to his face and uttered, “Then you’re highly mistaken, Mr Handsome.”

He grasped her arms and yanked her to himself. “Why you never listen to me? Why do you force me to show my evil side to you which I don’t want?” He asked after coming dangerously close to her.

“Why do I listen to you? How many times I have to tell that I only listen to myself? You can’t control my life.” She retorted.

“I’m doing this for your safety and you have to listen to me or else I have my own ways, but you will regret later.” He warned her curtly.

“I’m so scared of you.” She rolled her eyes.

He glared at her in anger and suddenly his eyes dilated in horror and his face became pale as his eyes fell on one man who is standing behind the pillar, pointing the gun at Nandini.

Before Manik could do something, the man pulled the trigger of the gun and fired at Nandini. He hurriedly pushed her away without caring about his life. He just wanted to protect his badass girl at that moment.

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