(Beyond Love} Chapter: 16 (Sidnaaz)





“What? How?” He shouted in shock on phone. His face becomes pale.


God, what happened to him? I hope everything is fine.


“Okay, I’ll be there in 10,” he hanged up, tension is clearly visible on his face.


Oh god! What happened?


“What happened, Sidharth?” I asked, hoping it wasn’t something serious.


“My Mom is admitted to the hospital, she slipped from the stairs, though she’s fine now and dad is with her but still, I won’t get peace until I see her fine with my own eyes.” He murmured, tears rolled down his cheeks.


My heart sank seeing him like that. 


“Sidharth, don’t worry. Your dad is with her, she must be fine and let’s go.” I said cupping his face and wiped his tears.




We reached the hospital in ten minutes and rushed to the reception.


“N-Neyonika Shukla.” Sidharth stammered. He was completely blank at the moment. I could clearly see how scared he was for his mother.


Oh god, please take care of her. I can’t see him like this.


“She’s on the 4th floor, room number 202.” The receptionist informed us after checking the list and Sidharth ran towards the lift but it was taking time to reach on the ground floor as it was on the 18th floor. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration, tapping his foot on the ground.


“Sidharth, relax.” I whispered, placing my hand on his shoulder.


“I can’t.” He whispered, and tears slipped out of his eyes. He hurriedly wiped it and before I could say something, he dashed to the staircase. I too ran behind him shouting his name from the back, asking him to slow down. Tears were continuously rolling down his cheeks, making my heart sank.


Oh god, how devasted, he is looking.


As soon as we reached the 5th floor panting heavily, we started looking for room number 202.


As soon as we found it, Sidharth pushed open the door and rushed inside. I too strode behind him and stood on the door itself, admiring him.


He was literally sobbing in his mom’s arm, looking so innocent.


“Thank god, you’re fine, Mom,” he whispered, engulfing her in a warm hug, exhaling a deep breath which he was holding from the time he got to know about his mom.



“Relax, baby. I’m perfectly fine.” Aunty said smiling at his care, patting his back, lovingly.


God, she’s so beautiful.



Breaking the hug, he cupped her face in his palm and asked “But how did this happened?”


“Baby, the stairs were wet and I didn’t notice and  slipped, but don’t worry, I’m perfectly fine, I just got a hairline fracture, nothing else.”Aunty said caressing his face.


“No, Mom. It’s a big deal. Why on earth you’re on such a hurry? Don’t you know I can’t see you in pain? My breath got stuck when I heard that you slipped.” Saying so he again engulfed aunty in his arm.


“Baby, relax. I’m fine.” Aunty said smiling, seeing his concern. I too couldn’t stop admiring him.


How can someone be so loving? So caring?


He’s just so adorable.



“It’s just a minor accident, baby. I asked your dad not to inform you but that oldie can’t stay shut.” She said ruffling his hair, very lovingly, giving him much needed assurance that she’s fine.


“First time, that oldie did something nice.” He murmured in the hug and chuckled, making aunty laughed.


God, I can’t believe she’s his mom. She’s looking like his elder sister and her smile is so beautiful just like Sidharth’s.


“Well, where’s dad?” He asked breaking the hug.


“He went to talk to the doctor. So that we can go home.” She said and Sidharth parted his lips to said something but before that aunty cut him off “And before you said something, hear me out, I’m perfectly fine, and the doctor himself advised me to took home but your extra caring father just went behind him to re-confirm it.” Saying this she pouted making me and Sidharth chuckled.


Hearing my chuckle, her eyes fell over me in confusion and I just passed her a smile.


“Mom, She’s my friend.” Sidharth told before she asked and glanced at me.


“You haven’t told me about your this friend before.” Aunty said glancing at me and then raised her brows at Sidharth, looking at him suspiciously, making me conscious about myself.


Perks of being an introvert!


“We have become friends a few days back only. She is new in my college.” Sidharth said avoiding the eye-contact. I could see on his face that he hadn’t expected this question, so soon.


“So your friend must have some name right?” She asked looking at him waiting for a response but what he said next was enough to widen my eyes in shock.


“Yeah, she’s ba-” he stopped as soon as he realised what he was going to say.


“Hello, Aunty. I’m Sana.” I whispered, nervously. Before he could say anything and saw him rubbing his nape, nervously.


“Hello, dear. Why are you standing there, come inside.” She said passing me a warm smile making me a little comfortable. I too smiled and walked to her. I stood beside Sidharth.


“Well, when did my son start making new friends? Am I missing something?” She asked raising her brows at us. Sidharth and I glanced at each other in shock.


We didn’t expect this question.


Before we could say anything, we heard someone’s chuckled behind us.


“Come on, darling. Look at their faces.” A man in his mid-forties came from behind. 



His appearance is so similar to Sidharth. Same chocolate brown eyes, same height. Anyone can say that he’s his elder brother, but I know he must be his father.


God, Shukla’s has its charm.


“Come on, Raj. I’m just asking. You know our son never makes new friends.” Aunty said shrugging her shoulders winking at Sidharth in the end, making me slightly blushed.


“Hello, Uncle.” As his father looked at me, I greeted him with a smile.


“Dad, she’s-“


“Sana, his new friend.” His mom said teasingly, cutting his words.


“Mom, please.” Sidharth whined making them laughed while I couldn’t help but blushed more.


God, how much I’m gonna blush today?


“Okay, now enough, Neyo. Stop teasing them. Look Sana’s face.” His dad said and chuckled.


I blushed harder when everybody looked at me. I could clearly saw that sexy smirk placed on the lips of my Mr brown eyes.


“I want to use the washroom.” I said and rushed to the washroom, hearing a chorus of laughing of his parents and his whining behind my back.




What is happening to me?


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